A vacation to Paris is often surrounded by a loving reason like an engagement, anniversary, or just two love birds who want to walk the streets of Paris, hand in hand until the many vintage street lights. Though the Pont des Arts was once a place where love birds could express their amour for each other by placing heavy metal locks on the bridge, it is now forbidden by law and controlled by the local police authority to place a love lock on the famous bridge.

Locals began noticing the structure starting to wear out due to the weight of the locks and quickly asked the government to shut it down and replace it with something equally loving to those who came to visit or locals who came to profess their love. However, even though the bridge may no longer allow locks and have ultimately removed thousands of tonnes of locks, there are still many ways and opportunities where couples can exchange their affection for one another like having a picnic on the bridge, complete with a French basket of baguettes and pastries. Planning a day trip to famous museums and shopping districts nearby are also great ways to spend an evening in Paris.


The Cutest Bridge Dedicated To Love Has Been Taken Down

What was once the cutest (and completely free) bridge in the world is now no more. In 2015, Paris began replacing the famous love locks from the Pont Des Arts with beautiful graffiti with messages of love and hope. As much as one would expect a bridge to be sturdy enough to hold a few locks, unfortunately the Pont Des Arts was being weighed down by forty-five tonnes of locks devoted and dedicated to loved ones that were hung by romantic tourists from all over the world.

Law enforcement initially began persuading tourists to take captivating and romantic selfies rather than proclaiming their love through pieces of metal, however, tourists and pedestrians ignored these friendly warnings. After months of warning, police authorities cranes started to detach some locks in order for them to be disposed of and to stop the bridge from collapsing and ruining their architectural structures.

Though the bridge will not always be decorated in colorful graffiti wooden boards, eventually the city plans to add plexiglass sheets to cover both sides of the railings.

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The Eiffel Tower Can Be Seen From The Passerelle And Connects The Bridge To The Louvre Courtyard

The Pont Des Arts, in other words the Bridge of Art, is located in one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Paris. The bridge connects the passerelle and connects to the famous Louvre Museum, the Tuileries Gardens, and the Cour Carree.

What makes this view absolutely captivating is the ability to also see the Eiffel Tower from the bridge. In the evening and at night, the Pont Des Arts bridge lights up with vintage street lamps and a still body of water that flows below. The bridge was originally supposed to have nine arches, however, they managed to condense it into seven in order for the bridge to preserve its original look.

Depending on the season or festival that’s happening around the area, travelers will often stumble upon an art exhibition located directly on the bridge. It is best described as a studio “en plein air,” meaning a studio in full view. The bridge welcomes artists, painters, photographers, and dancers to take part in their free exhibit for the general public.

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The Mayor Encouraged To Take Romantic Selfies And A Picnic

Though the love locks may be gone, the mayor of Paris strongly encourages for l’amour to continue in a safer, and less damaging, expression of love. Mayor Anne Hidalgo would rather see tourists and locals who flock towards the bridge with their significant other to take romantic selfies and enjoy an intimate picnic rather than adding additional locks to damage the bridge.

In fact, it was the mayor that was initially petitioned with the closing of the bridge. As locals noticed the deterioration of the bridge, they grew worried about the condition of the architectural structure. Finally, the Paris council decided to take action against the famous love lock bridge that captured the hearts of romantics around the world. However, before banning it completely, the mayor challenged Paris’s Culture Secretary to come up with an alternative that had to be unifying, artistic, and ecological.

Afterward, Head Over To The Louvre Museum And Tuileries Gardens

If you’re traveling to the bridge, it goes without saying that you’re most likely also interested in visiting the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Gardens. These are both traveling hot spots when sightseeing your way around Paris, so plan ahead. The Louvre Museum was originally a royal palace but has since become the most famous museum in the world. Guests at the Louvre will be able to visit the original Mona Lisa, as well as the Venus of Milo. But what travelers find most interesting is that the Mary Magdalene is buried beneath the Louvre, as The Da Vinci Code originally suggests.

Once you wrap up your visit at the Louvre, head on over to the Tuileries Garden which is located in the same vicinity and makes it easy to do both tours in a single day, unless you’re going to appreciate fine arts at the Louvre for hours on end. While visiting the Garden, visitors are welcome to sit in the many chairs that align the park. Near the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, visitors including children are welcome to rent miniature sailboats that can be controlled remotely on the water.

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Enjoy Sidewalk Cafes And Become A Writer

In almost every movie based in Paris or where the characters visit Paris, it’s undeniable that they visit a sidewalk cafe. Sidewalk cafes are portrayed to be a romantic spot or a self-awareness area. Memoirs are written and red wines are sipped with baguettes with fine cheese platters. So grab your notebooks and order your cafe au lait, because sitting at one of the many popular sidewalk cafes is definitely worth every minute.

These tiny cafes are often grand in the interior, and intimate on the exterior. They offer tables of two the opportunity of sitting by the window to watch the beauty and love of Paris walk by. Along the Pont des Arts bridge, there are countless sidewalk cafes that range in specialties such as French pastries, cheese, charcuteries, homemade ice cream and, of course, wines.

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