Anyone who's familiar with New England mountains is probably well aware of the fact that both Pennsylvania and Vermont have some of the best mountains in the northeast (with the exception of upstate New York's Adirondacks). Both states are stunning in their beauty and offer plenty for tourists year-round, which can make choosing a vacation destination incredibly challenging.

With such stunning mountainscapes, cozy rentals, and historic lodging, the two states could almost be identical. However, it's in their differences that one can find a reason to choose one or the other. And, worse comes to worst, travelers can always visit both - we're sure no one would blame them for being indecisive!


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Pennsylvania: Poconos, Waterfalls, And Resorts

There's no denying that Pennsylvania is beautiful. Its beauty is similar yet entirely different to that of Vermont; the Pocono Mountains region is striking and rocky, with the Delaware River Gap being the focal point of the landscape.

This massive river cuts between rocky cliffs and serves as the main water feature, with plenty of waterfalls responsible for its runoff. This creates quite a picturesque setting for many of the resorts that are dotted throughout the area, without as many small towns.

Lodging Accommodations In The Poconos

Travelers looking to the Poconos will be dealing with larger price points but amenities that include spa services, all-inclusive meals, and access to pools, fitness centers, and other on-site centers. So, while the price might be steep, there's plenty included in it to justify spending upwards of $500 per person, per stay.

Additionally, the resorts might not be as historic as those found throughout Vermont but their updated features will appeal to those looking to take advantage of more, without ever leaving the resort in order to find it. With that being said, it doesn't mean travelers won't find affordable lodging - but they'll need to look at smaller inns and hotels in order to find it.

What To Do In The Poconos

Since the Poconos is such a classic (and iconic) destination for families, there's plenty to do in the area catering to that notion. Families might choose to stay on the resort grounds and take advantage of things such as swimming, lakeside activities, arcades, and other family-friendly options.

If they choose to venture out, they'll find great shopping in Stroudsburg and the surrounding area, as well as miniature golf and national parks for hiking. The Poconos is also known for its festivals and its racing, so if these are two points of interest, then it's a great place to book a stay.

Vermont: Tall Mountains, Rivers, Historic Inns

Vermont's Green Mountains range from central to northern Vermont, with Lake Champlain in the center and the Adirondacks of New York on the opposite side of the lake. This creates a stunning visual, especially if travelers can book a stay that features mountain or lakeside views.

Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes in the state so it's no surprise to see that it's covered in hiking trails. Additionally, certain lakes afford access to lakeside beaches, while the city of Burlington offers shopping with a small-town, small-business feel.

Lodging Accommodations In Vermont

One thing to note about Vermont is that it is a fairly remote state outside of Chittenden County (mainly the city of Burlington). Therefore, those looking to book lodging in a more remote or rural part of the state might find that their best option is an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel, inn, or bed & breakfast.

In fact, an Airbnb allows travelers to have even more freedom when it comes to exploration simply because they'll be able to book a place that might be in between multiple towns, rather than just in the center of one. About 90% of the state's historic lodging options are smack dab in the center of small towns, which means anything outside of that radius is likely to be a drive - while scenic, it might not be what everyone is looking for. However, the historic options that are available throughout the state are second to none. They're beautiful in their vintage charm and truly serve to give guests a taste of the small town, small-state lifestyle.

What To Do In Vermont

As stated before, hiking is one of the most popular pastimes and it's part of Vermont culture. Those who are keen to take in the sights from a new summit will have their pick of trails, from riverside hikes to untouched waterfalls, and many featuring mountaintop views - and not all hikes with views mean a difficult ascent.

Those with a passion for craft beer will be pleased to know that Vermont's brewery trail will take them to some of the best in the country, with some incredible eats, to boot. And, if nothing else, booking a stay in or around Burlington will yield more shops than can be explored in a week, and a plethora of privately-owned restaurants that are ready to delight their tastebuds.

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