We're living in an era where technology is advancing quickly, and this obviously bodes well for travelers across the world.

In our lifetimes, we'll be seeing faster and more efficient plane flights. In fact, the UK Space Agency hopes to have a "Space Plane" in the skies by the 2030s - where they hope flights from New York to London will take no more than an hour, and only four-hour trips from London to Sydney.

Now, the Qantas Australian airlines company is hoping to set a special record in the super technology era. Per Leslie Josephs of CNBC.com, Qantas was attempting at producing "the world’s longest nonstop flight," from New York to Sydney.


The hope? That the 10,000 mile flight would take 20 hours.

Per Josephs, University of Sydney researchers were working with Qantas to try and work on the historic flight. The hope is that they'll have this 20-hour trip in the skies within the next three years.

If successful, Qantas will be able to put on nonstop flights from not only New York to Sydney, but from London to Sydney as well. And if you want updates for the flight, you can follow it at FlightRadar24.com.

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Only time will tell if Qantas is able to pull it off, but if anything else, technology and time will allow them to get there eventually. But wouldn't this be something if the flight were successful?

And if Qantas were able to make this happen, it could certainly go a long way in boosting Australia's tourism numbers even more. A recent study from Globehunters.ca showed that tourists spend the most money in Australia, with the average visitor spending $4,734 each.

The country averages 8.815 million international visitors annually, according to the report from Globehunters.ca. Not only that, but visitors spend $41,732,000,000 a year. If Qantas is able to offer regular nonstop flights, it could be a true game changer for Australia's tourism industry.

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