This sophisticated building, located in Prague, Czech Republic, is the world's biggest medieval palace as per the Guinness Book of Records and is currently the formal headquarters of the nation's president. The palace once hosted the Bohemian monarchs and is now the presidential house. The castle has seen significant changes since its initial defenses were built in the tenth century, and as a consequence, it currently features a diverse range of architectural elements.


Visitors can take in the wonderful views of the Vltava River, the Charles Arch, and the Old City center of Prague with its many stunning cathedral spires, which are other popular activities to do at Prague Castle.

Getting To The Prague Castle

Via Tram

  • Nearest Tram Station - Pražský Hrad Tram stop
  • It is a 5-minute walk to the castle grounds.

Via Bus

  • Nearest Bus Stop - Valdštejnské náměstí Bus station
  • It is a 6-minute walk to the castle.

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What To Explore In the Castle Grounds

Old Royal Palace

The Old Royal Palace is historically rich and among the most remarkable monuments in Prague Castle, goes back to the ninth century. The present building was completed in the fourteenth century. The spectacular 16th-century Vladislav Hall, a gigantic building, that was used for ceremonies, feasts, auctions, and sporting competitions, is the principal attraction.

  • Official events are still held in the hall.

St. George's Basilica

Despite a long history of age and repairs, St. George's Basilica, Prague Castle's ancient religious monument, preserves its stunning Romanesque style.

It also seems to be the earliest surviving structure within the Prague Castle complex. St. Ludmila, Duke Boleslav II, and many other notable religious figures are buried in the basilica.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral is regarded as the biggest Christian structure in the Czech Republic. It also serves as the chair of the Bishop of Prague, and it contains various grave tombs of significant saints and Bohemian rulers.

It's worth a visit merely to take in the gorgeous building, which blends contemporary neo-gothic and fourteenth-century medieval with classic and renaissance overtones. The Great South Spire of the Cathedral is well worth seeing, particularly for the viewpoints of the castle grounds and the town.

The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane, by far the most lovely of all the attractions at Prague Castle, receives its name from the fact that it was formerly a passageway dedicated solely to goldsmiths' shops. It was in the fifteenth century, and not much has evolved since then. The best authentic medieval buildings have been preserved, and they now hold cool armor and fabric exhibits, representations from medieval life, and stores offering local goods.

  • If visitors are interested in literature, they should visit shop number 22. It was the residence of Franz Kafka's sister and the location where the author has written for a while.

The Castle Gardens

The Royal Garden of the Castle is among the few peaceful spots on the castle grounds.

It was once an ancient vineyard that was acquired with the intention of being turned into an imperial garden.

The garden was designed in the Italian Revival style, is notable for its peculiar botanical species and unique plants imported from other countries. Equestrian School Rooftop Garden, The Deer Ramparts, and South Lawn are some of the other parks at Prague Castle.

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Places To Grab A Bite Near The Prague Castle

U Labuti

The Czech food culture is a major feature of U Labuti.

  • Visitors can sample delicious smoked duck, lamb, and vegetable soup which the restaurant is known for.
  • The restaurant also serves a delicious dessert menu that includes parfaits, apple pies, and ice cream.
  • Guests can choose from a variety of beverages, with craft beer, champagne, and cordial being among the top to sample.
  • Excellent coffee, hot cocoa, and cortado are also available to guests.

Terasa U Zlate Studne

The Terasa U Zlate Studne meal is divided into a la carte and a gourmet dinner menu.

Classic Czech elements can be found on the a la carte menu, such as ragout de canard and beef fillet. The menu is mainly divided among meat, and seafood meals such as the trademark Royal Sirloin served with foie gras rouge, potato compote with Piemonte's Sumptuous Truffles, and Baron de Rothschild Grand cru Gravy.

The Tasting menu is the most pricey in the region, but it has the finest meats, seafood, and local dishes, as well as exquisite desserts. Additionally, a fantastic wine selection features a variety of Czech and European wines.

U Mlynare

The restaurant U Mlynare is a classic Czech eatery. There is also intercontinental food available.

  • Bacon hock, chicken leg, and beef jambalaya are among the dishes served to visitors.
  • The diner's chef prepares delectable cherry pies, waffles, and mousse.
  • Guests can also indulge in exquisite draught beer, cider, and champagne.
  • Guests can also get excellent coffee, iced tea, or soft drink at U Mlynare.

U Tri Jelinku

At U Tri Jelinku, all guests are offered authentic Czech delicacies.

  • Lamb goulash, pork ribs, and pumpkin stew are available at the restaurant.
  • Visitors can enjoy exquisite honey pastries, crepes, and apple pies while they are here.
  • Visitors can also get refreshments such as abbey ale, mulled wine, or brandy at this restaurant.
  • Visitors are offered a choice of delectable coffee or refreshing iced tea.

Prague Castle is built atop a hill facing the lake. It is among the most iconic and must-visit sites in the city. It is a wonderful destination to see because it is the world's biggest historic palace. Splendid cathedrals, stunning mansions, and memory-filled alleys can all be found inside the sprawling compound. It is a must-see destination for anybody interested in history and architecture.

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