The dazzling appearance of landscapes makes autumn a beautiful time to explore Britain. With mild temperatures, visitors have an incredible opportunity of going outdoors to do some hiking and spot plenty of wildlife. Whether into leaf peeping, attending fall festivals, or simply enjoying the good weather, the United Kingdom is home to some of Britain's most impressive corners. Sparser crowds and great travel deals are some of the best parts of planning an autumn trip to the UK. Here are the most charming destinations you should visit in the U.K. this fall.

10 Lincoln, UK

Once autumn kicks, Lincoln's historic buildings and parks are summer crowds and are at their most impressive, thanks to the good weather and beautiful fall foliage. And there is no better way to experience the best of the season than taking nature walks. As the leaves begin to change their appearance, the city’s parks glow in colorful shades. Some of the parks to check out include Hartsholme Country Park and Whisby Nature Park. There are plenty of other things to do in Lincoln in autumn, including exploring its charming markets and attending fall festivals. Use this incredible package to fly from California and stay in Lincoln to explore the best it has to offer.

9 Brighton

Brighton is one of the best places to enjoy autumn colors and good weather. While this city is impressive year-round, its spectacular countryside and beautiful buildings are perfect in the fall. Strolling through charming countryside is one of the best things to do, as there is a lot to see there. The countryside is full of awesome autumn foliage, especially in places like the Seven Sisters Country Park, Devil’s Dyke, and Stanmer Park for the best leaf-peeping experience. Travelers should definitely fly from California and stay in Brighton and experience the city's autumn beauty.

8 Edinburgh

While Edinburgh Festival in summer is this gorgeous city’s major draw, autumn is the best time to explore its striking architecture and fantastic dining scene, attend some fall festivals and take the breathtaking autumn colors. The city’s green spaces are glowing in golds, reds, and browns as the plants shed their leaves. Some of Edinburg’s most impressive green spaces are Princes Street Gardens, the Meadows, and Holyrood Park. Flying from California and staying in Edinburg to experience autumn is totally worth it.

7 Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most unique cities and charming destinations to visit in the U.K. this fall. Influenced heavily by immigration, Liverpool boasts a fantastic collection of art galleries, museums, and musical heritage – where vacationers can connect with the history, art, sporting, and musical heritage of the city. Visiting the charming city is always awesome! From the spectacular autumn leaves to hot chocolates available in cozy coffee shops to fall festivals, there are several ways to celebrate autumn in Liverpool. Use this package to fly from California and stay in Liverpool and explore its autumn look!

6 Canterbury

Once the capital of the Celtic tribe Cantiaci, Canterbury is home to one of the most stunning cathedrals in Britain. The city changes into a spectacular wonderland in the autumn months, with breathtaking colors bursting all over the region. Some of the best places in Canterbury to catch an impressive autumn experience are Hanmer Springs, Geraldine, Twizel, and Christchurch. Flying from California and staying in Canterbury would definitely pay off!

5 Cambridge

It is always delightful to explore one of the two most popular university cities in Britain. Cambridge is one of the places in the UK that travelers can explore at any time of the year, but it glows differently in fall, thanks to the open spaces shouting in vibrant autumn colors. Visit the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens, which is just a few steps away from the city center. The colorful delights in the botanical gardens offer an unforgettable autumn experience. Therefore, flying from California to Cambridge is totally worth it!

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4 London

UK's capital is a must-visit for any vacationer touring the country. With so many things to see and do, one could spend every weekend throughout the year and still won't miss something to keep them busy. The city is home to beautiful galleries and museums that come with unique experiences. Autumn is a magnificent time to visit London, as the tree-lined streets glow in yellows, oranges, and reds, with leaves crunching underfoot and tasty meals in every corner of the city. Fly from California to London and experience its elegance in autumn.

3 Manchester

Internationally recognized for football, Manchester is one of the most enchanting cities in Britain and is brimming with lots of activities to explore other than football. The city boasts an incredibly huge shopping center, with colorful shops and markets selling all kinds of goods. In autumn, this city is dazzling with beauty. There is never a shortage of events and festivals in the fall, making the city one of the most charming destinations to visit in the U.K. this fall. The city brims with live bands, an incredible food scene, and several dancing crews to watch. Don't miss Manchester's Food and Drink Festival, Oktoberfest, and its spookiest festival, Halloween. Use this incredible package to fly from California to Manchester and experience the best of the city in autumn.

2 Oxford

Oxford is the other Britain's most recognized university city. The city is beautiful in the fall, thanks to the autumnal delights. One of the best things to do in Oxford during the season is explore its magnificent museums, which boast amazing edutaining exhibits. Travelers can go apple picking, take warm apple cider, watch fireworks, go pumpkin picking, and make some soup out of it. There is so much to see and do in Oxford in autumn, and flying from California to the city is definitely worth every penny!

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1 York

York is one of the United Kingdom’s destinations that travelers can explore at any time of the year. But autumn’s experience is like no other. The fall leaves burst into breathtaking colors, and travelers stand great chances of stepping on the crunchy fallen leaves as they explore the city. Some of the places to experience the most impressive autumn leaves in York are Rowntree Park, Museum Gardens, and Precentor’s Court. These places present countless photo opportunities for nature enthusiasts. Visit York by flying from California to have the most unforgettable autumn experience.