Dubbed the Natural State, Arkansas has lived up to its billing thanks to its outrageous mountain trails, thick forest covers, waterfalls, and natural springs. Vacationers in the Arkansas area are torn between pitching tents and renting a cabin. While both are good ways to relax, renting a cabin offers extra convenience, so vacationers don’t have to deal with the challenges that come with camping.

Here are places you can rent a cabin in Arkansas.

8 Marble Falls, Buffalo River Basin Cabin

Top on the list is the Buffalo River Basin Cabin. Overlooking the Buffalo River Basin area, this cabin gives vacationers the best chance to enjoy some personal space since they have the entire place all for themselves. The strategic positioning of the property means travelers are exposed to dozens of adventurous activities. The firepot on the outside helps vacationers keep warm as they enjoy those beautiful sunsets. Also, the cabin is furnished with state-of-the-art amenities for a comfortable stay in Arkansas.

  • Location: 311 NC 2802, Marble Falls, AR 72648, U.S.
  • Cost: From $241/Night

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7 Compton, Fly Away Cabin

Fitted with two bedrooms, three beds, and two bathrooms, Fly Away Cabin is an ideal choice for small family vacations. It is a great way to escape the chaos of modern life for at least two to three days. Seated on seven acres of land, there is enough space for vacationers to explore. Grilling is a common practice in today’s society and this cabin is here to make people feel comfortable. The kitchen is furnished with a gas grill, meaning no delicacies are missed while holidaying. The cabin is located in a rural mountainous area where network connectivity can be problematic. But who needs network when they have so much on their plate to explore?

  • Location: HC 33 Box 53, Compton, AR 72624, U.S.
  • Cost: $317/Night

6 Eureka Springs, Cherokee Mountain Log Cabin

Down the Eureka Springs is a beautifully designed cabin that depicts passion and dedication from the outside. The Cherokee Mountain Log Cabin complements a vacationer’s stay in Arkansas. After a day of adventuring in the vast mountains, explorers are treated to a relaxation experience, thanks to the hot tub installed in the facility. The presence of air conditioners also makes the cabin a good choice for the summer when the temperatures can be a bit overboard.

  • Location: 5307 Hwy 62 W, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, U.S.
  • Cost: $240/Night

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5 Compton, Still Point Cabin

Still Point Cabin is a cozy and perfect retreat away from the chaos of urban areas. Often described as the perfect escape into nature, this cabin offers a scenic view of the Ozark Mountains, which are not far away. Upstairs is one room, giving visitors a better view of the mountain-rich region. The 32-inch smart TV in the house together with Netflix subscriptions mean no single minute will go to waste during the vacation.

  • Location: HC 33 Box 40C, Compton, AR 72624, U.S.
  • Cost: $248/Night

4 Jasper, Red Rock Vista Treetop Cabin

One of the main reasons for traveling is to deviate from the ordinary. One way to go the extra mile in Arkansas is by settling for a treetop cabin. The Red Rock Vista Treetop is a luxurious cabin famous for its rustic elegance. Even by spending the night away in this cabin, adventurers will have explored enough from up there in the cabin. The cabin combines impressive views and beautiful décor, making it a perfect choice for an Arkansas vacation.

  • Location: 5525 S, AR-7, Jasper, AR 72641, U.S.
  • Cost: $332/Night

3 Hot Springs, Sawmill Suite Cabin

The name of this cabin speaks volumes about its location. It must be a forested area, and true to that word, it is seated deep in the Panther Valley Ranch. This cabin is best suited for solo vacations or couples with no kids. However, it’s not the best for large families because the rooms are a bit small. Couples have a bathtub all to themselves, a vital tool to rekindle their romance. The cabin has a water park, which allows for recreation activities such as swimming. The trim of the dedicated fireplace section of the house will light up the whole mood of the vacation at night.

  • Location: Hot Springs, AR 7190, U.S.
  • Cost: $175/Night

2 Rogers, Hamley Lakefront Retreat

Adventure in Arkansas is not limited to the mountain ranges and rivers alone. Lakefronts also offer a serene environment for vacationers to relax as they go on a vacation. Located near the shores of Beaver Lake, Hamley Lakefront Retreat is a home away from home. The property seats on a 145-acre piece of land that is secluded for safety. The cabin is located far away from the highway, making it an isolated gateway and the perfect escape from the noisy urban areas.

  • Location: 8103 Hamley Rd, Rogers, AR 72756, U.S.
  • Cost: $325/Night

1 Eureka Springs, Tall Pines Inn

Tall Pines Inn feels more of a holiday resort than a cabin. Nevertheless, they are all meant to serve a common purpose. Loaded with a pool, free Wi-Fi, BBQ grill, and outdoor space, visitors are treated to the best of Arkansas and its ecosystems. The picnic area of the cabin offers vacationers an ideal place to bond while still having fun.

  • Location: 3 Pivot Rock Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, U.S.
  • Cost: $100+/Night