Pokémon Sword and Shield look set to highlight some fantastic locations across the UK. The games in the past have often focused on real-world locations, turning them into fictional regions within the Pokémon world.

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In the past, other locations such as Japan, Hawaii and even Russian islands have been used in order to flesh out this world. However, there are so many real-world regions that we'd love to see inspire in-game locations. Here's 10 that we feel could be perfect for a future Pokémon game!


Australia has a lot of great locations to offer. The massive modern cities such as Sydney would make some really great in-game towns for Pokémon players to explore. It's easy to see a Pokémon gym inspired by the famous opera house.

The rich history of the outback and indeed Australia's native people could also heavily influence a game like this. The cultural aspects of the country could only enhance any in-game locations and perhaps there will be Pokémon inspired by this.


The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious location where so many ships have gone missing. In popular culture, there have been numerous explanations and explorations for the area; however, it's a topic not touched upon much in video games.

It would be an easy explanation for the game to make, that a Bermuda Triangle-esque area in the ocean is caused by a huge and almost incomprehensible Pokémon. A whole narrative could be built around this region.


The Himalayas are a difficult area to navigate and it takes some of the best explorers, climbers, and survivalists to truly conquer the many snow-topped mountains. Think of the potential for this kind of area to be adopted into a Pokémon title.

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A Pokémon region that is almost entirely made of snow and mountains would mean that there could be some really fun new Pokémon living amongst these habitats. Not only that, but it would become a game of survival and would make exploration far more difficult but exciting.


Latin America is a region in the world with a rich culture and some beautiful locations. Its history is a complicated one, but it would be amazing to see the music, food, and people of this great area represented in a Pokémon game.

This could be a really fun opportunity to create some pretty unique Pokémon from the region and the whole game could be based around one of Latin America's famous festivals. Ultimately though, the spectacular scenery is perfect to inspire a game like this.


The Caribbean is often associated with a very specific thing because of popular culture and movies and that is of course pirates. A Pokémon pirates game, inspired by locations in the stunning Caribbean islands would be a great follow up to Sword and Shield.

This is a really cool way to twist the genre on its head and portray a kind of modern pirate story in the Pokémon version of the Caribbean. Pokémon games love representing lots of small islands as well and this region is perfect for that.


Often individual cities are taken from the United States to represent a town within a Pokémon region. Famously, cities such as New York have been used as sources of inspiration, with even certain bridges being carried over to the gaming world.

New Orleans is such a fun and vibrant city that it would seem silly not to take advantage of it. If the next Pokémon game is looking to represent a few more American cities, then New Orleans and its famous Bourbon Street should certainly be considered for adaptation.


The Spanish City of Barcelona is inspirational enough to make any game developer want to replicate some of its iconic buildings. Whether its the closeness of the amazing beaches to the incredible city or perhaps some of the great and vibrant buildings, Barcelona has a lot to offer.

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The influence of Antoni Gaudi, a famous artist from Catalonia, is all over the city. Whether it's his famous park or the Sagrada Familia, the complex shapes and colors of the buildings would make for an excellent piece of scenery in a Pokémon region.


Ancient Greece could make for some epic Pokémon locations, along with inspiring historical and gladiatorial Pokémon for gamers to capture. The country is home to some brilliant constructions, while the beaches and nature are exquisite.

Although there would be a lot to explore with a game based on Greece, the developers could even extend their research to other Greek islands, much like they've done with previous regions. Perhaps the Greek gods could also have a role to play in this Nintendo world.


The Middle East may seem like an odd location to choose for a game like this, but actually it's a stunning area that players should be able to explore within a Pokémon title. It's a really unique part of the world that isn't really replicated anywhere else.

The Middle East is home to some spectacular architecture and truly massive cities. The religions of the region have resulted in some brilliant places of worship and a colourful array of different decorative displays to represent the diverse culture.


Much like Ancient Greece, it's also easy to see how Ancient Egypt could also play a role in the magical world of Pokémon. So many games have been based on the pyramids and gods of Egypt, so why not try this in the Pokémon world?

There are actually a number of Pokémon that would really fit into a region like this, but there's a much bigger opportunity here to continue to weave a rich set of mythology into the Pokémon world. Egypt seems like the perfect country to inspire a mystical place in the game.

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