Do you know how Portland got its name? Two of its founders – Francis Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy – settled on this name after tossing a coin. Since then, it grew to become the capital of Oregon. Apart from that, the city has several amazing attractions and a slogan – “Keep Portland Weird” – that’s bound to attract your attention.

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True to that slogan, the residents have done all they could to ensure the city remains unique from any other place in the United States. On the entertainment front, it has everything that you would ever need to send boredom packing.

Below are ten reasons that make Portland unlike any other place in America today.

10 Beautiful Waterfronts & Amazing Views

Portland’s waterfronts and views rank among the best of any city in the United States. Downtown Portland offers residents and visitors a chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset that allows the mind to wander and relax.

While there is plenty of activities you can do around its waterfront, it is worth mentioning that some of them might be prohibited. Therefore, enjoy yourself in its waterfront, have some fun while at it, and create lifelong memories, especially if you are visiting. The city remains open to all those who love adventures.

9 Home to the World’s Largest Collection of Microbreweries

No other city in the United States – or anywhere else around the world – has a bigger collection of microbreweries per capita than Portland. It is little wonder that it has – deservedly – earned the moniker “Beertown.” The locals are never afraid to indulge themselves in a beer-buying spree.

While in the city, you will discover that your options – in terms of spots where you can buy beer – are limitless. Nevertheless, a few points should not be missed, regardless of whether you are a regular visitor or a resident. These include Laurelwood Public House & Brewery and Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Sadly, Bridgeport Brewing Co. closed in 2019.

8 One of the Largest Urban Parks In The United States

The city’s Forest Park sits on a massive 13km of land. What is more, it also offers excellent views of the Willamette River. Few urban forest reserves are as massive in size as this one. For this reason, it is easier to understand why the park continues attracting multitudes upon multitudes each season. Hikers love this park for various reasons.

For starters, it offers breathtaking views, peace of mind, serenity, and cool, fresh air to breathe to mention a few. On top of all that, hikers can ride past the park’s 110km of trails. As you hike, listen, and watch out for over 100 species of birds and more than 60 species of mammals.

7 One of the Country’s Most Creative & Artsy Cities

Anyone with artsy and creative bones would struggle to find a more welcoming and perfect city than Portland in the entire country. For proof of this, visit the local museums to ask about the state of the city’s arts culture. Based on this, it would be an excellent place for millennial parents who feel stressed out with different issues.

Moreover, the city is home to numerous art galleries, which you could always visit with your loved ones. The Pearl District is a nice place to begin your search for art galleries and other artsy or creative spaces too.

6 Better Salaries & Unemployment Rate than the National Average

If you have been thinking about relocating to a city with better job opportunities and salaries, then your options should not go past Portland, Oregon. Its unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Why is that the case? For starters, the city’s economy is performing better.

Because of its thriving economy, you may be able to afford a classic car. Many factors are responsible for this and the main one is the presence of the largest companies in not only the US but also the world.

5 Perfect City for The Outdoorsy Types

Portland is home to several outdoor facilities and spaces worth visiting or taking a stroll along for a bit of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Pacific Northwest's natural beauty is unmatched in the United States. Portland is like the doorway you need to walk through to see all that amazing beauty. Willamette River offers you a chance to wade in it and relax your feet on a hot summer afternoon.

4 Constant Increase in Population Has Made it Livelier

Portland has the largest population in Oregon. Since the 2010 census, the city’s population has grown by 10,000 people each year. With such growth levels backing it up, young professionals feel attracted to move into the city from other places around the country.

Due to its incredible numbers in terms of population, Portland has turned into one of the country’s liveliest cities. Its residents – and professionals – are not only innovative but also quite vibrant. The city’s people are ever enthusiastic, which only adds to its colorful nature.

3 Four Seasons

Over the years, Portland has been the butt of jokes for its excessive rainfall. Nevertheless, that has not encouraged anyone to leave. If anything, the city continues to attract new people all the time. One of the factors responsible for this is the four-season weather.

The foliage and greenery all change when the seasons shift from winter to spring, and summer to fall. Throughout the year, the weather remains special. Summer is unique for its beautiful weather, eye-catching foliage, and wonderful temperature.

2 Renowned Hippie Culture

The hippie culture was at its peak in Portland during the 1960s. However, the culture seems to be making a comeback in recent years. That culture is awesome for attracting people who love it. Amazingly, the city is home to all sorts of people from different backgrounds and views on life.

Both the state and the city are hippie havens, a fact that puts it in a special list that no other place in the country can match. For proof on the city’s hippie culture, you would need to read this article.

1 Supports Biking Culture

You don’t necessarily have to be a top-notch biker to enjoy living in Portland. Nevertheless, it helps if you are into this culture. The city is home to a large population of people who adore biking. Furthermore, the city’s biking culture keeps drawing in people who are passionate about cross-country biking and adventures.

In many ways, the city is considered one of the most bike-friendly places in the United States. It consists of over 350 miles of biking lanes. Moreover, no city in the country boasts of more biking commuters than Portland.

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