There are a million and one reasons to believe a trip to Poland is the best thing since sliced bread, and today, we're going to run through ten locations throughout the country that are worth visiting upon arrival.

Poland is one of the most underrated countries on the planet, and more people need to appreciate that. There's just a certain aura that radiates off of every village, town and city around the nation - and that's no exaggeration.

We're listing ten places today but in reality, we could go on and on about it all from the cities to the countryside and beyond.

10 Lake Morskie Oko

The cities are pretty spectacular within their own right, but sometimes, you need to just get away and be one with nature. The Eye of the Sea, aka Lake Morskie Oko, is one of the deepest lakes over in the Tatra Mountains.

It feels like it goes on for an endless number of miles, and it really does allow you to be at peace with yourself – if only for a few hours.

It’s located next to the border of Slovakia, which allows you to pop on over and explore an entirely different country.

9 Wroclaw

Wroclaw feels a bit more “business” than party in comparison to most Polish cities, but that’s a positive more than a negative. We love that there are two sides to the coin because it gives Wroclaw an even better range.

One of the things we love about the main market square is that they all connect together like a puzzle. When you look at a shot of the city from above, it gives you a really good idea of what it’s got to offer.

It’s probably the closest they’ll get to a financial district, at the very least.

8 Lodz

Artwork always tends to be the name of the game with a place like Lodz which, while not being the biggest of cities, certainly has a lot of character.

It was once known for being a central focal point of manufacturing for the country, playing host to the working man. It’s incredibly multicultural and tends to embrace the arts like no other, and that’s the kind of spirit that resonates through both the locals and the tourists from all over the world.

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It’s not exactly New York City, but it doesn’t claim to be.

7 Poznan

The popular old town keeps the city’s popularity going strong all throughout the years, and that’s no exaggeration. The Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking, the weather isn’t quite as hormonal as most places in the country, and it’s also an important business hub.

When you need to take a bit of a step back, though, you can’t really go wrong with the Botanical Gardens.

They know how to remember the past, but in equal measure, they’ve always got an eye on what the future holds and how they can continue to improve the state of the nation.

6 Białowieża Forest

This forest along the edge of the border in Belarus is utterly breathtaking and serves as one of the last big parts of the forest area that was the European Plain.

If you’re a fan of bison, well known for being incredibly heavy, you’ll find almost 1,000 roaming the grounds over here.

They’ve even named a whole host of their oak trees, which makes it feel like more of a family than anything else. It’s a bit out of your way from most of the major cities, but that shouldn’t matter one bit.

5 Krakow

It’s been described as the perfect Polish city in the past and we don’t think you can go far wrong with that. It’s relatively cheap, the medieval history behind it has been well maintained, and the nightlife is to die for.

Krakow’s Jewish quarter is one place you’ll have to visit, especially on your very first trip there, but aside from that, you can’t go far wrong with just about any of the activities available over there.

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With it being located near the Czech border, you can certainly feel some Prague vibes coming from the city too.

4 Auschwitz

The memories that reside in Auschwitz are painful, and those memories will live on for the rest of time. After being home to over one million deaths it’s impossible to push it to one side, and thankfully, the Poles don’t do that.

The memorial and museum are there to be explored by the masses, and given how far we’ve come since then, it’s important to remember those days and what the victims were forced to go through.

It’s a haunting experience, but it’s one that will remind you just how lucky all of us are by comparison.

3 Energylandia

People think of many things when you suggest a trip to a country like Poland, but one activity that probably doesn’t come to mind is a visit to an amusement park. That’s a shame, too, because Energylandia is one of the best parks to be found throughout the entire continent.

They’ve got everything from family rides to thrill coasters and everything in between, and with it being not too far away from Krakow, it serves as the perfect day trip before returning back to the city.

Trust us, you can’t go wrong here.

2 Warsaw

You can’t go wrong with a capital city for any country around the world but when it comes to Warsaw, it really does serve as the beating heart of the Polish people.

From being invaded in the early portion of World War II to most of the buildings in the city being destroyed, the Paris of the North was on its knees – and yet, they were able to bounce back with magnificent resilience.

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It’s one of the most livable cities in the world in pretty much every sense of the word, and one quick trip here will help you to understand why.

1 Gdansk

Sopot alone should be viewed as one of the primary factors behind Gdansk’s overall beauty and splendor, with the market square being a close second. Whether it be heading onto the old boat and sailing around town, visiting the local sights and sounds or just embracing the cuisine – you’re bound to have a great time in Gdansk.

There’s always a great atmosphere around town and you never feel out of place, no matter how little you understand of the Polish language.

Gdansk is a home away from home and we don’t say that lightly.

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