A lot of restaurants are well known around the world because they have one of a kind dishes or offer consistently delectable food in general. Many restaurants are themed and offer the guest a unique experience either through having the servers dress up in costumes or having the menu geared towards a specific type of theme.

There are other restaurants however, that also offer a completely different setting than most other eating establishments. These kinds of restaurants are located in places as unusual as deep down in caves, underwater, atop great heights, or even carved into the side of cliffs. It is a journey just to get to some of these restaurants but the stunning views and one of a kind setting makes it all worthwhile. The best part is that since these restaurants are so unique and draw in many visitors a year, guests do not have to sacrifice taste for location and are able to enjoy interesting and delicious dishes that are often made of ingredients that are local to the area which makes the whole experience that much better.

Below we take a look at 25 restaurants that not only offer tasty food, they also offer a completely unique experience because of their extraordinary locations.

25 Alux Restaurant, México - in a cave

The Alux Restaurant located in Playa Linda, México can seat more than 250 people in the various rooms that are lit up with different colored displays of lights and candlelight. The cave it is set in is over 10,000 years old and features a lounge area for those who want to sip and walk through the designated pathway as well as a restaurant area for people with a reservation and the taste for some unique cuisine. The food is a fusion of Mayan, Mexican, and haute cuisine that draws on its surroundings for inspiration to offer visitors a one of a kind experience. (aluxrestaurant)

24 Soneva Kiri Treepod, Thailand - in a tree

For an unforgettable experience and view, the Soneva Kiri Resort offers dining on a treepod high above the ground. The private pods are made of bamboo and are suspended atop the treetops of the rainforest, approximately twenty feet off the ground. Each pod is able to fit a maximum of 4 people and wait staff take orders and deliver food by gliding on zip lines which ensures that guests are sure to have a uniquely private experience. The menu is based on the resources of the local fishing village nearby and the resort’s organic garden so it is incredibly fresh as a result. (soneva)

23 Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines - below a waterfall

Although there are some restaurants that are built close to natural wonders such as canyons and waterfalls so that people can enjoy a beautiful view while dining, the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines is literally built on a waterfall and river which requires a no shoes policy in order to dine there. The waterfall is artificial and comes as a result of the country’s first hydroelectric plant, but the rush of water is still very real and guests are free to splash around under the falls while they are enjoying their meal, which usually consists of rice and fish plates. (atlasobscura)

22 Jameos del Agua Restaurante, Spain - right outside (and inside) a volcano

Although there are several restaurants that are located inside of caves around the world, Jameos del Agua Restaurante in Spain is located inside a volcano tube that was created by the nearby volcano, Corona Volcano. The restaurant is divided into a sit down full dinner experience including multiple course meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients that include a lot of seafood dishes. In addition to eating a full meal at the restaurant there is also a lounge for guests who want to enjoy the view of the lakefront right in front of them and there are also concerts at certain times of the year. (turismolanzarote)

21 Sounds of Silence, Australia - in the great outback

Located right in the wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the Sounds of Silence Restaurant in Australia is definitely for people who want to be completely out in nature underneath the starry sky. There are package deals for restaurant goers who want a side of knowledge with their 3 course “bush tucker inspired buffet” that includes a four hour experience. During the evening, in addition to eating a wide selection of delicious food items, guests are also treated to a resident star talker who will help them decode the starry sky where multiple constellations, planets, and points of interest are clearly visible in the undisturbed atmosphere. (ayersrocketresort)

20 Tea House Tetsu, Japan - another treehouse

The Teahouse Tetsu in the city of Yamanashi in Japan is a unique, one of a kind structure that was specifically built to offer visitors a perfect view of the cherry blossoms. The quaint structure is located in the garden of the museum Kiyoharu Shirakaba and guests of the hotel can enjoy a variety of teas while they balance on a single cypress trunk. There is a hatch door on the ground that is the only way in and out and guests must climb a small ladder to get inside. The architect made sure to design the structure to be sturdy enough to withstand the swaying winds during stormy weather. (ounodesign)

19 Trinity Place, United States - inside a vault

For the most secure dining experience you will ever have, New York City has a restaurant that is literally inside of a bank vault which has doors that weigh in at 35 tons each. The restaurant is divided into two sections; the front dining area hosts guests at a 40 foot bar which runs along the five inch steel walls and the main dining room is lit up by an elegant and original brass chandelier. The current dining room was at one point the main meeting room for bank executive board members, but now offers guests a complete dining experience with a historical touch. (trinityplacenyc)

18 Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant, Kenya - in a cave

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant is located within an ancient, naturally sculpted coral cave with a large opening above which allows diners to gaze up at the clear, star studded sky in Kenya. The cave is situated 10 meters underground and serves locally sourced food items with a focus on fresh sea fare that is consistently rated very high in quality by restaurant goers. The coral cave is thought to be over 180,000 years old but the restaurant itself has only been around 30 years. In addition to offering delicious cuisine, the restaurant also offers free pick up and drop off to several hotels along Diani Beach. (alibarbours)

17 Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives - deep underwater

For a completely different dining experience, the world’s first undersea restaurant will take guests five meters below the surface of the ocean in Maldives, a country in South Asia. Ithaa Restaurant can only seat around 14 people at a time, but the experience is well worth it because the transparent roof and sides allow people to have a 270 degree panoramic view of the ocean water along with various kinds of fish. Depending on when you go, you will catch a different menu as the restaurant likes to keep things fresh by adding fusion mixes to their cuisine to incorporate different flavors. (conradmaldives)

16 Snow Castle Restaurant, Finland - in an igloo

If you don’t mind bundling up in layers to eat your meal, then the Snow Caste Restaurant in Finland might be a good choice. The entire restaurant from the walls to the seats to the tables is made of giant blocks of ice and the temperature is a cool 5 degree celsius. There is strategic lighting around the area to make it seem that visitors have really entered another world. The menu consists of fresh local fish like perch and salmon along with soups and even a lamb dish. If you want a different experience, just go back in one year! The restaurant is rebuilt every year and typically reopens in the early months of the year. (finedininglovers)

15 The Summer Cave at the Grotta Palazzese, Italy - in a grotto

Described as a mixture of Italian, Mediterranean, and seafood, The Summer Cave at the Grotta Palazzese in Italy has been used as a prime location for parties and banquets since the 1700s. There are numerous cavities that cast a mysterious atmosphere which is heightened by the soft glow of candlelight. The grotto has a terrace that overlooks the beautiful blue waters and the charm has been well documented in many paintings and historical writings of those who visited. The menu is based on the Apulian culinary tradition and great care is taken to enhance all the flavors of the locally sourced food. (grottapalazzese)

14 Berggasthaus Aescher Wildkirchli, Switzerland - on the side of a mountain

Although many restaurants may feature a rock wall or two for decorative purposes, the Berggasthaus Aescher Wildkirchli guesthouse and restaurant literally has a cliff wall since the entire structure is carved into the side of a cliff! The gorgeous building has been welcoming visitors since the 1940s and before that it was a farmer’s home. There are still farm animals around the area like rabbits, pigs, and sheep and reservations can be made from May through November. Although there are amazing views in every direction, the place itself is not easy to get to and requires a ride by cable car and a bit of a hike. (atlasobscura)

13 Vertigo and Moon Bar , Thailand - on the moon (just kidding)

Vertigo and Moon Bar offers diners a casual restaurant in a not so casual setting since it sits atop 61 floors and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding city and landscape. The casual dining restaurant boasts a menu of al fresco items that include local seafood and premium steaks. There are numerous rooftop bars in the country of Thailand, but Vertigo and Moon Bar consistently ranks as the most popular because of its “spaceship in the sky” feeling that restaurant goers are sure to experience as they look down at the busy city streets below while enjoying some delicious cuisine and drinks. (banyantree)

12 Al Mahara, United Arab Emirates - like being in an aquarium

The Al Mahara Restaurant in the United Arab Emirates is not technically under the water, but the multiple floor to ceiling aquariums certainly gives guests the appearance that they are swimming amongst the colorful fish. The restaurant serves 3-course gourmet meals by an award winning chef from England who specializes in tasty but simple seafood dishes. The incredible restaurant is located in a hotel that is shaped like a sail and hotel guests enjoy first access to reservations and dining experiences, including being able to buy package deals that include many of the signature dishes from the menu. (viator)

11 Stratosfare Restaurant, New Zealand - suspended over the city

Located in Queenstown Australia, Skyline’s Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar’s menu includes a lot of dishes that were inspired by New Zealand’s traditional cuisine infused with international tastes as well. They specialize in fresh seafood but also offer tasty vegetarian options as well as seasonal fare. The restaurant has incredible views of the natural landscape including mountains, the city lights, and the sparkling blue waters of Lake Wakatipu. Guests who want to dine at the top must take a scenic gondola ride all the way up and a much faster and thrilling downhill Luge tracks are an option for getting back down after dinner. (skyline.co)

10 Le Panoramic Mountain Restaurant, France - over the mountains

Le Panoramic Mountain Restaurant in France offers restaurant goers exactly that: a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountain, Mont-Blanc right in front of them. The restaurant is situated on the summit of Brévent and is accessible to guests by cable car and gondola ride up the mountainside. From there, guests can sit outside in the open air to enjoy Savoyarde food as well as various pastas and soups options. The restaurant offers snacks as well as drinks for those who only want to stay a while or take a break from the skiing which is popular around the area. (chamonix)

9 Dinner in the Sky, Belgium - hoisted over Brussels

Dinner in the Sky offers restaurant goers an unforgettable experience with unparalleled views of the city of Brussels in Belgium. A maximum of 22 guests and 1 chef are hoisted into the sky and after being strapped in to their chairs, guests can enjoy a full five course meal while they hover approximately 50 meters above ground, supported by a crane. The chef cooks the meals right in front of the guests and since the menu is constantly changing depending on the tastes of the rotating chefs that they hire, you can have a slightly different culinary experience at different points of the year. (dinnerinthesky)

8 White Rabbit, Russia - under a glass dome

The White Rabbit Restaurant in Moscow is located under a glass dome on the 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage. The food items are directly inspired by the traditional cuisine of the country and has a variety of original dishes as well as seasonal local products. There are taste menus offered at the beginning of every season which includes experimental dishes that are then tweaked and added or excluded from future menus depending on guest feedback. The White Rabbit has been ranked as one of the best restaurants in the world and prides itself on providing guests with the best dining experience possible. (whiterabbitmoscow)

7 Chillout Ice Lounge,  Dubai -  in ice

The Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai is the first ice lounge open in the region and operates at a sub zero temperature in order to maintain all of their ice furnishings and sculptures intact. The entire restaurant is lit up with colorful lights to take guests to a different world of lights and ice while they enjoy hot food and beverages such as soups and hot chocolate. The entire restaurant is constructed only of ice, glass, and steel and in consideration of the low temperatures, every guest of the restaurant is greeted with a complimentary free hot drink to start their experience on a warm note. (chilloutdubai)

6 The Grotto, Thailand - on a beach, in a cave

The Grotto Restaurant in Thailand offers direct views of the white sands of Phranang Beach and offers light lunches and snacks throughout the day in a casual and romantic atmosphere. In the evenings, guests can enjoy more substantial fare as barbecues are arranged with advance reservation. The laid back but stunning restaurant is nestled under an ancient limestone cliff and serves a mix of food inspired from Western and Asian dishes along with dishes that offer a more traditional type of Thailand cuisine. The focus is on light, locally sourced cuisine so that guests can enjoy an authentic experience. (rayavadee)