Holidays are supposed to be a relaxing time. Traveling somewhere away from home and work for a few days where you can just forget about everything that troubles you and stresses you out day-to-day. If you have children, sometimes it's not that straightforward. Kids need entertaining and a holiday with them can quickly become more stressful than life at home.

There's also the issue of having to go somewhere that is kid-friendly. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. Don't all of us want an excuse to be able to return to somewhere like Disney World, so we claim that it's our children that want to go when really we are equally as excited about it? The only trouble at Disney World is that you have to do a lot of lining up, something that kids can't really handle.


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Well lining up at Disney might not be the worst thing in the world anymore, thanks to the Play Disney Parks. The company's brand new app, which is available on both iOS and Android, includes four in-queue activities that changeup depending on which ride line up you're in.

The app encourages parkgoers to use one phone and work together to complete tasks and answer trivia questions. You won't have to worry about the whole family standing around on their individual devices. If game playing isn't your jam then never fear. The app has an animated map that is full of hidden surprises and also features unlockables that become available the more you visit the park and use the app.

If you're excited by all this, but won't be visiting Disney World any time soon then the Play Disney Parks app still has you covered. There are certain features on the app that you can use in the comfort of your own home, including access to some Disney themed playlists. Who doesn't love singing along to the franchise's decades worth of hits? Be warned though, downloading it may leave you hankering for a visit to a Disney theme park whether you're planning to or not.

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