Europe is full of countries that are rich in culture and heritage, such as England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and so, so many more. However, while these mainstream nations may receive most of the attention from your standard travelers, we tend to believe that there's one which is drastically underrated: and that is Poland.

You may know a lot about the country or you may know nothing at all, but either way, we're here to educate you on why the Poles can be proud of living in what should be viewed as one of the greatest countries on the planet.

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10 10. Unbelievably Cheap

From personal experience, we can tell you that a handful of restaurants in Gdansk offer a deal in which you and a friend/partner of your choice can have one burger, some chips and a pint each, and in total, it will cost you five euros.

That’s insane value for money, and in general, Poland is the kind of place where most of us could go and live like kings – which is no exaggeration. Money is no object, even if you go there believing that you don’t have much of it.

9 9. Polish Old Towns

The old town section of any great Polish destination is always a big highlight because it serves as the core of the city, town or village. It gives you an insight into what the main attractions are perceived to be and also gives you the kind of views that you’d only expect to see in the movies.

The old town, regardless of where in Poland you are, is the kind of setting for a reunion with an old friend or perhaps even an old flame. That sounds cliché, but when push comes to shove, we all like a bit of cheese now and then.

8 8. Great Food

The cuisine in Poland in divine and it doesn’t really matter what kind of dish you try, because all of the traditional favorites have their benefits. From Golonka to Pierogi and everything in between, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong (unless someone has really fussy eating habits).

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It’s always really important to try new tastes regardless of where you may be in the world because you might find yourself enjoying a dish that you previously thought wasn’t your cup of tea whatsoever.

Poland is a beautiful place, but it’s also a very tasty place.

7 7. The Resilience

We don’t need to be the ones to tell you what the country of Poland has been through throughout the course of time, because historians have already documented it all in great detail. What we will say, though, is that the resilience of this great nation to bounce back time and time again is utterly heartwarming.

It’s the kind of spirit that makes you jealous not to be Polish because there’s a real companionship amongst them that is hard to come by. In short, all you can really say is well done, and thank you.

6 6. The Perfect Size

To get from the top of the country right down to the bottom will only take you an average of around six hours or so, which is a blessing in comparison to a lot of other nations across both Europe and the rest of the planet. It’s not too small, either, as travelers are still able to explore a wide range of locations throughout the course of any given trip.

It’s also located pretty nicely on the coast, too, which opens the door to the possibility of sea travel as well.

5 5. Christmas Markets

Christmas is a magical time regardless of where you may live in the world, but it is particularly stunning in the great country of Poland. Having borrowed a lot of great traditions from neighbors Germany, they really go do all out in Poland when it comes to putting on a show and getting you into the festive mood.

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If anyone out there is looking for a short getaway as we gear up for the winter months, then there are few better places that you could choose to celebrate the holidays.

4 4. Extremely Nice Locals

The stigma surrounding the Poles is that they don’t have the best reputation for being all too kind, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. They’re sweet, thoughtful, funny and charismatic individuals, and they’ve also got a great deal of character.

Poland is one of those countries that feels safe 99% of the time, and you don’t have to be located anywhere in particular in order to feel that kind of atmosphere.

The saying goes that it’s nice to be nice, and they seem to live by that motto here.

3 3. Passionate Sports Fans

Poland may not have the most remarkable record when it comes to the majority of big sporting occasions, but the one thing you cannot fault them for is the support of the fans. They give everything not only to their national teams but also to their local clubs and organizations as well.

Not everyone is a massive fan of sports at all, and that’s okay. However, you still have to find the time to appreciate and respect the energy and love that is poured into it – especially by the Poles.

2 2. Remarkable Cities

Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz, Katowice, Lublin. There are so, so many more astonishing cities and locations littered throughout the great country of Poland, and the best part is that they’re all so unique.

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The term ‘hidden gem’ is thrown around a lot these days, but it could easily be applied to nearly all of the aforementioned cities that have been listed. You don’t know it unless you’ve tried it for yourself, though, and Poland is always waiting with open arms to welcome the masses into their magical world.

1 1. Tatra Mountains

Located as a natural border between Slovakia and Poland, this is perhaps one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges there is to be found beneath our feet. The national parkland areas are ideal for both summer and winter sports, but even if you aren’t a sporty kind of person, simply taking a step back and observing the view is enough to bring anyone to tears.

There’s also a great deal of wildlife here, too, which kind of restores your faith in humanity just a little bit – if only for a few glorious moments.

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