You don't need an expert to tell you that jobs are stressful. And customer service/hospitality jobs probably win the award for most stressful and demanding jobs. You have to deal with people (in whatever mood they're in), ensure that they are satisfied and even go out of your way to appease them, even when they're in the wrong. Hotel jobs fit quite snugly in this category.

However, hotel jobs can be super rewarding and fulfilling. That is if you know how to foster the right kind of environment. Statistics have shown that happy employees are 31% more productive, as well as three times more creative.


If an employee genuinely loves their job, it can result in the hotel's profit increasing by 12% and turnover dropping by 24%. All in all, it's in the hotel's best interest to treat their employees with dignity and respect. Here are some of the best hotels that have fulfilled their role in keeping their employees happy.

Access To A Brighter Future: Hilton Worldwide

The Hilton is known as one of the classiest and most comfortable hotels in the world. In fact, it was rated Best Company in 2019 by Fortune. But this hotel is not just known for its class and high quality of service. It's also known for how well it treats its employees.

Hilton employees can benefit from amazing compensation packages, as well as the best training programs, such as Hilton Worldwide University. Not only does this keep them comfortable in their job, but it also gives them the opportunity to develop and ensure a better future for themselves.

And the benefits are just as great. If a Hilton employee just became a new parent, then they are given two weeks off (paid, of course). New mothers, in particular, are given 8 weeks off and, if an employee has chosen to adopt, they can be refunded close to $10 000! When an employer has the well being of parents at the forefront of their minds, everyone can be assured that this is a great place to work!

A Little Extra For Your Troubles: Kimpton Hotels And Restaurants

This subsidiary of InterContinental Hotel Group is no stranger to being called one of the top 100 companies to work for. Not only are guests treated like royalty, but so is the staff. As a Kimpton employee, you can enjoy onsite fitness centers, fully paid sabbaticals, and even tuition reimbursement!

If that's not enough of an incentive to put in an application, the company tries to ensure that there is always a sense of team spirit between employees of all levels. This will ensure that the company runs like a well-oiled machine, as well as ensure the satisfaction of the employees.

The hospitality sector can be brutal at times. However, you're more than capable of thriving if you have a supportive company that not only understands your struggle but has your back when you need it!

To Truly Love Your Job: Hyatt

Hyatt is another well-known hotel chain that has made its mark worldwide. It's regularly considered one of the top 5 hospitality employers worldwide, as well as being a member of the exclusive Best Hospitality employer's club. But where this chain truly shines is how they treat and honor their employees.

The Hyatt's mission is to create a work culture of collaboration and cooperation that will satisfy everyone and ensure that they're employees are happy. Hyatt employees can benefit from a stress-free work week, rewards, paid holidays and even employee referrals!

Hyatt employees are even given the opportunity to expand and develop their professional lives. The Hyatt offers business resources and opportunities to network. As an added bonus, Hyatt employees can enjoy 12 free nights at any Hyatt hotel per year!

A business truly thrives when it knows how to support its employees, as well as help them thrive.

They've Got Your Back: Four Seasons Hotels And Resort

The Four Seasons is a regular top contender for any Global employee lists. Why is that, you ask? Because of how they treat their employees! They are treated so well, in fact, that the word "family" makes a regular appearance when describing work culture!

Four Seasons employees enjoy regular benefits, such as referral programs and complimentary room policies, regardless of rank. The Four Seasons ensures that their employees are prepared for their own individual careers, no matter what that may be.

The Four Seasons regularly sees large recruitment and it's all due to how they rally around their employees, acknowledging that they are the backbone of the company.