10 Prerequisites For Being A Cruise Ship Captain

Everyone wants to go on a cruise and experience a vacation on board a ship. It is a perfect getaway for someone who wants to relax and enjoy a few days on a luxurious cruise. All of these will not be possible without the help and care of the ship’s crew led by the captain. He is the one in charge of the whole ship, making sure that all passengers and the entire crew are safe for the duration of the cruise.

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It is not easy to be a cruise ship captain as you will have to study for many years, get the necessary experience, and acquire the special skill set to be on top of the game.

10 Get the Right Education

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9 Get the Experience

8 Take the Licensing Exam

7 Electronics and Computer Skills

6 Physical Examination

5 Work Your Way Up

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4 Work Ethics

3 Character Reference

2 Leadership and Decision-Making

1 Customer Service

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