New York has in recent times emerged as a key player in America’s tourism sector. From a beautiful skyline to its upstate casinos, the fun in NYC is virtually endless. But there is a forgotten aspect about the state that vacationers need to embrace more and more, the Parks.

NYC is home to some of the oldest parks in America. Of all, Prospect Park and Central Park are more pronounced. The debate about which of the two is better is here to stay.

The following is a detailed distinction between Prospect Park and Central Park.


Prospect Park

Seated in the heart of Brooklyn, Prospect Park is touted to be the perfect place for every New Yorker. Accessing the park is free. However, some activities such as kayaking will require some cash. From adults to children and dogs, this park doesn’t discriminate against any soul, which should give vacationers more reasons to try it out.

The park is divided into various sections that make the experience worthwhile. Here is a description of each.

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Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park is the place to be for people who admire wildlife. The zoo found in the park is home to some unique creatures such as baboons and sea lions. The zoo has a designated place in the zoo where vacationers are allowed to have an intimate look at the animals. Children will specifically cherish the moment. A key event around the zoo that vacationers should watch out for is sea lion training. Adults are charged $8 while children pay $5 to enjoy all the zoo’s activities. All these explain why a trip to this zoo is worth it.

Prospect Park Lake

Located at the Southern end of the park, this lake occupies a whooping 55 acres. It is by far the defining feature of the park. Watching ducks float and miraculously walk on water is an underrated satisfaction that vacationers need to see to believe. Kayak rentals are available for interested individuals.

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Dog Beach

Vacationers who like to travel with their dogs have finally found a place a New York that encourages them to do so. Prospect Park seems to have understood that dogs too need to soak up as much as human beings do. True to this word, pets are too excited by the swimming experience they are treated to in the park. In short, it is the perfect place to be for a full-family outdoor experience.

Lefrak Center

LeFrak Center is another component of the park that vacationers cannot afford to ignore. Located strategically at Lakeside, LeFrak is the place to be for vacationers willing to engage in some sort of play. From biking to boat rides and roller skating, the average adventurer has a lot to explore in this facility.

Central Park

New York’s history with parks dates from way back. This time round, it is the 341-hectare Central Park doing the magic. Despite being that large, there are other four parks bigger than it in the state but are not as pronounced. Why is this park so popular among vacationers? Here are interesting things to know.

Most Filmed Site In The World

Film-making is a growing space in the American economy. For some reason, filmmakers have a special place for Central Park in their craft. The images and views displayed in movies play a key part in influencing more vacationers to visit. The views here make it a movie location tourists should visit believe.

Incredible Walking Trails

People go to parks for different reasons. Some will be going out for a ride while others just want to stroll around. The former is treated to a good one in this park. The park has multiple walking trails that vacationers will truly like. From tiny walkways through thick forests to paths near water courses, the environment generally encourages vacationers to keep walking.


Watercourses are a critical component of the Central Park experience. Harlem Meer is a lake every NYC vacationer needs to visit. Even those not interested in water activities, a stroll around this lake is worth the effort. The best part about this lake is that recreational fishing is allowed. However, vacationers are expected to release their catch back into the lake almost immediately. The flora around the lake also colors the experience.

A Date With The Ancient

Central Park offers a good way to interact with the past in a fun way. From its unique architecture to the history it holds, vacationers have a lot to learn from this park. One of the most intimate ways to get a feel of the park’s past is dining in any of the two restaurants. Although the restaurants have been renovated in recent days, they still maintain an ancient touch that leaves more to the vacationers’ imagination.

The debate about which park is better between Central Park and Prospect Park did not start today, and it’s not ending tomorrow. Each has its uniqueness. Prospect Park is good for a family fun day, thanks to LeFrak Center. On the other hand, Central Park is good for personal expeditions and art enthusiasts. Best still, these parks have a bit of everything and any of the two should serve vacationers just right.