Poveglia Island is a creepy place filled with stories of hauntings and other disturbances. Many claim the tortured souls of the dead still roam the island and haunt anyone who dares step foot on the land. The thought of this alone would keep most of us away, but people still make the journey to see what all the fuss is about.

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We have uncovered some of the creepiest facts about this island and they will have your hair standing on end. It might intrigue some ghost hunters, but to others, it will cross a line they never knew existed. Keep reading to learn about ten creepy things you didn't know about Poveglia Island.

10 10. The Hospital Is Haunted

An insane asylum was built here in the late 1800s, and it still stands to this day. It is run down and the walls are degrading, but you can still find everyday items like clawfoot tubs. It was eventually converted into a geriatric center, which piled up even more bodies until it closed in 1975.

Many illegal visitors have reported hearing strange noises and feeling the touch or scratch of ghosts which is indicative of paranormal activity. A construction crew even left abruptly after trying to restore the old building, and people have speculated it is because they disturbed the ghosts.

9 9. More Than 100,000 Remains Lie Here

It is no secret that people died here on this island from a variety of horrible causes. What most people don't know is that the number is upwards of 100,000 remains, and even this is just a guess.

It explains why this place is considered the most haunted place in the world, due to the sheer number of people who died terrible deaths in such a small area. Their bones and ashes litter the ground at this site and serve as a constant reminder that when you venture onto this island, you might not be its only visitor.

8 8. Plague Victims Were Taken Here To Die

The bubonic plague turned this island into quarantine for those suffering from this incurable disease. It started off as those on incoming ships and later turned into a place for the Venetians to ship the sick and dying.

When the people died of this illness they would dig holes where they would burn the bodies, then cover them up and put a sign over it warning others to stay away. They gradually grew from unpleasant accommodations to a cesspool of disease and some were even burned while they were still alive.

7 7. The Owners Never Live There

There is quite a bit of debate as to how many times this island has exchanged hands, but all we know is that Italy doesn't want it. It was originally sold to a man back in 2014 named Luigi Brugnaro and he had made arrangements to rebuild it into a luxury hotel.

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It is unclear what he plans to do with the area now that nothing has been done to it in the past 5 years, but we do know he doesn't want to live there. It has never been discussed that he would take up residence there, and we don't blame him due to the bad history this place holds.

6 6. It Smells Of Decay

It might interest you to know that despite the many years since the last human body died on these grounds, it still smells of human decay.

Many people believe it is because some of the graves buried the dead without burning them or properly wrapping them to reduce the smell. It definitely kills the real estate value if you can find a way past all of the ghost stories and we can only imagine the consistent stench coming from the ground.

5 5. More Than 50% Of The Soil Is Composed Of Human Ashes

We already know the soil is corrupted because of the dead bodies that lie here, but you probably didn't know how much. It has been recorded that over 50% of the soil is composed of human ash and remains.

This is an insanely high number that has our eyes bulging from our skulls. Everywhere you step is basically a part of a human that didn't make it and this thought will have your stomach doing flips. It is a graveyard, but one that you might want to avoid due to the type of terrible treatment they faced during their lives.

4 4. It Is Illegal To Visit, And Locals Don't Want To

It is currently illegal to visit this island and has been for some time due to Italian law, but that hasn't stopped curious travelers from taking a boat over to the island. The closest most locals will get to the island today is with their boats and fishing nets if they need to be dried, otherwise, they understand a bad omen when they see one.

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They want the land to remain in Italian hands rather than that of a foreign buyer, although, this doesn't mean they want to visit it or come anywhere near it. They have heard the stories and know the history, and they would prefer if they weren't the next ghost to pay the island a visit.

3 3. Charred Bones Still Wash Up On Shore

This island's remains haven't all washed away, in fact, some of them keep coming back. There have been claims that people have still continued to find the charred bones of its past inhabitants wash up on the shore.

It is creepy to imagine being the one to have to find these remnants, not to mention the worry that the person they belonged to might have had the plague. Archaeologists have recently dug up some of the bones from one of the mass graves, so it is also entirely possible that erosion is wearing away the soil that was keeping them hidden.

2 2. A Doctor Tortured Patients In The Mental Hospital

There is the story of one of the doctors in the insane asylum who carried out unsanctioned experiments on some of the mental patients. He would open up their skulls and play with their brains, as well as several other horrendous activities.

It is said that the ghosts of his past patients eventually drove him mad and he committed suicide off of the bell tower. Some stories claim he still rings the bell to this very day.

1 1. Some Say You Can Still Hear Their Screams

The dead never rest on this island according to some as they say you can hear the moans and screams of their tortured souls. Some have claimed to even have heard voices yelling at them to stay away and never come back, which is another level of creepy.

It might not strike fear in the heart of every person who visits, but all we know is we wouldn't want to spend a night if even one of the haunting stories is remotely true.

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