The Pacific coastline is known for some of the most iconic views the globe has seen. Stretching through California and the wild part of Washington, the Pacific Sea has a lot in its name. But which of these meets the breathtaking views of the Oregon coastline?

Stretching over 363 miles, the Oregon Coast has everything a typical vacationer would ask for. From the beautiful bridges to massive sea rocks, below are the 10 most popular attractions along the Oregon coastline.

10 Astoria Column

Rising 600 feet above sea level, the Astoria Column is a popular feature along the Oregon Coastline. With an actual height of 125 feet, this column represents a huge part of Astoria’s history. Since its commissioning in 1926, the column has maintained its status as a leading tourist site along the pacific coastline.

9 Fort Stevens State Park

Again, Astoria is the key player here. A point where a big river empties to the ocean automatically qualifies to be a tourist attraction site. An excellent example to demonstrate this scenario is Fort Stevens State Park. From its rich military history to the presence of shipwrecks, adventurers have a lot to do here. The park has a unique hiking trail that gives tourists a chance to explore along the banks of the Columbia River.

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8 Haystack Rock

Seated adjacent to the famous Cannon Beach is the Haystack Rock. The rock is among the most iconic images of the Oregon coastline. The Haystack Rock is more than just a rock. It is a landmark and home to different marine species. The area around the rock is characterized by low tides creating ideal conditions for marine wildlife.

7 Sea Lion Caves

While sea lions are popular in the ocean, spotting one in the Pacific can be such a daunting task. However, the Oregon coastline has improvised caves that have served as seal breeding grounds for the last 75 years. During winter, the seals swim their way into the caves to escape the adverse weather. Come summer, adventurers in the north of Florence are treated to breathtaking views of seals basking and playing around in the waves.

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6 Oregon Dunes

Dunes are a common feature in desert destinations such as Dubai. But believe it or not, the Oregon coastline, too, has dunes. Covering a 40-mile stretch, these dunes are uniquely surrounded by ocean and lake water. The sandwiched dunes rise up to 500 feet above the ground, making the area a bit hilly. Admirers of natural trails are treated to a good one here where adventurers can hike and enjoy the beautiful coastline at the same time.

5 Neskowin Beach

The Oregon beach presents the perfect conditions for vacationers seeking some personal space. While most people enjoy a vacation when in the company of large crowds, others like it almost empty. The Neskowin Beach is ideally the perfect spot for the latter. This beach is mostly frequented by people walking their dogs around. Romantic lovers also find a convenient spot to confess their admiration for one another. The Proposal Rock located on this beach is the perfect place for couples seeking a unique way to renew their vows.

4 Astoria-Megler Bridge

Bridges are nothing new along the Pacific Coast. However, there is something special about the Astoria-Megler Bridge. Stretching more than four miles across the Columbia River, this bridge connects the two towns, making it easy for vacationers and locals to access the other side of the river. Driving four miles on a bridge floating on the water itself offers a relieving experience for vacationers. The bridge stands tall in an area where only boats are commonly making it a worthy mention among the top attractions on the Oregon Coastline.

3 Boiler Bay Viewpoint

Located on the northern edge of the famous Depoe Pay, the Boiler Bay is a popular viewpoint on the Oregon Coastline. With no restricted access, adventurers are treated to breathtaking views of the larger Pacific Ocean. From marine wildlife to seabirds, this bay serves as a watchtower where tourists can easily spot some of the species only unique to Oregon. Depending on the season, one may be lucky to spot a live whale doing its thing in water, not the ones being washed to the shores having chocked from nets dropped by illegal fishermen.

2 Battle Rock Beach

Vacationers looking for a history-rich getaway on the Oregon Coast are treated to a good one in the Battle Rock Beach. As the name suggests, this beach experienced a battle between the settlers and Natives. The story surrounding the battle can be best understood by pitching camp on this beach. Besides its rich history, Battle Rock Beach has surf-friendly waves which support water sporting activities. The black sand of this beach also makes it a unique place to vacay.

1 Thor’s Well

The final attraction that could not miss on the list of attractions on the Oregon Coast is Thor’s Well. Seated on the edge of a volcanic formation, this well has some epic views especially when the sun is going down to the west. Water from this well erupts and sprouts up before being swallowed into the same hole, a scene only unique to the Oregon Coast.