Travelling is the only thing that makes you richer while your wallet gets lighter. The need for travelling and exploring the world is growing more and more every day. It is a way to enrich your life with culture, new languages, food, and of course, let's not forget, getting that extra "like" or follower on Instagram. By exploring a new country you can escape your life for a little bit and be whoever you want to be. You can walk for miles, go on hikes, experience the snow, wear that new bikini you've been excited to wear, drink a couple cocktails and eat whatever you want, because calories aren't a thing when you're on vacation right? More and more, people are getting that urge to travel on their own and submerse themselves in the culture and meeting new people along the way.

Travelling with your significant other or without them are two very different experiences. There are some places in the world that are just a little bit more fun to do as a solo trip or with your friends, and others that if your boo is not with you, you might really miss them. So here are a couple suggestions of places you should go and leave bae at home, but also, a couple of places you can go to rekindle the flame.

25 Never visit this place with the BF: Belgrade, Serbia

According to, Belgrade is known for its big party scene, and 24h parties. Considered by some, the nightlife capital. It might not be the first place you think of when you think of partying in Europe but it is definitely a well known Western European party location.

Everyone is ready to party at all time, and clubs are always full of young, gorgeous, vibrant people.

This city is surprisingly affordable, if you're travelling on a budget and wanting to stay in a hostel to meet some friendly travellers. It is easy to travel on foot and considered to be very safe.

24 Never visit this place with the BF: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When travelling through Europe, Amsterdam is a “must go”. It is one of the best places to travel on your own and meet friendly travellers and locals.

It is a city full of temptation and an opportunity to maybe try something new, in a safe environment that may not be legal all over the world.

According to an article written by Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer (2018), it is considered to be one of the safest cities to travel solo as a female or male. Take a break from reality and enjoy this city to its fullest!

23 Re-Ignite the flame: Udaipur, India

If you're looking for a romantic getaway, this city is considered to be the most romantic city in India, according to the Independent and lonely planet.

If you're a lover of art, culture and scenery you cannot miss out on going here with your significant other.

It is known for its gorgeous palaces, temples and beautiful old streets. Take a boat ride on the lake or explore the city by foot or horseback, couples will not be disappointed.

22 Never visit this place with the BF: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of the most travelled cities in Australia by solo travellers and people that are looking for a fun and crazy time. The Australians are extremely friendly and welcoming people, and the city is full of backpackers from all over. The best way to visit this city is to stay in a Hostel and participate in all the crazy nightlife and daytime adventures they have to offer (Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, 2018).

You will not want to leave this city!

Don’t forget to take the time to visit the Great Ocean Road. You will not regret this gorgeous day trip!

21 Re-Ignite the flame: Paris, France

According to an article in (2018), Paris is a lovely place to visit on your own, but nothing beats experiencing this romantic city with your loved one.

Nothing gets your heart pumping like feeling like two in-love teenagers that cannot get enough of each other.

This city gives you all of that with its breathtaking views and the opportunity to find your inner-child at Disneyland. Enjoy walking hand-in-hand with your partner through this city while you fill your bellies with French pastries. There is a reason it is known as “The City of Love!”

20 Never visit this place with the BF: Munich, Germany

Munich, the city of the world’s famous Oktoberfest. According to The Telegraph this Bavarian city attracts over 6 million people a year during the biggest folk and beer festival in the world. Over 7 million litres of beer are consumed during this festival and they are paired with delicious German sausage and pretzels.

It is an amazing place to travel on your own or with friends and meet some new ones.

Enjoy a drink, grab a pretzel and put on some funky German traditional clothes and join the fun!

19 Re-Ignite the flame: Santorini, Greece

This beautiful Greek island is a gorgeous place to escape with your partner for a romantic getaway. According to aworldtotravel, this is a true honeymooner’s paradise. Many of the Greek Islands are known for the party life, but Santorini is known for its picturesque colourful hillside villages and crystal blue water.

Step out of your comfort zone with your love and immerse yourself in the Greek culture.

And don’t forget to catch one of those breathtaking sunsets it is known for.

18 Never visit this place with the BF: Ibiza, Spain

If you are a fan of sun and a good party, Ibiza is the place for you! It is definitely not a place you want to go on a romantic holiday, but more a girls/boys trip where you can let go and have a few too many at its famous day/nightclubs and beaches.

All the best DJs perform in Ibiza and it is always full of tourists enjoying themselves.

According to an article in, Ibiza never disappoints and everyone should experience the craziness once in their life. So grab your friends and hop on a plane to this party Island!

17 Never visit this place with the BF: Queenstown, New Zealand

According to an article in, New Zealand is one of the best places to travel on your own. Queenstown is considered the World’s Adrenaline capital (BBC Travel). You can jump out of airplanes, bungee-jump, go canyon swinging, jet boating, and plenty more outdoorsy activities.

It is one of the best places to meet other travellers and stay in cheap hostels.

It is an expensive place if you want to partake in the adrenaline rush, but completely worthwhile. It has a great low-key nightlife as well and do not forget to try the biggest best burger EVER at Fergburger.

16 Re-Ignite the flame: Fraser Island, Australia

If you are planning a trip to Australia, or if you live there, you should definitely pop over to Fraser Island for a romantic escape. Rent a four-wheel drive and cruise along the beach while you see some of the most amazing wildlife, like dingoes, whales, or turtles. Stay at the Kingfisher Bay Resort; enjoy a dip in the crystal clear freshwater lakes (Lake McKenzie or Lake Birrabeen) and do not miss the magical sunsets at Sunset Beach where you can indulge in a cheese platter and some wine with your loved one (Life on Fraser Island, 2016).

15 Never visit this place with the BF: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you have an interest in South America, do not forget about Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is the party city of this beautiful country (Emily Waddell, 2017) and one of the most LGBTQI friendly cities in the world.

It's a party city, especial during Carnival!

All year round you are bound to have a good time, but if you want a true Brazilian experience, book your tickets for February - March and enjoy the crazy world, known as Carnival, with the locals. Travel with a group of friends that is always down to enjoy a drink, shake their hips and dance to Samba on the streets.

14 Re-Ignite the flame: Reykjavik, Iceland

If you and your partner are outdoorsy people, Iceland is the place for you (Brooklyn Neustaeter, 2016)! The capital of this beautiful country is Reykjavik, and although it is a beautiful city and great to visit, the best thing to do as a couple is to rent a car, or caravan and go sightseeing around the country.

You can be active and spend your days hiking, or you can laze around in the breathtaking Blue Lagoon.

And don’t forget to cuddle up to your boo while you experience The Northern Lights together. Amazing!

13 Never visit this place with the BF: Vancouver, Canada

Canada is a big country with amazing places to go, but Vancouver is just one of those places that is better experienced with a close group of friends, or on your own. It is considered to be the safest city to travel in Canada (Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, 2018) and it has a very young and vibrant feel to it.

It is a great place to walk or bike around and meet friendly Canadians.

Enjoy some seafood and a couple of drinks in the city, but don’t forget to make your way out to the mountains as well and do some beautiful sightseeing.

12 Never visit this place with the BF: San Diego, USA

“California dude!” - What an amazing and chilled-out place to go. Grab a couple of your friends and head down to San Diego if you're in California. This place is full of the most relaxed and friendly people you can imagine. Pack your bathing suit and rent a surfboard and enjoy your days on Pacific beach. Head to La Jolla to see some adorable seals and enjoy a glass of wine by the water. You can also, get your “geek on” and head down there during Comic Con. So much fun!

11 Re-Ignite the flame: Nihn Bihn, Vietnam

If you're thinking of going on a romantic holiday with your significant other, Nihn Bihn is considered to be one of the most calm, romantic and serene places to visit in the World, according to an article in Narcity.

Do something different with your partner and enjoy a relaxing time exploring the temples and beautiful forestry in this magical place in Vietnam.

Get in touch with yourself and your loved one by connecting with your spiritual side with the help of this magnificent Buddhist culture. Namaste!

10 Re-Ignite the flame: Cape Town, South Africa

If you and your partner love animals take a trip to South Africa. Make your way to the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve where you can get up close and personal with zebras, lions and even the majestic giraffes (Brooklyn Neustaeter, 2016). How often do you get to create memories like this with someone you love? Enjoy each other's company and take plenty of pictures while you hike, surf, and eat delicious fresh food in this magical place. You will fall in love with this city, and more and more with each other, while you experience this adventure together!

9 Never visit this place with the BF: Rome, Italy

When you think of travelling to Rome maybe you imagine it as a romantic trip, but this is also a perfect place to go on your own (The Blonde Abroad, 2012). Rome is always full of tourists, it is so busy that it makes you want to just do your own thing and go where you want, whenever you want, without having to wait around for others.

It is full of culture and some of the yummiest food ever.

Walk around, visit the markets, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and indulge in all the pizza, pasta, and gelato you want. Plus, if you do this alone, who cares about the “food baby” that, I guarantee, you will have while visiting this gorgeous place!

8 Never visit this place with the BF: Cancun, Mexico

This Spring Break destination is a wonderful place to go with a group of friends and enjoy the sun during the day, and party during the night (Emily Waddell, 2017). It is known for its late nights of partying and wild holidays where you may want to implement the famous saying:

“What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun!”

For this trip, maybe, leave your partner at home, grab a couple of your favourite mates, your new bathing suit, and have an unforgettable time!

7 Re-Ignite the flame: Petra, Jordan

According to an article in, Petra is one of the most romantic places to visit with your significant other. This place, also called the “Pink City”, is a once in a lifetime experience. Petra was a forgotten city that was recently rediscovered, and has become a more popular destination for couples over the years. Sometimes in a relationship you need to rediscover your beauty and what makes you special, where better to do this than this beautiful city full of ancient wonders?

6 Never visit this place with the BF: Berlin, Germany

This city is a “must visit” when you are backpacking through Europe. It is a perfect place to meet people and explore during the day and party it up at night.

It has some of the coolest clubs in the world and a crazy underground scene.

According to, there are more clubs than there are people. However, you will always need a backup party to go to, because this Capital of techno is known for turning people away at the door of clubs for no reason at all. So, make friends in the queue while you wait, and be ready to change your plans if necessary. Anywhere you end up is a guaranteed good time!