Many travelers like to plan their vacations around trying specific foods and visiting certain restaurants, and a new study promises to make things easier for tourists in the United States.

WalletHub released a report that detailed the top 20 "foodie" cities in the U.S. The study was based around grocery cost, affordability as well as "accessibility of high-quality restaurants to food festivals per capita."

The study listed Portland, Oregon as the best food city in America. It ranked 13th in "affordability" and fifth in "diversity, accessibility & equality." Unsurprisingly, New York was second overall on the list - though it placed No. 1 in the latter category listed above.


Miami came in third on the list, and a handful of major cities in California dominated the top 10 rankings: San Francisco (fourth), Los Angeles (fifth) and San Diego (seventh). It's worth noting that the state capital, San Francisco, placed 10th on the list.

The other top 10 cities include Las Vegas (sixth), Seattle (eighth), Chicago (9th), and Austin (10th). Other major cities like Orlando, Denver, Atlanta, Honolulu Washington and Philadelphia placed in the top 20.

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Portland is known for its wide variety of dishes, so it's no surprise that they took the top spot on the list. In 2018, Portland Monthly included ranch pizza, beef tenderloin tartare from from Bistro Agnes, the Tinned Fish from Sardine Head in their top five "must-eat dishes." And these are only a handful of the most popular foods in Portland.

Back in April, Eater Portland placed the fried chicken combo from Hat Yai as the most iconic dish in the city. The Reggie breakfast sandwich at Pine State Biscuits and the Brisket at Matt's BBQ finished second and third on the list, respectively. So as you can see, there are countless can't-miss dishes to try when you're int Portland.

So now you know where to go if you plan to travel for Portland, a city also renowned for its many craft beer outlets. The Beaver State is widely popular for its beautiful nature and outdoor sports lifestyle.

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