The world is home to some of the most beautiful places! Whether you have already ventured off across the globe, or are only getting started on making that travel bucket list, behold, there are some destinations that you might have to re-think, scratch off, or add on! Many of us travel to witness and experience the food, culture, and history of a foreign city, while many of us do it simply for a great social media picture. Regardless of your intent, it's best to get the most out of your trip while you can.

Deciding on where to jet-set to isn't always easy, however, we've got you covered! Whether you've decided on Europe, Asia or South America, behold, here are the 12 can't miss spots that will spark your wanderlust. If you've already got your itinerary set, it's never too late to make some adjustments as some places might not meet your expectations, or even allow you to visit! In addition to those must-see places, we've also got the 12 most overrated destinations and the 1 place that completely forbids tourists. Scroll away!

25 Must-See: Greece

Although Greece has seen some darker days the last decade as it entered into an economic downfall, it has since found itself as a top contender again as the dark days are over, and the glory of Greece is back! According to ChasingTheUnexpected, Greece has made a stellar comeback as a top destination spot for its extraordinary Greek hospitality, laid-back island lifestyle and fresh Mediterranean flavors. Not only is the country itself thriving with history and culture, but it is also full of beauty, whether you're visiting mainland Greece, or venturing off to the islands, you are bound to bear witness to all that Greece has to offer. Get your passport, yearning for culture, and of course your stomachs ready for an unforgettable journey with all that Greece has to offer.

24 Must-See: Oman

Oman has become one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East in the last few years, and rightfully so! According to ZigZagOnEarth, Oman is the ideal destination to get a taste of Arabian culture in a place that is completely untouched by time. Oman has managed to remain in touch with its past, allowing tourists to fully grasp the culture and history the country has to offer. The Bedouin lifestyle that Oman is known for and traditional architectures still remain to this day, making it quite the experience for anyone visiting the beautiful country. GoAheadTours declared Oman as the home to a friendly culture, with true authenticity to its roots, offering everything from countless views of the desert, all the way to pockets of palm trees and pools!

23 Must -see: Ecuador & The Galapagos

Although the country and island close by may not be the biggest, do not let its small size stop you from going! With the Andes, Amazon jungle, and of course, Galápagos Islands, this beautiful country offers tourists with a variety of landscapes to explore. According to Passion Passport, a visit to the Galápagos Islands is quite regulated, considering how many important species of animals are located on the island, however, paying a visit to the spectacular location is still very much possible and should be done if given the opportunity! If you do get the chance to visit the island, you can expect it to be in the same condition as when Charles Darwin discovered it, considering the strict conservation efforts, says Go Ahead Tours.

22 Must- See: Poland

Although you would not think of Poland as a top destination across the globe, behold, it is, in fact, a must-see! Poland offers a taste of Eastern Europe that you would not be able to find just anywhere. According to the Culture Trip, Poland is home to an old-world character, hospitable people, outstanding architecture, and a plethora of history! Whether visiting Krakow or Warsaw, you will find all the charms Eastern Europe has to offer. It's recommended that while in Poland, you try authentic kielbasa and pierogies at locally owned restaurants for a true and authentic taste of Polish food. Once you're done eating your way through Poland's culinary scene, take a stroll through historic city centers, and admire their centuries-old architecture unlike anywhere else!

21 Overrated: Hollywood, California

Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood is not all glitz and glamour, that's for sure! The most visited tourist attraction in Hollywood is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, says Planet Ware, in addition to countless wax museums and Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. With that being said, Hollywood is full of constant tourists, so chances of spotting a celebrity, which is a major reason for why many tourists visit this region of Los Angeles, are slim to none! If you are taking a trip to Los Angeles, there are so many more interesting and stress-free locations that are worth a visit.

20 must-see: New Zealand

If you are into enchanting wilderness, rugged energies and adventure, then New Zealand is the place for you! According to Smarter Travel, New Zealand is full of stunning landscapes, welcoming locals and a deep Māori culture that will turn your vacation into a trip of a lifetime. With countless cities with much to offer from Milford Sound, Queenstown and Fox Glacier, to name a few, there is something to see wherever you go. New Zealand has been given the title of one of the world's most beautiful countries, says Go Ahead Tours, and we don't doubt it for one second. If you are set on adventure, then get yourself to New Zealand to immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey.

19 must-see: Vietnam

Vietnam is truly on a caliber of its own when it comes to landscapes! The beautiful country has so much to offer that it should be one of the first few countries on anyone's travel bucket list. The resilient country, according to Trip Savvy, is a hotspot for tourists, as it offers an immense amount of history, culture and 'can't-miss' sights that truly take your breath away. Hô Chi Minh and Hanoi remain as the two most visited cities in Vietnam, as they offer incredible food options, at prices you won't find anywhere else. Vietnam is the ideal destination for any budget travelers looking to not spend a fortune, all while immersing themselves in what can only be described as an out-of-this-world experience, says HuffPost.

18 Overrated: Phuket, Thailand

Although Thailand has been quite the hotspot lately, it might not live up to your expectations, especially if you are thinking of heading over to Phuket. Being the largest island in Thailand, Phuket sees nearly 8.4 million tourists during its high season, says MSN. In addition to the intense numbers of tourists and congested beaches, a survey conducted by the Prince of Songkla University, claims that during the months of October to September, the trash and water quality is a major problem for Phuket's beaches! If you are planning a trip to Phuket, the best time would be during the low season and venturing to less congested areas.

17 Must-See: Porto

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, which is all the more reason to venture off and pay it a visit to see exactly what the hype is all about. According to AsWeSawIt, Porto is flourishing with incredibly colorful architecture, from buildings to arching bridges, and is even said to be Portugal's culinary capital! With an array of fresh ingredients and mouth watering dishes, Porto is a top contender in the culinary scene, especially when it comes to wine! With all that said, it is no wonder Porto has become such a popular destination for European vacationers, may as well go ahead and join them, right?

16 Must-See: Tuscany

Ah, Tuscany! One would admittedly say that visiting Tuscany provides the full Italian experience. Located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany is full of rolling hills, delicious foods, historic cities and what some would consider the most important, flowing wine! According to Visit Tuscany, there are countless destinations rising in popularity in this region of Italy, from its Renaissance roots to countless art galleries and incredible food, Tuscany has become a must-see destination to rediscover a classic city full of everything your heart desires.

15 Must- See: Alaska

Alaska has been a must-see travel destination for some time now, and we don't expect it to be going anywhere anytime soon. Alaska offers countless majestic mountains that anchor the sparkling skyline to dense pine forests, which is why it's been granted its nickname: "The Last Frontier". According to The Active Times, Alaska is full of breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife and a long list of natural wonders that are available to you year round! Although much of Alaska's beauty relies on its snowy environment, the landscape is finding itself in danger of being lost forever as the snow and ice continues to recede a bit farther each year, says Terrapass, so it's best you check Alaska off your list while you still can!

14 Must-See: Scotland

Next up on the list, Scotland! This country is full of history and culture that makes for the perfect travel destination. According to National Geographic, Scotland is a country that has spirited pub culture, whisky tradition, chatty locals, and sights that are unlike anywhere else in the world. The misty hillsides, storybook castles, and charming people will make your visit to Scotland one for the books. The captivating landscapes alone is reason enough to book your ticket now, however, with a rich history and majestic qualities, Scotland has become an increasingly popular destination, and we can definitely see why!

13 must-see: Canadian Maritimes

Many would be surprised to find Canada on the list, but considering the northern country is the second biggest worldwide, it is full of beauty, much of which resides within the Canadian Maritimes. The Maritimes, which are made up of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, has a unique culture and sense of identity to Eastern Canada that makes it a bucket list must. According to GQ, the rural charm, seaside scenery, and distinct culture are worth the trip over to the Maritimes. If you have never road tripped before, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Embrace the "New Scotland" vibes in Nova Scotia, the French roots of New Brunswick, which is Canada's only official bilingual province, says The Star, and countless sights to see that Canada is best known for.

12 must-see: Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is not something you would find in your everyday travel guide list of places to go, but it is well worth the visit if you have the chance. Located in Western Ireland, this 1,500 mile route will allow you to experience the glory that Ireland has to offer. From the beautiful coasts, green landscapes, and the friendly locals, it is a trip that you will never forget. According to the Irish Times, the Wild Atlantic Way passes through nine counties, which is an ideal trip to dive into Ireland's historic roots, all while taking in the rocky coastlines and sea cliffs galore.

11 Overrated: London, England

You might be surprised to see London on this list, but behold, it isn't as regal and royal as you'd think. Although the city has plenty of worthwhile attractions, from the Big Ben, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey, the city sees barely any sunshine making for quite a somber trip. According to Visit London, the city sees 11 to 15 days of rain every month and stifling heat waves in the summertime. That means you should expect a rainy day, or three, during your time in England, which we all know is not something any tourist wants to experience during their travels. If that isn't reason enough, The Guardian mentions the exorbitant prices of simple things such as coffee, public transit, and sandwiches, making the trip not only a rainy one, but an expensive one too.

10 Overrated: Cairo, Egypt

If you have ever dreamt of visiting the Great Pyramids, then don't let this hold you back, however, be weary prior to your visit to Cairo. According to, tourism in Egypt has been steadily declining for several years due to safety concerns throughout the city. Due to the decrease in tourism, those who rely on the industry have become quite aggressive with tourists in order to drive a sale, making it a less than enjoyable experience, says USA Today. In addition, the city is notorious for being very congested with traffic, making getting to places quite difficult and dangerous if you are a pedestrian, according to Smarter Travel.

9 Overrated: Cancún, Mexico

Cancún has been known to be a Spring Break hotspot for ages now, and although the warmth, beaches and good times are worth a visit for Spring Break, you might want to re-think your decision. Cancún has experienced a huge increase in crime says Business Insider, making it quite a risky location for tourists. In addition, Cancún is congested with millions of tourists each year, making your relaxing visit to the beach, anything but that. According to Allianz Global Assistance, Cancún and Orlando have officially become the top two domestic and international Spring Break travel destinations in 2018!

8 Overrated: Pisa, Italy

This one is quite obvious! Although Italy has countless beautiful cities worth visiting, Pisa is not one of them. The notorious Leaning Tower of Pisa and Cathedral are the two attractions that lead tourists to venture to Pisa each year, however, the congested city and crowds galore are worth skipping it! According to This Is Insider, the Tower itself is quite disappointing, and any chance of getting a photo with it without another tourist is impossible! If you are thinking of visiting Pisa, make it a quick one, because you're bound to want to get out of there minutes into your trip.

7 Overrated: Little Italy, New York City

New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with non-stop entertainment, restaurants for any taste bud, architecture, history and a plethora of shops, it's a must-see in our books, however, you might want to stay clear of Little Italy. The small neighborhood is known to cater solely to tourists and is full of souvenirs and "fairly average" Italian food, says Scouting NY. If you are seeking true and authentic Italian food, Little Italy is not the place to go strangely enough. According to This Is Insider, any local would suggest Arthur Avenue in the Bronx for a true Italian meal!

6 Overrated: Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Although Atlantis Paradise Island may seem like a luxurious getaway in the Bahamas, it is quite the contrary! Many who have visited the resort have said that unless you are willing to pay a premium, the accommodations and food are "mediocre at best", says We3Travel. The resort also offers countless activities that can be quite overwhelming, and is said to take away from a true Caribbean experience, says MSN, which is quite the setback if that is what you are hoping to encounter. Due to the lack of Caribbean culture, mediocre amenities and secluded location, you might want to skip out on this destination for the time being.