Everyone loves a deal on their next trip, and now Google One members can get discounts on travel by using Google to search for and book their vacations. Saving money on travel is a huge industry - comparison sites are booming, as everyone tries to get the best deals on hotels and flights. There are dozens of things that people are willing to try to make sure that they are getting the best price, from trying to choose the best possible day of the week to book a flight, to using credit card points, to clearing browser history before hitting 'buy'.


Some of these tips can net travelers significant savings, while the usefulness of others are debatable (it's possible to find various lists touting almost any day of the week as the 'best' day to buy for various reasons). These can also take a lot of time and effort that may not be worth the discount, but now Google One members may find that the subscription service will offer a great new way to get cheaper holidays.

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Subscribers to Google One (a service that offers upgraded cloud storage, Google Play credits and other perks), are being offered up to 40% off hotel bookings made through Google. When searching for a hotel, listings for participating businesses will appear in a small box when browsing on the search engine. These hotels are working in partnership with the search engine to offer discounts to members.

Google One members will also be able to use Google to compare flight prices, much like other comparison sites. With memberships costing as little as $2.99 per month (depending on the package), this could mean significant savings for regular travelers - and of course, an easy way to save the photos that you take on your trip.

Of course, for those who rarely travel, or who have the more expensive Google One memberships, these savings may not balance out the cost of the subscription - especially as only select hotels are participating. It's also possible that these are still not the 'best' deals out there, and frugal travelers will do well to check their usual favorite comparison sites as well as look at the Google One discounts, in order to make sure that they are getting the lowest possible price. However, while this may not be enough of an incentive to join Google One, for those who are already members of the service, make sure to check out Google discounts when booking your next trip.

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