The west coast is full of natural beauty, from the beaches in California to the mountains in Colorado, it has it all. You might think these pretty places can't be beat, but it's obvious they can when you take a look at some of their college campuses. The college campuses on this half of the United States will take your breath away.

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After one look at our list, you might find yourself transferring or deciding to go in a new direction for your future. Prestigious programs and extracurriculars mean nothing when a campus can look as good as these do. Keep reading to learn about 10 ten prettiest college campuses on the west coast!

10 10. Sierra Nevada College

This college is a mered two blocks from the shores of the beautiful Lake Tahoe and can be found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You'll be fully immersed in nature, but the fun doesn't end there because they are also situated close to some awesome ski slopes where students go to blow off some steam.

It won't even be necessary for you to visit prior to your enrollment because one look at some of the images of its campus and you won't be able to get it out of your head.

9 9. University of Washington

The University of Washington, located in Seattle, has been named one of the most beautiful campuses for its abundant cherry blossom trees and unique design. It's located in the heart of the city, and proves that beauty comes in many forms.

They are close to the water and the design of the quad is utterly unique. The architecture of their many buildings transports you back in time with their brick facades and old-world feel that you won't find anywhere else on the west coast.

8 8. University of Colorado

The University of Colorado, located in Boulder, will take your breath away between the campus arrangement and the view you will have from your dorms. You can see the mountains upon the horizon and the campus is enclosed with forestry.

There are those who might say winter ruins the appeal, but snow-covered grounds and white caps on the mountains just offer a different scene for you to admire. If you value the look of your surroundings then the next stop on your college tour should be to this university in Boulder, Colorado.

7 7. Humboldt State University

You may not have heard of Humboldt State University before today, but that is part of the appeal. It has been left untouched by the stresses human life gives as they have a small student body.

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They immerse themselves in the landscape of the California wilderness and explore the many natural wonders this state has to offer. You are within driving distance of mountains, redwood forests, and Arcata Bay, so students will be utterly fulfilled by their natural surroundings every single day.

6 6. Stanford University

This school might not be a part of the Ivy League, but that doesn't mean it can't have a beautiful campus, of course. It has large green lawns and a layout that screams of its precisional planning.

It is inviting to the eye, but it also seems to call out to its students to spend more time in the great outdoors. The chapel is one of its staple pieces, with beautiful art and architecture that draws people from all over to come and glimpse its beauty.

5 5. Lewis & Clark College

This college can be found in Portland, and there is a reason it used as a venue for weddings. It is quaint and reminds those who look upon it of simpler times when technology did not rule our lives.

The brick buildings transport us to a new era where nothing else besides our studies matter, while some of their newer campus buildings allow us to travel into the future. If you do happen to visit you should expect it to alter your worldview because a single look will have you dreaming of bigger and better things.

4 4. Whitman College

Whitman College in Washington is pretty, but not for the reasons you might expect. The campus is filled with sculptures of varying degrees that aim to change your perspective. They leave you questioning what true beauty really is, which is something none of the other colleges on our list can boast.

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The mixture of glass siding and traditional architecture will leave you speechless as you try and find the words to describe its certain peculiarity. It may not seem like much at first, but after a quick campus tour, you will understand what it means to truly fall in love.

3 3. Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is infamous for its beauty, and part of that is due to the fact that it is situated the mountainside overlooking the ocean. You will find yourself captivated by the views and unable to tear your eyes away from everything that is good about the Earth.

It won't be hard to imagine yourself studying at the edge of campus so you can watch the sunset dip into the ocean before you. You might be thinking that beauty shouldn't determine where you go to school, but after one look you will be sold on the idea of attending one of the prettiest college campuses in the nation.

2 2. Washington University

Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri is what bringing class to the city truly looks like. The unique buildings and perfectly cut grass will encourage you to open your heart at the sheer beauty of its location.

This city might be known for the Gateway Arch, but it should actually be on the maps because of this university alone. If the outside doesn't sell you, then the insides will as they are ahead of their time with bench seating for certain lectures.

1 1. St. Olaf College

This Minnesota college is what dreams are made of, especially when the fall comes around the trees show their true colors. The winding walkways and tall buildings will make everything appear to be very profound, and you won't be able to stop yourself from staring.

The dining hall has high wooden ceilings and the winter brings out cross country skiers who create their own path across campus. You might be wondering if you should choose St. Olaf College, but the real fear on your mind is what will you do if they don't choose you.

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