Every year, countless high school seniors flood the campuses of universities and colleges across the U.S., on the prowl to seek a perfect institution for their post-secondary education. Simultaneously, these institutions waste no time upkeeping their property to attract new students, transforming these educational centers into picturesque tourist attractions.

It's not just prospective students and their parents visiting these American campuses; these post-secondary campuses are renowned for their vintage architecture and stunning grounds!

9 Stanford University

Located in Palo Alto, California, the prestige of Stanford University is well-known worldwide. With an 8,180-acre campus, visitors can get to the university directly from the San Francisco airport, either by public transit or car. Stanford offers visitors several architectural jewels, including the Hoover Tower Observation Platform, rewarding visitors an aerial view of San Francisco. The university is so big, it's surrounded by 49 miles of roads and houses 700 buildings, 43,000 trees, and 140 shops!

8 Berry College

Situated in Georgia's Mount Berry, Berry College is the world's largest college campus, with over 27,000 acres of land studded with lakes, fountains, and lush fields. Tourists are also drawn to the College's Gothic-style architecture, which has been featured in some movies! Visitors will appreciate Berry's iconic "castle"-known as the Ford Complex-which proudly sits at the center of the campus's vast field. Otherwise, tourists can admire the beauty of this vast campus with a leisurely stroll around the College's courtyard. Berry College also houses nature trails that are ideal for hikers and avid cyclists. When touring its grounds, visitors will feel as if they've stepped into a cozy European town!

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7 Rice University

Located in the heart of Houston, Rice University is one of the most notable schools in Texas. With only 285 acres of land, this university still captures tourists' attention, especially with its Byzantine-style architecture. Specifically, the Lynn R. Lowrey Arboretum is popular among visitors, housing over 4,000 trees and shrubs. Despite its size, visitors can catch a football game at Rice Stadium, which can hold up to 70,000 people! The public can also enjoy the Twilight Epiphany Skyspace located at Rice's Shepherd School of Music. This free light show is open to the public daily (except Tuesdays) before sunset and sunrise!

6 University of Pittsburgh

This Mid-Atlantic university is located in Pittsburgh s and is only a stone's throw away from Carnegie Mellon. Tourists can check out the Heinz Memorial Site (which is a popular venue for concerts, ceremonies, and weddings) or enjoy some fresh air at the Schenley Plaza. However, visitors will be awestricken when standing face-to-face with the Cathedral of Learning; this 42-story skyscraper is one of the largest educational buildings in the world!

5 University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana, known for its beautiful campus and architecture. Visitors can appreciate the gorgeous architecture of Notre Dame's Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Hesburgh Library, and the massive Notre Dame Stadium. The University's Golden Dome sits on top of the campus' administration building, which is decorated with a 19-foot statue of Notre Dame ("Our Lady") or Mary, the Mother of God.

4 Columbia University

Located in New York City (specifically in Manhattan), Columbia University houses some buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 250-year-old university offers visitors an eclectic mix of architecture and art. Tourists can check out Columbia's outdoor sculptures throughout campus or enjoy visiting the university's Beaux-Arts Building and the Low Memorial Library (which is a popular meeting spot for students). To top off their tour, visitors should also take time to check out the university's libraries, which are world-renowned and critically acclaimed.

3 Cornell University

This Ivy League school in New York is 4,800 acres large. This prestigious university offers a decorated campus with numerous buildings and residences, overlooking Cayuga Lake. Since its opening in 1865, Cornell University has been woven into Ithaca, transforming it into a lively college town. Luckily for visitors, the university is also close to regional attractions, including wineries, scenic waterfalls, and the beauty of Cayuga Lake.

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2 Flagler College

Flagler College is situated in the city of St. Augustine in Florida (which is one of the oldest cities in North America). The college is known for its iconic building, the Ponce de Leon Hotel, which was originally built in 1885. Today, visitors can admire the beauty of the Ponce (especially its luxurious stained glass windows), especially the central fountain (which is modeled after a sword stuck on the ground, decorated with frogs and turtles on the side). The College's Rotunda is also a gorgeous blend of marble, mosaic, and wood, greeting visitors with thoughtful details and elegant intricacies.

1 Harvard University

The world-famous university is also the oldest in North America and has always been a popular setting in movies, books, and television. Harvard University is home to iconic architecture, especially the iconic red-brick buildings. Visitors can roam Harvard Yard or visit the Victorian Gothic Memorial Hall, which is part of the US National Historic Landmark. Harry Potter fans can also check out the Annenberg Banquet Hall to see some familiar resemblance to The Great Hall!

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