Monday's media release from the Royal Family confirmed what regal watchers were predicting: Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle want greater independence from the House of Windsor and yet, remain part of the family in some way.

Details of this partial disengagement still need to be worked out, but for now, the couple and son Archie will divide their time between residences in Canada and the U.K.

While some skeptics might complain about whether taxpayers will be on the hook for their living expenses in Canada including security, fans are already congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over choosing the former dominion as a second home.


Smart decision

If you separate the hubris and hysteria from the logistics of the announcement, it's a smart decision. In terms of landmass, Canada is the largest nation in the Commonwealth and right next door to an American superpower, an ideal and strategic spot for Harry to set up a royal office of sorts. Markle would certainly benefit from a shorter hop to the U.S. should she want to connect with some family and friends.

In terms of their public profile, Canada has a relatively more polite demeanor than in England, home of the most vicious and vindictive media on the planet that rejoiced in attaching Markle.

Canada is far less obsessed with celebrity culture so any encounters will more likely involve a handshake than a mob scene. Removal of that stress will certainly make it easier to raise Archie.

Is Toronto a top choice?

As far as where they'll stay, let the chips fall where they may on Toronto as a favorite bet. Canada's largest city was where Prince Harry helped facilitate the hosting of the Invictus Games in 2007, an athletic competition he founded for disabled war veterans.

Toronto was also where Markle filmed several seasons of the law drama Suits, a series that first created mainstream audience awareness of the actor, long before she became a duchess.

Vancouver or Victoria?

But the couple and their son have reportedly spent more time on British Columbia's west coast and that's where there's likely to be a squabble. Markle might prefer the more cosmopolitan profile of Vancouver, one of Canada's most expensive cities.

But Harry might opt for Victoria, a city on Vancouver Island named after the legendary 19th century U.K. monarch who happens to be the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, his grandmother.

As for where they're least likely to stay, well, that would be Alberta, a province notorious for a redneck attitude and home to at least seven large racially-motivated extremist groups. That wouldn't be in line with Markle's bloodlines and several humanitarian charities she and her husband heads.