15 Places Crawling With Dudes (10 To Bring The Hubby)

The world is full of destinations for those looking to fall in love, express their love or simply have a solid fun time before officially tying the knot! Whether you're riding solo, or married to the love of your life, there are countless locations that fit your every need. From the streets of Prague, roaming nightlife in Ibiza, and the guaranteed fun you'll have in Bangkok, we've got the top 15 places to go stag for a trip of a lifetime.

If you're looking for somewhere slightly more romantic to spend some quality time with the hubby, then behold, we've got you covered too. From sunsets, boat rides and romantic dinners, there are countless destinations that will help you and the hubby feel like you're back on that first date! From the city of lights to the spectacular views in Bali, these are the 10 places to bring your hubby!

25 Meet the one: Prague

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Prague, located in the Czech Republic, is one of the most common locations in the world for a stag, which means plenty of men to meet. If you are looking for some crazy nights, delicious food and some yummy drinks, then Prague is an inexpensive place to do it. According to Living Prague, there are tons of pub crawls made specifically for those having a stag weekend, and a crazy nightlife environment that offers prices cheaper than the rest of Europe! With friendly locals, a guaranteed great time, all at a decent cost, Prague is definitely the place to be!

24 meet the one: Budapest

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Budapest, located in Hungary, is yet another stellar location for your solo travel! The city is brewing with stunning European travellers and locals that make meeting new people both easy and fun. According to WeLoveBudapest, the nightlife in Budapest is booming and falls at par with other countries including Prague in regards to cost. And to finish off your weekend of fun, Budapest has some of the best hot springs located in the central part of the city, giving you some time to rest and relax before heading home.

23 Bring the hubby: Bali

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Bali is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world! If you aren't convinced, then a simple scroll through some of Bali's most beautiful photos ought to do the trick. According to TripAdvisor, the country is said to make you feel like you and your partner are the "only two people left in the world". If that doesn't scream romance, we don't know what will. Not only is this the ideal location to spend a few nights with your loved one, but you will be mesmerized with the scenic views of the gorgeous ocean and mountains.

22 meet the one: Melbourne

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Any city where the Hemsworth brothers are from is worth visiting! Melbourne is notorious for being a city of hipsters and career mixologists, making the creative competition on Melbourne's nightlife one worth witnessing in person. According to The Telegraph, Melbourne is home to an intriguing array of bars, clubs and everything in between! Culture is its other strong suit, making it a great option if you're looking for a little more to do. You are bound to come across some enthralling spaces, and restaurants that serve up some of the best food you'll ever have!

21 meet the one: Krakow

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Krakow, Poland is home to some of the world's most renowned models, making it worth a trip in and of itself! Although the stunning locals are one reason to make Krakow your destination, the city itself is also relatively cheap and has become the alternative location to Prague and Budapest. According to DriftWoodJournals, Krakow is full of fun things to do, and with a huge number of university students, the city is constantly alive and thriving with excitement. Everything is said to be close in proximity, making getting around quite easy, however, Krakow is known to be quite strict in efforts to keep it as safe a city as possible, says the KrakowPost, so it's best to keep the fun contained!

20 meet the one: Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is notorious for being a guaranteed good time! The city is a notable destination for just about anyone going solo, so much that they even offer packages for those looking for the best experiences, says Ampilot. The locals, being quite beautiful, to begin with, are very laid back and friendly to just about anyone, making the good times only better! According to Freedom Ltd, most of Amsterdam speak English, making it a popular destination for those from the US, the English and Australian travellers, which is quite the combination! Although prices may be slightly more expensive, many say that it is more than worth the price, says TripAdvisor.

19 meet the one: Barcelona

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Barcelona, located in Spain, is a city full of excitement, whether solo or not. The city is thriving with culture, great food and wine, and locals that love a good time. According to TravelBar, the city isn't the cheapest choice, however, the value you get for your money is definitely worth it. The Spanish locals are not only charming but are always willing to teach you a phrase or two in Spanish that can be used to impress those back home. If you're looking for a multitude of activities, Barcelona is full of endless choices! From the typical activities to water sports, Arab baths, and like almost anywhere in Spain, the nightlife is great, says TripAdvisor.

18 meet the one: London

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London, England is yet another great destination that won't disappoint! If the accents aren't reason enough to go, then the booming nightlife and pub culture should be! According to Visit London, the bars, nightclubs and overall nightlife atmosphere are some of the best you'll find in all of Europe! The English sure know how to have a fun time, and are always willing to share their insight in making sure any visitors do too! The cost may be slightly more expensive, especially with a pretty gnarly exchange rate, however, you will definitely get what you're paying for.

17 meet the one: Ibiza

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Ibiza is known as party central, and rightfully so! Ibiza is famous across the world for its clubbing and party scene. Not only will you find people from all over the world, but celebrities galore flock to Ibiza for a great time too! According to Essential Ibiza, the destination offers the best nights out, amazing company and world-renowned DJs that will definitely spice up your trip. Although a trip to Ibiza won't be light on the wallet, the memories will be worth every penny.

16 meet the one: Bangkok

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Bangkok is a great destination that will make for a massive fun time. According to Travel Bangkok, the nightlife in the city has evolved over the years, growing more into swanky rooftop bars, lively nightclubs and a thriving culture that make for the perfect combination. Although the party is real in Bangkok, so is the heat! According to Thailand Direct, Bangkok is on average the hottest capital city in the world, however, it's also known for its amazing food, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, making the weather worth it!

15 meet the one: Berlin

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Berlin, Germany is full of energy made perfect for a few fun nights out! The city is full of restaurants, and nightclubs that are some of the most notable through all of Western Europe. According to Tripedia, the city also has panoramic views at night that make your trip even more magical. With a thriving history and culture, there is no wrong that can be done in Berlin. According to Timeout, the prices are quite decent as well, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank either.

14 meet the one: Munich

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If you are looking for somewhere that offers one of the best party experiences then look no further, Munich is a top contender for one of the best party destinations out there. Although the city is most known for its Oktoberfest celebrations, the party continues all year round. According to ChilliSauce, the city has an exciting nightlife, extremely friendly locals and a culture that visitors are definitely encouraged to partake in. Grab your Lederhosen and head over to Munich for a night you most definitely won't forget.

13 meet the one: Whistler

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Whistler, located two hours north of Vancouver, Canada, is one of the most party central areas of British Columbia. Whistler Village is known for some of the most fun and exciting clubs that are guaranteed to get your dancing. According to Enjoy Whistler, the destination is referred to as the "Las Vegas of Canada", which says a lot. From year-round activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, ATV'ing, rock climbing, and many more, you won't just be able to enjoy yourselves at night, but there is always something fun to do during the day.

12 meet the one: New Orleans

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New Orleans may be an easier destination, for those in the U.S. looking to keep it close! For the festive spirit, insane music scene and finger-licking good food, New Orleans will not disappoint. According to Discotech, the city is a notorious party city, but for all the right reasons. Apart from their annual Mardi Gras, New Orleans is home to joyful atmospheres that buzzes throughout the lively neighbourhoods. The locals are friendly, and the city thrives with its French background, making it both a fun and cultural trip!

11 meet the one: Las Vegas

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Not that an explanation is needed for sin city, but behold, Las Vegas is definitely a bachelor destination that will guarantee you and you the highest odds of meeting someone new. The city is not nicknamed "Sin City" for no reason! According to Timeout, Vegas is home to the most bachelor and bachelorette parties in the whole world, with endless nightclubs, casinos and poolside parties, you are bound to experience a night to remember!

10 meet the one: Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is the party capital of Brazil! According to The Telegraph, it does not matter when you choose to visit the bright and beautiful Rio, because the city is constantly in celebratory mode! The city sits in the beating tropical sun surrounded by countless beaches that make for a memorable trip. TripAdvisor recommends Copacabana Beach for the best time of playing soccer in the sand, Caipirinhas in hand, and getting to know the awesome locals. It goes without saying that with tropical sun, endless beaches and never-ending fun, Rio is the best place to spend your last few days of singledom.

9 Bring the hubby: Paris

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Paris, France is notably the most romantic city in the world. The city of lights and the language of love are reason enough to grab your hubby and head over to Paris now. According to Today Show, there are more proposals that happen in Paris than in any other European city. The charm Paris offers will make any trip with your partner in crime a memorable one. Walk the streets of Le Marais, while popping into a cute café in the Quartier Latin, and go for a handheld walk through Jardin Luxembourg. It doesn't get any better than Paris!

8 bring the hubby: New York City

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New York City is another romantic city that is bound to spark something new between you and the hubby, and it all starts with a stroll in Central Park. According to Y Travel Blog, autumn is said to be the most romantic season of the year, where the leaves are beginning to change colours and the falling leaves decorate the streets, there is nothing more than you could ask for. Not only does the city offer amazing views of the city skyline, but there are countless attractions that can make your trip both full of love and excitement.

7 bring the hubby: Venice

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Venice, Italy is too a place to check off the romance bucket list! With over 350 bridges to walk over, the city is full of beautiful sights waiting to be admired. The floating city is full of gondolas that make for the perfect romantic ride for two, says TripSavvy. Many visitors claim that the city is timeless, much like the way love is, making it the perfect spot to declare your love for your partner! The city suspended between dreams and reality is an ideal destination just waiting for your arrival.

6 bring the hubby: Honolulu

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Honolulu is probably the most famous island in Hawaii, and it is just buzzing with romance. According to Newport Beach Magazine, Honolulu is a honeymoon spot for any couple embarking on their new journey together. Not only are the beaches incredible, but the mountainous views and energy will make your trip one for the books. If you and the hubby are looking for a destination to put the spark to the test, then Honolulu is unlike any other place to do just that.

5 bring the hubby: Québec City

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Québec City, located in Canada, will make you not only fall in love with the city but make you fall in love with your partner all over again. According to TripSavvy, the best time of the year is around the holidays, as the glistening Christmas lights, snow and energy to the city give off a charming feeling, unlike any other city. With some new and old France vibes, taking a stroll on the cobblestone roads and enjoying some of the most renowned Canadian restaurants, your trip is bound to be full of romance.

4 bring the hubby: Rome

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Rome puts the 'Roman' in romantic! The Italian city is bound to fill your trip with nothing but love. Not only is the food itself a way to unify your love for one another, but Rome is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world. According to 10Best, Villa Borghese is a must for any couple and is perfect for a romantic picnic. You and the hubby can also enjoy a delicious meal followed by a stroll through some of the narrow and charming roads of Rome, that will make you feel like you are simply floating!

3 bring the hubby: Santorini

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It goes without saying that Santorini provides a sense of charm and romance unlike any other island out there! The white and blue provide a sense of simplicity to your trip, that will make you and the hubby appreciate each other all that much more. According to A World To Travel, Santorini is referred to as a "honeymooner's paradise", offering one of the most magical sunsets your eyes will ever witness. The island is guaranteed to emanate romance just about anywhere you go!

2 bring the hubby: The Maldives

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The Maldives is a change for couples to be together in a way that never happens at home. According to Travel Centre Maldives, accommodation in a resort is not simply a room, but a mini floating island that opens up to the wondrous crystal clear waters of the Maldives. The white-sand beaches and gorgeous water will make you feel closer to your partner more than ever before, and because the resorts are very remote and few and far apart, you and the hubby will almost feel like the only people there!

1 bring the hubby: Kyoto

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Kyoto, Japan is ending the list of best places to travel with the hubby! From the beautiful cherry blossom trees, Kyoto has become one of the most romantic destinations throughout Asia. According to The Wedding Scoop, it has also become a hotspot for weddings, so, if you and your partner haven't tied the knot just yet, you might want to think about doing it here! Soak up the romantic atmosphere of the Kamo River, take a stroll along the Philosophers' Path, or hop onto an intimate boat ride with the most amazing views of the cherry blossom trees! Kyoto is definitely a must for you and the hubby.

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