Airport pranksters have found a new way to drive travelers crazy: putting up stickers that look like electrical outlets to fool people into thinking they’ve found somewhere to charge their gadgets! Every traveler knows the feeling of being stuck in an airport and seeing the battery on a phone, laptop or kindle slowly waste away into nothing - and fruitlessly searching for somewhere to plug it in. It’s not just about being glued to social media, either; many people need to get work done, or need a charged phone when they get to their destination to contact their ride or figure out how to get to their hotel.


There are various ways to try and combat the dreaded dead-electronic-in-transit issue, of course. Many planes now have in-seat outlets (although that’s not particularly useful on a long layover), and some airports offer charging stations - although often at a price. Savvy travelers will carry external battery packs to charge their gadgets anywhere, but for the most part, it’s a battle to find a spot near your gate that also has an available electronic outlet… and not one that turns out to be a sticker!

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At airports all over the world, prank stickers are popping up - convincing weary travelers that they have found somewhere to charge their phone… until they realize that it’s a ‘joke’. Reactions range from those who find it funny, to the more common anger at the discovery - and even people who are defacing the stickers (either in anger, or in an attempt to prevent others from making the same frustrating mistake). And of course, many of these reactions are popping up on social media.


Of course, this is something that most definitely falls under the heading of a #FirstWorldProblem - not being able to charge a laptop while in an airport is generally not going to be anything more than annoying… but travel is already often a stressful experience, which can turn annoyance into real, sticker-slashing anger.

However, some of these stickers seem to be a little more convincing than others. The ones carefully placed on a wall, at the correct height and angle for an outlet, can get the best of even seasoned airport veterans. The ones that are slightly crooked, peeling up at the corner, or (most ridiculously of all) stuck on trash cans? Travelers taken in by the idea that a trash can might have an electrical supply should really just have a good laugh at themselves, instead of getting mad about the person who put it there!

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