People who practice veganism maintain rigorous dietary preferences and they don't eat any products produced by animals. Nope, not even cheese. Instead, they get their source of protein from creative alternatives like tofu, eggplant, and mushrooms. The term has been around for a while, but it has gained momentum since the 2010s, with 2019 even being dubbed "the year of the vegan."

New York was, naturally, one of the first cities to hop on this cultural change and there are vegan restaurants up and down every street. Even more progressive, there are now vegan fast food joints so that proclaimed vegans can have the same quick service opportunities as anyone else. Check out the 10 best vegan fast food restaurants in New York.

10 10. Tender Greens

Tender Green is a chain vegan fast food restaurant that started in Los Angeles. They are now open every day of the week in Union Square and Bryant Park, serving up Instagram-worthy dishes. They have multiple low-calorie plates such as The Market which is composed of arugula with parmesan, fennel, lemon vinaigrette, and roasted vegetables to make one delicious vegan lunch.

9 9. Marty's V Burger

This little nook in New York is counter service only... unless you're one of the lucky few to score a seat. Marty's V Burger offers meat-like sandwiches, but with all the fixings of a vegan diet. Their burgers are made with seitan, black beans, and brown rice.

One of their more mouth-watering options is the Crabby Patty which is described as "seared crispy on the outside, succulent crablike patty topped with jalapeño tartar sauce and lettuce on a sesame seed bun. can be GF on a gluten-free bun."

8 8. Blossom Du Jour

Blossom Du Jour's goal is to provide environment-friendly fast food with a 100% vegan mentality. Restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth responded to the ceaseless need for healthy fast food options and the growing popularity of veganism in 2010. She helped put together a menu list of vegan-approved meals. Anyone can enjoy these happy helpings and they look just like the real thing!

Their Skyscraper Burger is a popular choice including ingredients like a housemade burger pattie, mushroom bacon bits, cheese sauce, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickles, special sauce, potato bun. 

7 7. MTHR Vegan

This restaurant has a perfect rating across the boards, without a negative review in sight. MTHR Vegan created its fast-paced restaurant to provide a service to their customers and to the environment.

They serve vegetable-based burgers, tacos, and even wings. Their dessert menu is also vegan-friendly. There is a salted chocolate almond cookie, an oatmeal chocolate chunk, and you can never go wrong with a brownie. MTHR Vegan even has homemade fries and chips that come with your choice of guacamole, sriracha mustard, or their own onion dip.

6 6. Superiority Burger

This compact white-tiled restaurant is an easy one to spot. Their slogan is "Everything is vegetarian. A lot is accidentally vegan. Just Ask." Their menu is short and sweet, with options ranging from the Sloppy Dave with frizzles onions to Megamouth. The former of which says that it's not a "bigger burger, it's a huger sandwich." Their easy-to-order methods combined with their modern sense of humor is what makes this spot especially popular amongst New Yorkers.

5 5. Norman Cafe

Norman Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee. They offer delivery, limited outdoor seating, and of course, takeout. This hidden gem is a committed community-grown cafe and their menu options are to die for. Their vegan breakfast platter is only ten dollars and comes with scrambled turmeric tofu, mixed greens, tempeh bacon, vegan cheese portobello, and avocado.

Norman Cafe is yet another vegan fast food place that continuously receives pats on the backs for its welcoming atmosphere, wholesome food, and (much-needed) coffee.

4 4. Modern Love

Modern Love serves the vegan comfort food that you never thought you could get. Modern Love is a charming fast-food option in New York recipes have clearly been structured with care. Each meal option is vegan and comes with an array of ingredients that will leave your taste buds buzzing.

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The Chickpea Cutlet Parmesan is made up of chickpea cutlets, cashew mozzarella, linguine, marinara, local greens, tahini caper dressing, micro-basil, and they even serve it with buttered bread.

3 3. Divya’s Kitchen

Located in the Bhakti Center, Divya's Kitchen follows Ayurvedic principles. This eatery is also predominately gluten-free which definitely gives it an edge to the competition. Their plates are lavishly decorated, but the main draw is always on the food. Each dish has been praised for being expertly crafted and is made of vegan ingredients, such as the 2018 Diner's Choice Award.  Their Vegan Mozzarella Wrap is sure to get your mouth watering. Baked inside the organic wheat tortilla is a basil-parsley pesto, sunflower mozzarella cheese, with a blend of black olives, baby arugula, and grape tomatoes.

2 2. Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy is a sit-down restaurant, but with a reservation in the books, your meal will be ready in no time. Their inventive menu is a favorite amongst New York vegans, particularly for its vegan cocktails. A simple idea like taking a traditional Gibson drink and sinking in a pickled radish is just one of their many unimaginable concoctions.  They serve nothing but vegetables, and they do so in such a tasteful and elegant manner, that you will forget all about New York's steak restaurants.

1 1. abcV

abcV is actually located inside ABC Carpet and Home, but their surrounding don't impair their meals. They serve every vegan treat under the sun, including cocktails and wine. If you are ever in the neighborhood, you will want to stop in and try their Berkish Ample cocktail which holds a delicate blend of Berkshire bourbon, Doc Herson’s green absinthe, genepy, lemon blueberries, and kombucha. Have it before you dive into a plate of fire roasted white yam, coconut yogurt, tamarind, and tandoori masala as a part of their warm and hot dinner.