With a perfect blend of beautiful landscapes, extravagant nightlife, and stunning beaches, it’s not surprising how fast Zakynthos star is rising. While it’s also known as the ‘Island of Love,’ its lively nightlife makes it home to thousands of party-lovers. But why is Zakynthos so famous for partying? Well, the island became a party haven in the 1960s, where young people flocked to escape from their strict parents’ rules. Here, they found their own identity as they could dance all night long without worrying about any judgment and confrontation.


To date, both locals and tourists have perfected the art of partying. And this offers plenty of opportunities for travelers to let loose, whether during the day or night. Here are handy tips on how merrymakers can plan a wild weekend.

Identify Where To Party

Knowing where to go for a dance party as a first-time traveler is essential. After all, there are many iconic clubs craving the attention of thousands of visitors. Here are the top dancing spots that make up for a boozed-up and unforgettable party experience.

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Rescue Club Zante

This has been a staple of the island’s nightlife scene since 1989. It's a great place for adrenaline-seekers looking to party wildly all night long. Enthralling events include the Glow Party, which creates a real buzz, unlike typical occasions. The Paint Party also keeps getting bigger and better. While it doesn’t happen on the weekend, party lovers willing to extend their stay till Wednesday can witness the wildest and messiest night of their life. The best thing is the club doesn’t charge an entrance fee.

  • Recommendations: Zante Plaza Hotel & Apartments, Tzante Hotel Zakynthos (Adults Only), Club Zante Plaza

Minima Club

The Minima Club doesn’t just offer a wild night out. It’s a life-changing experience for party-lovers. The high-spirited atmosphere, colorful lighting, exceptional stereo systems, and talented DJs have enchanted thousands of visitors. Here, it’s all about being boozed up and dancing to every kind of music without minding societal judgments.

The bar also provides drinks at reasonable prices, meaning travelers can enjoy themselves without worrying about emptying their wallets. The snacks offered are mouth-watering, so dancing enthusiasts will have something to keep them energized.

  • Recommendations: Hotel Papillon, Hotel Apollo, Mirabelle Hotel, Phoenix Hotel Zante Town

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Zeros Club

Known for its enormous dance floor, exceptional DJ selection, and incredible sound systems, the Zeros Club is one of the best fun-filled places in Zakynthos to party. It holds over 1000 merrymakers, and with amazing bar attendants, no one will have the excuse of not partying till the wee hours. The favorite summer anthems play till late morning, giving tipsy guests the confidence to flaunt their comical dancing skills. That’s not all! There are many organism cocktails to choose from, among other fantastic selections of drinks and snacks. And with amusing acrobats and fire-eaters, this place promises a lingering party experience.

  • Recommendations: Cactus Hotel, Zante Plaza Hotel & Apartments, Club Zante Plaza, Terra Azurra, Majestic Hotel & Spa

Sizzle Club

Here’s one of the top clubs in Zakynthos that wows with its vibrant atmosphere. It hosts several events, including the game of colors and foam parties that bring a one-of-a-kind clubbing experience. Besides its stunning interior design, people are friendly, thus adding more thrill to the whole partying vibe. The music is engaging and well-selected, so revelers won’t feel like they are stuck in the same loop over and over.

Onboard are two stages. Red room, also known as stage 1, has top-level bartenders who put on quite a show. Aside from showing off their splendid fire-breathing performances, they entice guests with sensational cocktails. Sizzle premium (stage 2), which hosts 800 guests, boasts top-sound systems that make up for an ultimate party night. Partygoers can book nearby hotels, which come in handy once things get a little crazy.

  • Recommendations: Blue Waves Hotel, Club Zante Plaza, IONIS ART Hotel, Majestic Hotel & Spa, Esperia

Know When To Visit

There’s no incorrect time to visit Zakynthos. But for anyone interested in thrills, dramas, and purely good times, it’s best to plan a getaway between June and September. Most clubs have high-spirited events back-to-back during this period. While the prices are pretty high in both hotels and nightclubs, a weekend out at this fabulous spot will be worth every penny. The best thing is that most events happen during weekends, so revelers won’t worry about missing their favorite live bands.

Since it's during summer, the temperatures are warm enough to allow party-seekers to wear light clothes at night. Tourists can rock rugged shorts, crop tops, loose shirts, or wide-legged pants since they’re less irritating once it gets a little hot. After a splendid night out, anyone with extra energy can use their spare time to visit the soft-sandy beaches. However, tourists who are into relatively chilled and relaxed parties can visit Zakynthos during the low season (November to March). Most lounges have events once or twice per week, and they are a bit calm.

Zakynthos is an enthralling island for partying. And with many clubs to choose from, there’s no shortage of options. Nearly all lounges have exceptional DJs who spin a captivating mix of dance music to keep every party-seeker on the dance floor. From pop to electronic, tourists won’t lack a jam they know by heart.