10 Of The Prettiest Hotels In The U.S.

With a variety of motels, inns and hotels across the country, there is truly something for everyone: glamorous spots in NYC, historic buildings in the South, lodges in snow-covered areas, beachside villas in California… But which of the places to stay out there are the prettiest?

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All luxury hotels offer up amazing interiors, views, rooms, services and amenities, but when it comes to the overall look, there are a few that stand out from the rest. That being said, be sure to add the 10 gorgeous, beautiful and stunning ones that are listed out down below to that bucket list!

10 Bellagio

The Strip in Las Vegas features some very up-scale places to stay, such as the Bellagio; inspired by an Italian city, it is full of elegance. From the ornate ceilings and columns found throughout this hotel to the pristine rooms, this is a go-to choice for many who are ready to have some fun in Sin City.

The two most notable aspects of the Bellagio include the many hand-blown glass flowers on the ceiling of the lobby and the lake out front, which houses the quite famous Fountains of Bellagio.

9 The Plaza Hotel

One of the many landmarks in New York is The Plaza Hotel, which has been around since 1907. It features a butler on every floor, a mall, afternoon tea at The Palm Court and one-of-a-kind suites that overlook Fifth Avenue and have things like a grand piano, a stocked library, a fitness room and an en-suite bath with marble mosaic tile and 24-carat gold-plated fixtures.

This building has been seen in books, movies and TV shows and is very recognizable within The City That Never Sleeps.

8 The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is technically a historic house museum, but guests can stay at this place in Asheville, North Carolina. It boasts over 175,000 square feet, as well as 250 rooms, 43 bathrooms and 65 fireplaces. The Banquet Hall has a 70-foot-high vaulted ceiling.

The library has two stories and more than 10,000 books that come in eight different languages. The grand staircase has 107 steps and a a four-story chandelier above it. The basement has a heated swimming pool, a bowling alley and a gym.

7 the ART, a hotel

In Denver, Colorado, people can stay at the ART, a hotel. As its name suggests, this destination is all about art. From the installation outside of the building, with its 22,000 LED lights, to the Portico Gallery inside and the works that are displayed on each floor, this hotel is like no other.

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Even the exterior is like a piece of art itself, and every contemporary touch provides a unique and playful touch. Plus, there are amazing views of the city from inside these creative rooms.

6 Amangani, Jackson Hole

Amangani translates to “peaceful home”, so this line of hotels (there are locations in Asia, Europe, Africa, Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic and beyond) focuses on providing exquisite getaways. The one in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, allows people to experience wildlife, Yellowstone National Park, skiing, a heated outdoor infinity pool, hot air balloon rides, the Grand Teton mountains and more.

The luxurious lodge feel, the surroundings and the amenities that are offered all combine to make for one beautiful hotel in a beautiful part of the country.

5 Hotel Emma

The Hotel Emma can be found in San Antonio, Texas, and this boutique spot has several charming features. Upon arriving, guests are greeted in the library, with its 3,700 volumes, by a complimentary margarita.

There are seven penthouse suites with private balconies, and rooms offer up custom-made robes and The Ice Box and In-Room Pantry for food and drinks options. Other amenities include complimentary Electra cruiser bikes, a rooftop pool and the Hiatus Spa & Retreat, which has a hydro-therapy room, a relaxation room and a nail therapy room with zero gravity chairs.

4 Hotel Monteleone

New Orleans is full of history, including Hotel Monteleone. Located in the French Quarter, this place to stay has 570 luxurious rooms, a rooftop fitness center & heated pool and a day spa.

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Hotel Monteleone opened up in 1886, and perhaps its main attraction is The Carousel Bar, which has been around since 1949, which really spins around while offering up drinks and which served as a hangout for writers such as Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote.

3 Princeville Resort

Kauai is a top Hawaiian destination, and one of its truest gems of this island is the Princeville Resort. There are, of course, the gorgeous beaches and waters, but this spot also features 251 guestrooms and suites that offer views of gardens, mountains and the Hanalei Bay.

While staying here, guests can enjoy the Halele'a Spa, the Makai Golf Club or the swimming pool that overlooks the ocean. All of it is luxurious, and all of it is in and surrounded by extreme tropical beauty.

2 Salish Lodge & Spa

For a rustic getaway, there is the Salish Lodge & Spa in Snoqualmie, Washington. The rooms have gas fireplaces and either spa-like showers or oversized soaking tubs. The spa has treatments featuring herbs from the on-site garden and honey from the on-site apiary. The Dining Room focuses on local and homegrown food, too.

Furthermore, this hotel is a fan favorite, as it served as the setting for the Twin Peaks television series. The fact that it is perched on a cliff and overlooking the Snoqualmie Falls just makes this lodge like a cherry on top of a gorgeous setting.

1 Chateau Marmont

And, of course, there is the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California. This well-known place can be found on Sunset Boulevard and has been around since the year 1929. It was inspired by the Château d'Amboise in France, but based on its location, it is full of Hollywood glam and, usually, celebrities.

Despite its popularity, there are only 63 rooms, suites, cottages and bungalows available within the Chateau Marmont, which has been featured in many books and songs and on movies (like La La Land and A Star Is Born) and television shows over the years.

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