As soon as the fall season approaches, people are ready for few enjoyable things now that summer's gone: pumpkin spiced everything, cozy sweaters, and Oktoberfest celebrations. The problem with wanting to enjoy Oktoberfest is if you're outside of Munich, what are your options? Well, considering the original Oktoberfest occurred in Bavaria in the 1800s, the rest of the world wanted to join the fun.

In a classic way to welcome the new season and to celebrate German culture, other cities and countries now have their own versions of Oktoberfest. While they may not last as long as Munich's or even be as large as Munich's, each city brings their own flare to the festival.

From beer tents to massive pretzels to live bands — these 10 places are your best bet to enjoy a solid Oktoberfest celebration that may be a tad closer than Munich. Or maybe you've already ventured to Munich's Oktoberfest and are ready for a new celebration elsewhere — either way, we have your back.


If Brazi has been on your bucket list, but you're trying to visit during a less-crowded time, try going in the fall to visit their Oktoberfest celebration in Blumenau!

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Aside from Munich, Sky Scanner says that Blumenau's Oktoberfest is the second largest in the world! Hundreds of thousands of people come every year for a taste of Brazillian/German culture. Visitors enter a huge party filled with live music, classic German foods, a royalty contest, parades, and you guessed it — beer.


When one thinks of Oktoberfest, the last place (probably in the world) you think about it Cincinnati, Ohio. However, Cincinnati is a huge spot for visitors wanting to celebrate Oktoberfest like the Germans. Sky Scanner claims half-million people visit their festival every year, and has been going on since the '70s! Being America's largest Oktoberfest celebration, they have dachshunds dressed as hot dogs race each other, saurkraut, sausages, and they even do a festival-wide chicken dance, shattering the world record in Bavaria.


Let's say you've already been to Munich's Oktoberfest and are ready for another taste of the festival in another European country — Austria is your best bet. Connected to the country of Germany, Vienna holds an outstanding Oktoberfest for nine days straight.

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Just like Munich's, there will also be rides people can enjoy, live music, local beer, and amazing food. The event is free to get in so save those Euros for some schnitzel!


Don't worry, Canadians! You don't need to cross the pond or the border just to have your taste of Oktoberfest! In fact, Kitchener, Ontario holds an awesome Oktoberfest for a few days in October. Considering the fest is in the middle of Canadian Thanksgiving, millions of hungry visitors come for a massive parade celebrating both things. Just like Munich, Kitchener has an official beer keg tapping, German-based cuisine, live music, and a ton of activities. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, going to a festival sounds like a lot more fun than chilling at home.


Let's say you've had travel plans to head to Asia in the fall but are missing the classic Oktoberfest activities elsewhere. Have no fear, Hong Kong has their own version of Oktoberfest too! (This festival really gets around.)

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Officially called The Marco Polo German Bierfest, it's the biggest (and longest running) Oktoberfest in Asia. And in case you're wondering about the name, the grand Marco Polo Hotel hosts the event, so if you're looking for a place to stay — book the Marco Polo Hotel early in advance.


Don't we all have friends who go somewhere warm in the colder months? Well, this time around you should join them in Mexico City, Mexico, where they have an Oktoberfest that focuses more on beer (and less on tequila).

Their food tents will have the classic German dishes, however, they'll all have a little Mexican pizazz to them.


Spain is one of those places everyone should go to once in their life to see amazing sites, check out local art, and absorb the beautiful culture. And if you're there in the fall, you can have the best of both worlds by visiting their own version of Oktoberfest!

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While the festival has only been in Madrid for just under 10 years and only runs for three days, it sure is making a name for itself. One of the best parts about the festival is they have a few shuttles that can bring people back and forth from the festival. Considering Oktoberfest is all about the beer, it's nice to not worry about finding a ride.


Denver, Colorado may be known for skiing but in the fall they throw a heck of an Oktoberfest. Running for two separate weekends in September, Denver's Oktoberfest has been running for over 50 years. Like every other Oktoberfest, they'll have all the yummy food and beer, but they also have a ton of festivities for visitors — like keg bowling!


London, England sees millions of people every year. The city is stunning and is filled with so many things to see, so it makes sense they also have their own version of Oktoberfest once fall hits. Running for a few days in October, you can visit the festival in Millwall Park, Canary Wharf. Since London is so big, there are even smaller Oktoberfest events throughout the city in different hubs, so keep your eyes (and nose) peeled!


This is one Oktoberfest that is TRULY unlike the others, but it's an experience that needs to be had! Okinawa Prefecture is made up of over 100 islands around Japan's mainland, Taiwan, and the East China Sea. Not many people think of celebrating Oktoberfest on an island, but why not?

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Thanks to the celebration's Facebook page, the locals and visitors do their best to get in the German spirit by wearing the traditional garb if they have them and drink a ton of beer and classic German dishes. Celebrating Oktoberfest on a few islands just proves that you can celebrate fall and German culture just about anywhere!