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Surrounded by waters, Seattle is known for its seafood like salmon, flying fish, geoducks, oysters, and more. It’s also known for its hotdog with onion and cream cheese which might raise some eyebrows. It might be weird for tourists and newcomers, but residents love their Seattle dogs.

Another culinary brand that originated in Seattle is Starbucks, which was founded in Pike Place Market in 1971. Coffee lovers would love to visit the city for their caffeine fix. The area is teeming with restaurants that offer various cuisines, so anyone, even picky eaters, has something to try.


Tourists should imagine this: after a day of exploring museums, parks, heritage sites, and other attractions, the afternoon breeze from the surrounding waters will alert them that it’s time to eat. They will be led into the hidden gems or well-known restaurants in the city. Wherever they choose to dine in, Seattle food won’t disappoint. A take-home is a must.

Plan The Visit To Seattle

September to October is Seattle’s high season for tourism, so those who want to stay away from the crowd should avoid these months. Fall or spring is an ideal time to visit because of lower accommodation rates. Winter, meanwhile, might be a challenge for some sightseers. Whenever tourists plan to visit, this Washington city will always be ready to deliver.


Seattle is a tourist-friendly city, so visitors will not get lost. It has a light rail transit, a bus network, a rail system, streetcars, and even monorails. Those who want privacy when going around town can take taxis, town cars, limousines, or ride-sharing services. Cars, luxury coaches, shuttle, and bike rentals are an option, too. What takes the cake, however, is by walking around town, feeling the vibe, and greeting locals.

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Must-Visit Restaurants In Seattle

Aside from the previously mentioned food that is easily available anywhere in Seattle, the city is filled to the brim with culinary hotspots and hidden gems. Tourists just need to be hungry for exploration even as they have already filled their eyes with the sights of the Emerald City.

Cascina Spinasse

Cascina Spinasse is proud of its high-quality ingredients that make its food not just delectable but an enriching experience. Add their unmatched service, and customers will have a satisfying day tasting pasta and drinking wine. This Italian restaurant has been around since 2008, creating simple yet sumptuous food inspired by Piedmont, a region in Italy. It has such treats as crostini, English peas, and fried zucchini blossoms, among others. Cascina Spinasse is most proud of its handmade pasta, aside from the homey ambiance of the restaurant.


When cured meat is concerned, Salumi is probably Seattle’s best (pun intended). The deli has been serving its specialties for 20 years, so customers are assured of nothing but time-honored flavors. Old school, but this eatery uses modern techniques to give foodies the bang for their buck. The deli wants everyone who enters its doors to enjoy flavors that will leave them wanting more. This Seattle restaurant does not want to be overlooked, thanks to its humble way of preparing food.

Le Pichet

Downtown Seattle is home to a welcoming bar and cafe, Le Pichet, that offers a quick break for weary travelers. French food is the specialty of this eatery, an enticing prospect for those who want to taste exquisite cuisine. This dining destination has been serving the community since 2000, making sure to deliver not just good food but good memories. From its charcuterie worthy of an Instagram shot to its variety of wine, Le Pichet knows how to finish a gastronomic journey.

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Those who want their caffeine fix in the city beyond what Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee do should head to a branch of Victrola Coffee Roasters. Condé Nast Traveller recommends its Americano and lemon lavender cake. Seattle is known for its coffee, so tourists should not miss trying some of its local brands. Opened in 2000, Victrola Coffee Roasters is a place to relax, have casual conversations with loved ones, and get ready for a day’s worth of Seattle memories. The aroma is exciting.

Rob Roy

CN Traveller says Rob Roy is “the right choice” when it comes to drinking sessions as it should be because this cocktail bar is more than just an establishment but a place of wonderful experiences. For starters, it has the best bartenders ready to wow the taste buds even of picky customers. From citrus drinks to those with turmeric, Rob Roy will satisfy the cravings of buddies who want a sip before they hit the bed. What a good night, indeed.

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Join A Culinary Tour

Those who want to get the most out of their food experience in Seattle should not miss joining a culinary tour that will take them not just to the city’s hottest dining destinations but its hidden gems as well.

Food Tours

Pike Place Market is a favorite spot of tour operators because it offers a variety of Seattle’s best treats. Eat Seattle knows that, and its tours are headed by a chef, the perfect guide for a foodie adventure. Savor Seattle, meanwhile, takes guests to the market in the early hours just before the crowd comes in – letting tourists enjoy the different side of the market. Show Me Seattle, on the other hand, is proud of its VIP tour, offering nothing but the best.

Beer And Wine Tours

Those who want to chug down Seattle beverages are in for a treat, too, as there are tour operators that can take them to some of the city’s best drinking destinations. Seattle Brewery Walking Tours will take beer lovers to some microbreweries where they can drink their hearts out. Wine connoisseurs, meanwhile, should join an excursion with Bon Vivant Wine Tours if they want to end their day with chef’s kisses here and there. Seattle beer and Washington wines await drinkers.

Seattle is more than just its coffee, and tourists should know how to smell not just the aroma of this bustling city but its hidden flavors courtesy of its many restaurants, bars, and eateries. Yummy!