Going to college is a huge part of many people's lives. After graduating from high school, a lot of teenagers have to make a really important choice about where they're going to be going to college for the next two to four years. Some even spend more time in college!

There are some colleges that people who aren't planning to enroll like to visit, too. The campuses are just so pretty that spending a little time walking around, exploring the different buildings, and learning about the history of the college can be a lot of fun.

So here are 10 of the prettiest college campuses on the east coast!

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10 Duke University

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded in 1838 as Brown's Schoolhouse and has a total of 15,000 students. This campus is full of several buildings with Gothic and Georgian-style architecture and is definitely an interesting campus to look at.

This campus is absolutely massive, at over 8,600 acres. That's a ton of walking for students that attend this school! But even if you're not a Duke University student, you can visit this campus and even stay there at the JB Duke Hotel. Whether you're there for a basketball game or to visit the Duke Lemur Center, there's definitely time to see the gorgeous campus.

9 Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was founded in 1834 and has over 8,000 students.

The main campus is known as the Reynolda campus and houses most of the schools that are part of this university. Along with normal things that a college campus has like a bookstore, buildings for classrooms, and places to eat, Wake Forest University also has a post office on campus. All of this is located on over 300 acres of land with its uniform buildings, green grass, and many trees.

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8 Yale University

Yale University is a college that just about everyone is familiar with. This Ivy League school has been the focus of a ton of movies and TV shows like Gilmore Girls, but the focus is typically on the student life rather than its picturesque campus.

Yale was founded in 1701, making this New Haven, Connecticut college one of the oldest higher-learning establishments in the United States. Yale has over 13,000 students and the campus itself sits on just over 1,000 acres. It is also home to one of the largest academic libraries in the United States.

7 Cornell University

Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York and has over 23,000 students. It was founded in 1865 and sits on nearly 5,000 acres of land.

Much of the campus is made up of Cornell's Victorian era buildings which are definitely eye catching, but the east coast weather makes all the large expanses of green grass and tall trees definitely something to see as well. This is especially true in the fall when new students are arriving and get to see all the trees turning orange.

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6 Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College is a private women's liberal arts college that was founded in 1837. It's located in South Hadley, Massachusetts and is home to just over 2,000 students. Even though this college may be small in the admissions department, this campus sits on around 2,000 acres.

The buildings at Mount Holyoke College are definitely pretty. These victorian buildings are spread out over the rural campus. Most notably, the tall clocktower is a feature of Mount Holyoke's campus and is hard to look away from.

5 Elon University

Elon University is located in Elon, North Carolina and was founded in 1889. This college has over 6,000 students that call this 600 acre university their home during the school year. Elon University is located near Raleigh and is a fairly suburban college.

Even though Elon University doesn't have a huge campus, it's still definitely a pretty one. It has a large pond that definitely makes this east coast college one that is perfect for taking pictures of.

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4 Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is an Ivy League school located in Hanover, New Hampshire. It was first founded back in 1769 and currently has a total of over 6,000 students attending. This school is the ninth-oldest college in the United States and it's definitely also among the prettiest.

The campus at Dartmouth College is absolutely massive at over 31,000 acres. It's safe to say that they had a lot of space to work with here and they did a great job. The buildings have a really unique, classic look to them and there are so many trees everywhere.

3 Brown University

The seventh-oldest college in the US, Brown University was founded in 1764 and is located in Providence, Rhode Island. There are 10,000 students that spend their years on this campus of 143 acres.

Brown University may not have the largest campus of all the schools on the east coast, but that doesn't stop it from being among the prettiest. It has large buildings and sidewalks that are lined by many large trees. This campus looks like it's straight out of a postcard.

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2 Wellesley College

Wellesley College is a women's liberal arts college that is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1870 and has over 2,000 students. Wellesley College's campus is a semi-suburban one and sits on 500 acres of land.

This campus is well-known and loved by people in the area because it's right near Lake Waban and features several different types of trees that are scattered throughout the campus. Along with the many buildings on campus, there are large, open grassy areas to give it a very natural feeling.

1 Georgetown University

Georgetown University was founded in 1789 and is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. This college has over 17,000 students and is an urban campus that sits on just over 100 acres of land.

Most of the buildings around Georgetown's campus have Gothic-style architecture and definitely take students and visitors back in time as they walk around the campus. This campus sits on a hill that overlooks the northern part of Virginia and, along with the many old buildings, features a lot of greenery and plants.

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