Even experienced packers admit that packing for a flight can sometimes be a daunting task. It is even more daunting for first-timers. While some packing lists can be really helpful, they sometimes get overly detailed thereby making travelers pack items they probably might not need. This list includes the most essential things needed for a comfortable flight while also excluding unnecessary things that might end up taking up too much luggage space.

12 Carry On/Backpack/Small Bag

Suitcases are necessary to carry more spacious items but a backpack will come in handy when it comes to carrying important things needed to be in one’s possession at all times. This is because most (small) backpacks can be placed right under a passenger’s seat which makes it easier to reach for the bag and take out something easily. Suitcases are usually out of immediate reach and they also tend to get lost sometimes. It won’t help if an essential item such as a charger is in a lost suitcase.

11 Travel Documents/ ID Cards

Passports, ID Cards, Travel Visas, and Travel Insurance are the most important Travel documents to never forget. Some of these documents are required before access to flights so be sure to bring them along. Due to the pandemic, many countries now require passengers to provide health documents such as proof of Covid 19 vaccination before they can be allowed access into the country.

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10 Device Charger

Locating an outlet and plugging in a charger is the second thing many travelers do after sitting down in their passenger seat. Imagine dipping a hand into your bag and not being able to find a charger. Can be pretty heartbreaking. To avoid being in this type of situation, be sure to include a charger on the packing list. Charger adapters also come in handy when there are no available outlets to plug in a USB cable. Travelers watching movies or working on some tasks on their laptops during the flights should include their laptop chargers as well to keep the device on.

9 In-Flight Entertainment

This is a no-brainer item to include on the packing list but some travelers might still forget it. The reason why it is important is not so far-fetched - Many airlines require mobile phones to be in flight mode during the flight since cellular radio has been deemed hazardous to smooth flying. This inevitably means there might be no access to the internet for the majority of the trip. Although some airlines offer Wi-Fi service, it can also be restricted in some situations. Imagine sitting throughout the flight doing absolutely nothing. Feels tiring and except the view of the sky from the tiny airplane window is enough entertainment for you, be sure to stock up on some entertainment before the trip. Games, books, podcasts, and offline videos are cool things to help deal with boredom.

8 Favorite Snacks

To be honest, Airplane food is not for everybody! Those strange combinations can ruin one’s intestines in seconds and make the rest of the flight uncomfortable. There’s no need to pretend. Travelers should take some favorite snacks to have an alternative if the food served during the flight is not compatible with their stomachs. It can also serve as a bonus to support the food served by the airline service because sometimes the quantity might not be enough to satisfy even a five-year-old kid.

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7 Noise Canceling Headphones/Earphones

Headphones do not just offer an enjoyable consumption of multimedia content, they also offer privacy, and noise-canceling headphones offer even more privacy as it cancels the surrounding noise. Many travelers can't help it when they are stuck on the plane for hours with noisy neighbors and it's in these cases that these ear blocking speakers will come in handy to ensure no one has to put up with all that noise.

6 Sanitizer, Comfortable Masks, Wipes

Don’t think the pandemic is over just yet. It's still out there and humans are just trying to learn how to live with it. Touching things on the plane is inevitable and no one can magically know the health status of the person sitting on the next seat. Sanitizers and wipes will tackle the dangers of touching things while face masks will deal with the risks of sitting close to unknown plane neighbors. Masks should be comfortable and always pack extras as well.

5 Medications

Headaches, allergic symptoms, and other little ailments can skyrocket into serious health issues if they are not treated in time. In most cases, just one or two pills of pain relief medicines will help in dealing with the potential symptom of a serious health breakdown.

4 Portable Charger/Power Bank

A portable charger is a device that can be used to extend phone battery life in the case where charging outlets are not available at the moment. They're easy to carry and can be very useful in some situations. The last thing one wants is to get stuck on the plane holding a phone with a dead battery.

3 Extra Pair Of Socks

The feet can get really cold during flights, especially long ones and that discomfort may, unfortunately, continue if the destination’s weather is also cold. A pair of socks is important in this case to keep the feet warm throughout the flight.

2 Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste are so tiny, they take up little space hence they should always be included in one's plane travel kit, especially during long flights. A bad breath can ruin a warm welcome.

1 Water Bottle

Of course, airplanes offer water to passengers but to avoid getting short of some dollars, it’s better to bring an empty water bottle and then fill it up at the airport refilling station after getting the empty water bottle past the security.

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