Among those who travel the world, there are two kinds of travelers. First, there are the ones who travel by themselves and typically don’t rely on others. Then there’s the travelers that enjoy being in the company of others, whether it be friends or family. Now, this isn’t to say that a traveler who goes alone can’t be extroverted or one that travels with people can’t be introverted. In fact, because solo travelers are by themselves for a majority of the journeys they go on they’re more inclined to reach out to other people as opposed to those who travel with others as they tend to stick to their own groups and not interact with anyone outside the group.

With that said, though, solo travelers are considerably more vulnerable than group travelers because they don’t have anyone to protect them or get help if something bad happens. On top of that, some places in the world are less pleasant than others in terms of environment and the types of people one might encounter there. While one could get by in such areas if the right precautionary measures are taken, it’s best to steer clear of these places and avoid any potential dangers that might be waiting for the unsuspecting traveler.

25 Orlando - Too Many People

Famous for a lot of things, including Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, this city in Florida is the ideal location for any tourist who’s looking for a place to take a vacation. However, millions of people have the exact same idea, which is proven by the fact that places are usually packed with “Families and groups of friends” Travel + Leisure claims. As a result, it’s really difficult to enjoy a solo experience here when there are enough people to fill a football stadium crammed in one place. On top of that, there is the high  likelihood of getting trampled or catching germs and getting sick.

24 Bali - Dirt-Covered and Rusted

When one goes to a place like Bali, Indonesia, it’s assumed that every aspect of it is the exotic paradise that one sees in the pictures that are posted on travel websites and the like. But the reality is that not everything about these places fits the expectations these images produce. Take, for example, Travel + Leisure’s first impressions of Bali which is described as having “Packed dirty sand with rusty street carts lining the beach”. Now that does seem like a minor inconvenience, but when combined with other issues such as the recent volcanic eruption and earthquakes Bali seems less appealing.

23 St. Maarten - Rundown

In another example of expectations clashing with reality, this tropical island in the Caribbean that’s owned by France on one side and the Netherlands on the other has its darker aspects too. As described by Travel + Leisure, there are lots of “Run-down and rough neighborhoods” between the airport and the capital city of Marigot. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these areas and places within the city that are much safer by comparison. Although, places like the town of Grand Case do “Get deserted at night” according to Travel + Leisure so it’s probably best to stick to daytime activities.

22 Las Vegas - Between the Parties and the Loneliness

Being a city that prides itself on traditionally sinful things, Las Vegas is a paradise for party-goers worldwide who are looking for a good time and not having to deal with any responsibilities. While this is certainly achievable among friends and family, the lone party-goer has to walk a thin line between two extremes. On the one hand, the parties that Las Vegas offers “May feel overwhelming” Travel + Leisure says, or a person could be “Overcome by loneliness” due to being left out. So maybe it’s best to stick with others when going to these types of places.

21 Papua New Guinea - Dicey

Located in the South Pacific near Indonesia, this is considered to be an ideal place for a tropical vacation with all kinds of activities to do. But, as the picture above shows, it depends on where one goes. This is further emphasized by Travel + Leisure, which claims that Papua New Guinea has a “Dicey safety record” meaning that having a safe visit is not always guaranteed due to the various issues that the country is dealing with at the moment. Thus, having a tour guide is absolutely necessary when visiting this place with staying at a resort as an alternative.

20 The Inca Trail - High and Rainy

Of the various places to visit in Peru, Machu Picchu is definitely one of the most famous due to its natural beauty and historical significance. However, the only way to get there is by climbing the Inca Trail. Apart from being incredibly steep, it can also get pretty rainy depending on when one decides to go there as the above picture demonstrates. Plus, this is not the kind of trek to make if one is susceptible to altitude sickness or has a weak stomach. Then Travel + Leisure states that the number of hikers allowed to come here is limited everyday.

19 Greece - Money Problems

For those who haven’t been paying attention to world affairs lately, Greece has been in financial debt for many years now and getting constantly bailed by other countries in the European Union. So as a result, banks have been closing and re-opening there at random intervals which makes getting access to spending money difficult for not just the locals but for tourists as well. For this reason, Travel + Leisure advises that those who do decide to travel to Greece should bring their own Euro cash and stash it in various spots in case one or two banks close unexpectedly.

18 Haiti - More Cons than Pros

Occupying the same island as the Dominican Republic, Haiti is one of those places that was once believed to be a tropical paradise because of its position in the Caribbean. But due to recent events, it’s not as preferable of a place to go to. This is despite the things it does have going in its favor, such as having untouched beaches as well as the fact that, “Many locals speak English” as stated by Travel + Leisure making it not necessary to learn a different language. Yet the country also has high levels of crime, minimal sanitation and a very bad emergency response.

17 Ecuador - Sketchy Taxis

While scams are bound to happen in any country one travels to, some are more problematic than others. In Ecuador, for instance, one of the most prevalent scams is unlicensed taxis whose drivers have ulterior motives for picking up people (though it’s usually to rob them of their money). To avoid this, several precautions must be taken before going to this country. Unfortunately, these can only do so much to deal with the problem at hand. For instance, the airport at Ecuador’s capital city Quito apparently hands out pamphlets that include “A checklist for identifying official taxis” Travel + Leisure states.

16 Morocco - Overwhelming Streets

Thanks to the popularity of classic films like Casablanca, Morocco has become a well-known tourist attraction for a lot of people. However, the way the culture is in real life isn’t nearly as glamorously exotic as they make the place out to be in the movies. For instance, in the various cities of Morocco there are places called medinas which consist of walled areas with wide spaces. Thus, as the picture above demonstrates, they make for perfect marketplaces. Yet, Travel + Leisure claims that these places can be pretty overwhelming and there are “Constantly callings to women” from various men in the area.

15 Turkey - Biased

Though this country still gets plenty of tourists due to being near the Mediterranean and having a rich culture, the way things are now has created significant complications for those who travel there. For instance, there are “Limited—and sometimes biased—news reports” about what’s happening according to Travel + Leisure. So one’s perceptions of the situation may be altered depending on what the media says, though there’s a good chance it doesn’t fit the reality of things. Besides the crowds, Travel + Leisure also warns that travelers shouldn’t photograph certain events because it “Could elicit anger” from all kinds of people.

14 Glacier National Park - Bear Country

Named after the very thing that carved the mountains in this area, Glacier National Park is one of the highlights of Montana that draws many campers and hikers. However, traveling alone here can be problematic. The main reason for this has to do with the fact that this park consists of “A dense population of both black bears and grizzly bears” according to Travel + Leisure which have a tendency to wander near campsites if they’re looking for a quick snack. Though they will attack humans if they feel threatened, grizzly bears are more likely to do that than black bears.

13 Egypt - Going Through Some Rough Changes

Renowned worldwide for many historical sites such as the Pyramids of Giza and the various temples located along the River Nile, which begins at the northern part of this country, Egypt has been a popular place for tourists to go who are looking for a little adventure in their lives. Yet in wake of recent events and changes to this country’s overall atmosphere, people aren’t so inclined to come here anymore. Fortunately, there are ways to still have a good time. So long as one is with a group and has a local guide, Travel + Leisure states, it’ll be fine.

12 Annapurna Circuit - Idyllic but Dangerous

For fans of biking or trekking across vast stretches of wilderness, this is considered to be one of the most iconic routes to take in Nepal according to Travel + Leisure. Weaving its way through several villages that reside at different elevations, it has some breathtaking views as the above picture shows. However, this route can be dangerous due to recent natural disasters and other issues with the country itself haven’t made it the safest place to travel alone to. So Travel + Leisure advises that one should have a companion on hand “In case of any medical emergencies on the loop”.

11 Iran - Tensions are High

Apart from the various things that have been reported in the news, there are still some aspects about this country that still attract tourists from far and wide. Namely, the ruins of ancient cities that once belonged to the Persian Empire which ruled here long ago. However, it is tricky to get into since “Neither Iran nor the United States have embassies in each other’s countries” according to Travel + Leisure which makes applying for a travel visa somewhat difficult. Plus, female travelers have to wear a certain style of clothing that all women are required to wear in the region.

10 Manaus - Scams Abound

Located in Brazil, this place serves as a gateway to the Amazon River and is reputed to have nice beaches as well. With that said, the eastern part of the city is notoriously dangerous according to The Active Times and should thus be avoided if possible. Also, while Ecuador’s airports are courteous enough to give people information on how to identify unlicensed taxis to avoid scams such is not the case at Manaus’ airport. Here, one should not accept tours from anyone at the airport since there’s a good chance that they’re “Scammers and con artists” The Active Times says.

9 Guatemala City - Den of Thieves

Right in the heart of Central America, this country has a lot of issues going on which has been the case for a while and nowhere is this more apparent than in Guatemala City. Known for having high rates of “Theft and armed robbery” during the night, The Active Times states, it’s not one of the safest cities for travelers to go to in general. This isn’t further helped by the police not being particularly competent here. In fact, SmarterTravel claims that, “Filling out a crime report may be meaningless” which goes to show how bad the situation really is.

8 Cape Town - Increased Social Unrest

Apart from having a history of strife among the people in the form of events such as the Apartheid, the city and the country of South Africa as a whole is currently dealing with a shortage of drinkable water. In turn, “Poverty and social unrest” have increased significantly according to The Active Times. For reasons such as this, certain parts of Cape Town are best to be avoided if possible due to the possibility of running into some less pleasant company. This is despite the fact that there are areas that are “Well policed and monitored” The Active Times says.

7 Kingston - Unhappy People

Also known as the capital of Jamaica, this place is famous for a variety of things including being the former home of renowned Reggae singer Bob Marley. So like many other countries in the Caribbean, this place got a lot of tourists. But due to external factors such as poverty, the crime rate is particularly high in this city. Fortunately, one can still enjoy themselves here so long as they avoid certain areas. According to The Active Times, the areas that are to be avoided include “Mountain View, Trench Town, Tivoli Gardens, Standpipe, Cassava Piece, Grants Pen, and Arnett Gardens”.

6 Detroit - Extreme Poverty

Once a bustling city at the height of the automobile industry, it deteriorated into the underpopulated poverty-stricken mess that it is now due to several factors. The most prominent of which was the loss of jobs in wake of changes within the auto industry itself, leading many people to move to the suburbs while the main city was primarily deserted. In fact, the “Locals tend to have lower credit scores compared to many other U.S. cities” as stated by The Active Times. So when there’s less money to go around, there’s more crime (though it’s gone down recently).