Canada has stunning camping sites, thanks to the impressive forest coverage. Its wilderness is quite diverse, including different underexplored natural features such as mountain ranges, barren land, bushes, weed, massive rivers, waterfalls, and creeks. In addition, various bird and animal species occupy the Canadian wilderness. These factors make Canada a top choice for glamping. Local hosts in various sites understand the challenges of regular camping and provide adequate glamping support to their guests. Part of vacationing in the Canadian wilderness is interacting with friendly people. Here are ten extraordinary sites for glamping in Canada.

10 The Campsuite

This amazing glamping site is located in an 80-acre forest. It accommodates two adult guests, making it ideal for couples that want to rekindle their romantic spark in the wild. A stay at the Campsite will allow guests to explore the vast forest in a peaceful and calm environment. The nature and wildlife complement the adventurous theme of the site. Those who enjoy wild berries will have the time of their lives as they are available here. Some basic services to enjoy include a bundle of firewood, a hot shower, a propane-powered BBQ, a clothesline, and solar power.

  • Location: Pembroke Beach Provincial Park, Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park, Nova Scotia
  • Cost: CA$86 per night

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9 Adventure Domes

Tourists who want to experience a hobbit-like living situation should check out any of the four Adventure Domes in New Denver. The main difference between these and Bilbo's is that tourists get a comfortable living arrangement. The domes have a capacity of two to six occupants. They come with plenty of services, including stylish interiors, sofas, linens, and comfortable mattresses. The glampsite is within walking distance from Slocan Lake, opening up a world of opportunities for water-based activities.

  • Location: New Denver, British Columbia
  • Cost: CA$190 per night

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8 Hilltop Glamorous Camping

The glampsite sits on 20 areas of land full of diverse plants and comforting earth tones. This site welcomes tourists from all over the world. It's perfect for travelers that need a break from their busy, technology-centric lives. It'll allow guests to plug into nature and reboot their minds, soul, and body in the company of friends and family. The glampsite accommodates up to four adults. It has portable clean water, an outdoor kitchen, showers, a picnic table, and a toilet. The site is pet-friendly as well.

  • Location: Frontenac Provincial Park, Puzzle Lake Provincial Park, Ontario
  • Cost: CA$200 per night

7 Sundance Lodges

Hikers and general travelers that like sleeping in teepees will enjoy Sundance Lodges. The glampsite sits between Banff and Calgary. Despite being a tent site, guests can access beds and a wood floor for a comfortable indoor experience. Other guaranteed services include cooking utensils, on-site hot showers, a flush toilet, towels, and rent bedding.

  • Location: Kananaskis Country, Alberta
  • Cost: CA$89 per night

6 Foresthill Retreat Glamping

This is one of the best options in the Canadian wilderness for tourists who want to do glamping right. The site accommodates two adults and does not charge children. It has trails for guests to hike along with a lake a few minutes away. The area provides lots of privacy, making it ideal for couples looking to enjoy romantic time alone. The tent offers everything a tourist needs for an amazing glamping experience. Some amenities include an outdoor kitchen, shower, tables, chairs, a hammock, and electricity.

  • Location: Wolf Island Provincial Park, Petroglyphs Provincial Park
  • Cost: CA$100 per night

5 Lakeside Glamping On A Private Beach

Glamping doesn't have to be restricted to forests and mountains. A lakeside experience can be just as fun. This glampsite goes further and gives tourists the best of both worlds. The yurt sits inside the woods but overlooks Lake Anderson. The tent has a skylight for daytime convenience. There's a private beach about five minutes away from the yurt. A nearby private barrel sauna covers guests who need to let off steam.

  • Location: Anderson Lake, British Columbia
  • Cost: CA $195 per night

4 Bunkie In Forest Meadow

The Canadian wilderness experience doesn't get better than spending a few nights in a bunkie in the middle of a forest. This awesome glampsite is constructed on a 45-acre reserve, so guests won't have to worry about privacy. It accommodates two adults. The bunkie is easy to access as there are several groomed paths. Tourists will enjoy an array of grasses, sedges, and wildflowers. Some basic amenities provided at the bunkie include portable water, a toilet, a shower, Wi-Fi, and bins. Guests can make a campfire but should not bring a pet along.

  • Location: Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park, Netley Creek Provincial Park, Manitoba
  • Cost: CA$40 per night

3 Long-Point Eco Adventures Glamping

For those planning to travel as a family or a group, looking for fitting glamping facilities can be challenging. The Long-Point Eco Adventures is probably one of the few gems that cover this niche. Travelers can pick from various options, including a massive log cabin that can fit 11 adults, a 150-year-old farmhouse, or a cluster of pod cabins. The location avails lots of activities for guests to try including ax throwing, kayak tours, and zip-lining.

  • Location: Turkey Point, Ontario
  • Cost: CA$149.95 per night

2 Black Maple Farm

Tourists that want to explore Canadian woods in a wild environment should check out Black Maple Farm. This beautiful glampsite will expose them to pines, maples, and oaks. The site accommodates up to four guests. While the glampsite is on the owner's farm, it's well-secluded from the farm life and neighbors. The site has a Queen size bed, a twin-size day bed, and a micro twin-size bed. The host provides guests with a small power pack to keep them connected. Other amenities include firewood, kitchenware, clean water, an ice cooler, board games, and books.

  • Location : Frontenac Provincial Park, Shoal Tower National Historic Site
  • Cost: CA$135 per night

1 Heartwood Farm & Cidery

Nothing spells glamping like taking breakfast in the middle of a wild farm surrounded by all kinds of domestic animals. Heartwood Farm & Cidery gives tourists a time of their lives outside Toronto. The glampsite sits on 42 acres of land. The host specializes in regenerative farming with piglets, goats, and chickens and allows their guests to play with the livestock. There's an orchard and a sugar beach for making craft cider on the farm. Other services include a Queen size bed, furnished patio, and bedside tables.

  • Location: Erin, Ontario
  • Cost: CA$200 per night