Our world is dotted with infinite dazzling landscapes, impressive cities, and jaw-dropping natural vistas. While each nation has its own claim to fame, there is one that we're talking about today: Australia, the postcard-maker’s paradise.

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With endless stretches of untouched beaches, the largest underwater reef system in the world, picturesque city skylines scattered across the coasts, and lakes that glow a bright pink, the Aussies really are blessed with their surroundings. Grab your cameras, make sure the batteries are charged, brush up on your Aussie slang, and let’s scoot over to the land down under where some of the world’s prettiest scenes await. Here are the 10 most gorgeous destinations in Australia.

10 The Great Ocean Road

If you’re scouring through postcards from country Victoria, it won’t take long before stumbling across a handful of stunning Great Ocean Road photos. As one of the most famous coastal routes in the world, the infamous winding road links the surf town of Torquay with the larger, coastal city of Warrnambool, offer shimmering ocean vistas and stunning sunsets throughout the entire journey.

With plenty of opportunities along the way to stop and take in the breathtaking scenery - be it coastal or park (the Great Otway National Park, for example), you’ll want to ensure that the camera’s fully charged.

9 The Great Barrier Reef

There’s not much more that needs to be said about the Great Barrier Reef, other than the fact that this glistening locale is David Attenborough’s favourite place on the entire planet. Sadly, the largest coral reef system on our Earth, which is designated a World Heritage Site, is quickly disappearing. However, there’s still an abundance to see, with incredible biodiversity and rich underwater ecosystems unlike anywhere else.

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The best plan of attack is to fly into Cairns in Far North Queensland and hop on one of the many certified tours that depart from the quay.

8 The Daintree Rainforest

While the world-famous Great Barrier Reef might take the majority of Far North Queensland’s spotlight, that doesn’t mean that it’s the be-all and end-all of miraculous natural attractions in the region... not for a second. Just an hour or so drive north from Cairns, the Daintree Rainforest (one of the world's three oldest tropical rainforests) is jam-packed with cascading waterfalls, rare Aussie wildlife, and a number of intimidating saltwater crocodiles.

Visitors often tackle the Reef and the Daintree is the same trip, which makes perfect sense considering that they’re two of the nation’s most beautiful locales.

7 Whitehaven Beach

With a name as apt as any, Whitehaven Beach sits smack-bang in the middle of the alluring Whitsunday Islands, showing off its soft white sands, mesmerizing shifting water patterns, and a feeling that can only be described as paradise-like.

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There are a number of ways to reach Whitehaven, one of which is via adrenaline-pumping speed boat from Airlie Beach. Alternatively, although a little more costly, capturing the visual masterpiece from the skies is unforgettable. As far as captivating Australian vistas, Whitehaven Beach is right up there in the top echelon.

6 The Barossa Valley

Australian love wine, there’s no mystery about that. Definitively the most impressive wine region in the nation, while also being one of the most picturesque, is South Australia’s very own Barossa Valley.

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Just a couple of hours’ drive from Adelaide, visitors often make the daytrip out the various wineries and vineyards, sampling a number of the region’s award-winning blends (just make sure you’ve got yourself a designated driver). The fact that the Barossa Valley took out the prime spot on Monopoly: Australia edition should say just about enough about its stature.

5 Hillier Lake

From South Australia, we’re heading further out west to what seems like the neverending coast of Western Australia. Over near the town of Esperance on the state’s southern coast, Lake Hillier churns out one of the most incredible phenomena in the world - a naturally radiant, bubblegum-pink body of water that never ceases to amaze.

While the best photo-ops come with a bird’s-eye view from high above, a joyride in the sky, unfortunately, doesn't come cheap. Fret not, however, as jealousy-inducing photos can easily be captured from the shoreline as well.

4 Uluru

A list of beautiful Australian landmarks just couldn’t be complete without mentioning on of the nation’s undisputed icons, Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock). Situated in what can only be described as the middle of nowhere (or "whoop-whoop," as the Aussies say), Uluru sits in the red-hued Australian Outback, about 4.5 hours drive via sealed roads from the nearest (somewhat) major city, Alice Springs.

As the spiritual heart of the country and a proud icon of Aboriginal traditions, Uluru is one of the more sacred locations in the nation. For that reason, is not allowed to be climbed.

3 Sydney Harbour

When foreigners first think of Australia, more often than not they’ll either conjure up mental images of the aforementioned Uluru or the world-famous, glistening Sydney Harbour. While the New South Wales capital might have its flaws, and while it’s constantly in battle with Melbourne for the title of the nation’s best city, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t absolutely stunning.

With the iconic Sydney Opera House in the foreground, the tower Sydney Harbour Bridge (and Luna Park) in the background, and the shimmering waters of the harbour in between, this city’s skyline is as impressive as anywhere on the planet. Get your cameras ready!

2 Wineglass Bay

After dashing from east coast to the west coast and then back again, we’re finally heading off of mainland Australia to the often-forgotten yet exceptionally underrated island of Tasmania, the country’s southernmost point. The majority of Australians make ‘Tassie’ the victim of ridicule but in all honestly, it’s because they haven’t seen it for themselves.

Wineglass Bay, for example, is a sublime natural environment, situated within the cascading peaks and cliffs of Freycinet National Park. Without a doubt, its perfectly smooth shoreline is one of the state’s most impressive and photogenic landscapes - best of all, it’s never crowded.

1 The Brighton Boxes

Hopefully, there’s still a few hours of battery life left in your camera because we’re finishing off our stunning journey with a tourist-friendly trip to Melbourne’s very own Brighton Boxes. These little huts, apart from being incredibly expensive seaside real estate, are quite popular with locals and tourists alike who are looking to kick back on the sand for an hour or two while snapping a few iconic photos.

Nestled within Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, the trip out to this icon is as simple as it gets, especially compared to the locales we’ve already visited.

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