No one knows for sure when Mr. Right will come around, and on vacation or taking a trip to different cities may just yield a date night with the perfect guy. Many cities have plenty of great qualities about them that breath social values, ones that care more about the face to face interactions with people, being with friends, eating out and enjoying life, over hoping to find the perfect match on dating apps. Who’s to say that Mr. Right isn’t eating at the table next to you, or enjoying the same party you are? Or maybe you meet some friends along the way and they invite you to another friend’s house. There is really no telling when Mr. Right will pop up.

And on a certain vacation, there is no issue having a little vacation romance for a short time. New cultures, new experiences, a different lifestyle, all are perfect ways to find Mr. Right Now, just in time before getting back on the plane and heading home. Here are some of the best cities in the world based on their sociability, and whether someone is going to find Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now when on a trip there.

25 New York City, New York - Over food, anyone can fall in love!

The Big Apple is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest in the United States, so there are plenty of people to meet. And New Yorkers love to eat, as according to the Independent, they eat out and drink with friends more than any other country in a given year. That’s a lot of socializing, and a good place to start to meet Mr. Right. He isn’t hanging out on Broadway, or at the Statue of Liberty, but one of New York’s finest eatery stops, so indulge in some amazing food and see if you can connect across the room.

24 Vancouver, Canada - Definitely won't be sorry to visit Canada

It may be hard to find a home in Canada’s hottest real estate market, but it’s not as hard to find Mr. Right in Vancouver, as Vancouver ranked in the top 10 in terms of social activities, according to the Independent. People of Vancouver enjoy socializing, especially with so many amazing food options available, which is probably why they enjoy eating out so much with friends. They also enjoy using social media, so if you don’t bump into Mr. Right at the hot eatery, maybe you’ll find him online.

23 Mr. Right Now: Amsterdam, Netherlands - All the tall men!

Perhaps you’re not looking for a Mr. Right Now in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District, but the capital of the Netherlands is one of the best places in the world if you’re looking for a party, according to Forbes. It has everything you need in an evening to run into Mr. Right Now, including art house theatres, local contemporary music venues, and special clubs. Plus, it has the reputation for being a pretty laid back city so it’s going to be a relaxing trip regardless of what you’re looking for.

22 Rome, Italy - Pizza counts as Mr. Right as well

When it Rome, do as the Romans do, and that is exactly what the people of Rome believe, especially when traveling. According to the Independent, the people of Rome ranked high on the openness index, meaning they believe when traveling it’s important to engage in the authentic culture of the place you are on. What better way to meet Mr. Right than by engaging in his culture as he tours you around Rome to look at ancient history, eating some of the best food and taking in some of the best sights in the world.

21 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - A way to a man's heart...

Looking to meet someone special, then head to Kuala Lumpur. The capital of Malaysia ranked number four in terms of the average number of times its residents eat out per year, according to The Independent, which means there is a good chance you could bump into Mr. Right while out for a bite to eat, or a better chance that if you swipe right on someone, you won’t be stuck in an endless conversation that goes nowhere, as people in Kuala Lumpur love to dine out, which is a social part of culture.

20 Stockholm, Sweden - giving a whole new meaning to 'stockholm syndrome'

Stockholm ranked high in many social categories in are a recent HostelWorld survey, published by the Independent. They are the second-ranked in the social milieu category, which means the people from Stockholm love to party, are social when they travel, trust their friends and are tolerant in social situations. Sounds like a winning combination to possibly meet Mr. Right in one of the best countries in the world to live in. In fact, Stockholm ranked first in tolerance, so they can put up with a lot of things if you want to prove to them that you’re the right one.

19 Berlin, Germany - trust friends and their setups

The capital of Germany could be a great place to find Mr. Right, especially if you have friends in the city who are willing to set you up with someone. That’s because, according to the Independent, Berlin ranked second in trusting the guidance of their friends, so they are either going to lead you to Mr. Right, or they will be the first to tell you to avoid Mr. Wrong. Friends have your back and want to see you happy, so go to a place where you can trust their guidance.

18 Mr. Right Now: New Orleans, Louisiana - a jazzy fling

For one of the best parties in the United States, head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, a party that has plenty of culture behind it, plenty of people looking to have fun, and a chance to meet Mr. Right Now. It’s a culturally significant event that happens every year and it turns Bourbon Streets into an all-week party, with amazing food and great drinks. With plenty of jazz bars, it’s a chance to add a little sophistication into your life, and perhaps get some passion out of Mr. Right Now.

17 Chicago, Illinois - cozy up in 'the windy city'

The second most sociable city in the world is Chicago, Illinois, according to the Independent. The city came second overall in the social activity category, meaning Chicagoans socialize with friends often, either by eating out, getting drinks, or using social media. That means you have plenty of options in the Windy City to find Mr. Right. Perhaps when you’re trying some of that Chicago famous deep-dish pizza, you can tag it on social media looking to share a slice with hopefully Mr. Right.

16 Paris, France - the city of love

Who hasn’t thought of a fairytale meeting of their Mr. Right in the most romantic city in the world? Paris, France gets a lot of attention for couples, but if you are single and ready to mingle, Paris has plenty to offer. According to the Independent, Parisians enjoy in-person interactions, as the city ranked third in the world for the value their people place on face-to-face socialization. So don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation with him while visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe, as Mr. Right could be standing right there.

15 Sydney, Australia - a real aussie experience

If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, you want someone who values the relationship and experiences you have together, more so than the thing they have. For that, take a trip to Sydney, Australia, and while visiting the famous Opera House, you may find Mr. Right, as according to the Independent, Sydney ranks top 10 in the world in the sociable versus self-oriented concerns index, which means residents place more value on gaining new experiences and being a part of community life than owning material goods and achieving their own goals. That has all the makings of a successful relationship.

14 Mr. Right Now: Miami, Florida - Too many to choose from

If you’re looking for Mr. Right Now, the party life of Miami, or the pristine beaches on the coastline of Florida are the perfect place to catch him, as Forbes ranks Miami as one of the top party spots in the country, especially during Spring Break, when you’re not thinking long term, you’re just living in the moment, trying to get your studies out of your mind. Miami has become pretty well known as a college party city, so finding people your age shouldn’t be difficult at all.

13 Milan, Italy - always looking good

Milan might be a dream city to find Mr. Right, as the people of the Italian fashion city are ranked first in the openness index, meaning people in the city are open-minded — especially while traveling, according to the Independent. The people of Milan feel that engaging in the culture of a place and, along with partying, are the most important things, and if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, you want the other side to be open with you and to enjoy experiencing new things together.

12 Helsinki, Finland - More ACTUAL facetime!

Finland is often placed on the top of the best countries to live in the world and the happiness index, and that could be because of the value they place on human interaction. According to the Independent, the people of Finland’s capital, Helsinki, ranked second in terms of valuing face to face interactions with friends. They’re not texting friends who only communicate through phone and social media but prefer to do their talking in person. That means your odds of meeting someone and it turning into something meaningful are much better.

11 Warsaw, Poland - from house guest to house mate

A great place to meet Mr. Right is at his home, and you’re more likely to get that invite in Warsaw, Poland. According to the Independent, Warsaw ranked third in terms of how much they enjoy entertaining guests at their home, as opposed to watching television or gaming. Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, once known as the Paris of the East, so it makes for a great place to travel to, where you just might get an invite back to Mr. Right’s home.

10 Mr. Right Now: Baltimore, Maryland - A social media fling

If you’re looking for Mr. Right Now, Baltimore, Maryland might be the place to visit. Baltimore is quickly becoming an up and coming city, but according to the Independent, Baltimore placed top five in the world for the average number of days its residents use social media in a year. So even when on vacation, don’t put the social media channels away, as you could be swiping away from someone right now. With many young people coming to the city to revitalize it, it’s not hard to understand why social media is such a big thing in Baltimore.

9 Toronto, Canada - With a little help from friends

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, so there is definitely an opportunity to meet Mr. Right. However, with so many people, Torontonians tend to keep to themselves. So, you may need your friends to help to meet Mr. Right, which isn’t an issue in the Ontario capital, as Toronto ranked within the top five in the trust in friends' guidance category (independent). So, when your friend tells you to go talk to that guy while at the CN Tower, maybe listen to them, because they could be pointing out Mr. Right to you.

8 Dublin, Ireland - A friendly folk

It may be as easy to find Mr. Right as grabbing a pint of Ireland’s finest at a pub and looking around the room for a friendly face, as Dublin is it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to talk to in the country’s capital. According to the Independent, Dublin placed fourth in the world behind three Scandinavian cities in the value their people place on socializing. You have to get out to meet people to find Mr. Right, and the friendly people of Dublin will be more than happy to great you to their table.

7 Mr. Right Now: Los Angeles, California - Swoon over the stars

The glitz and glamor of Los Angeles go beyond the Hollywood stars and movie sets, as according to Forbes, Los Angeles has one of the best night lives in the country. Live out a movie star dream and perhaps run into your celebrity crush as you take in the beaches of Los Angeles, and the nightlife that it offers. No one said Mr. Right Now can’t be a Hollywood star, but at least you know the chances of someone having a connection to a major studio are pretty high in Los Angeles.

6 Hamburg, Germany - Hamburgers are always trustworthy

Fun, open, tolerant and trusting, are all great traits to have in Mr. Right, and that is exactly what kind of people you will find in Hamburg, Germany. According to the Independent, Hamburg took third place in a recent HostelWorld survey, making it definitely a place to check out to meet someone. And it’s a great tourist spot, as according to Mercer, the city is the 18th best in the world for livability. So many you don’t just find Mr. Right there, but also settle down in the second-largest city in Germany.