There are countless articles and tutorials on the do’s and don’ts of traveling. These guides serve in finding the best deals when traveling to popular destinations, the shortcuts around long wait lines, avoiding miscellaneous expenses, and other such setbacks that involve venturing into an uncharted area. But, people are rarely given a list of places they should avoid when listing down where to go during their paid work vacation.

These areas aren’t necessarily unpleasant; some of them are excellent getaway spots offering tropical weather, welcoming locals, and lively day and night activities. The deal-breaker comes when you realize that you weren’t the only one with the idea to book a last-minute plane ticket there. Then other things come to surface, how no matter how acclaimed the nearby coffee shop to your hotel is, the line out the door simply isn’t worth the wait. Then there’s trying to book a dinner reservation at a recommended restaurant, only to realize that other tourists have beat you to the punch. Then there’s all the other popular activities the area you’re visiting offers, that are either sold-out for the day or end up being so crowded that the experience becomes lackluster. These are the places that unfortunately, you’re better staying away from altogether.

Curious to know which ones are on the list for 2019? Here are 25 Places To Completely Avoid This Year (Because Everyone Is Going)


Echo Park has seen many changes throughout the past two decades due to gentrification. While some beloved establishments and events have come to an end, new ones have blossomed to accommodate locals and the influx of rising artists; one such event is Echo Park Rising. Running on its ninth year, this event celebrates indie musicians and the culture of Echo Park locals. As such, it has a huge turn around rate, both from neighborhood folks and those visiting from other parts of LA. If you’re used to shoving your way through high crowds, then this event is worth checking out. But if you just want a peaceful weekend grabbing a cup of coffee or doing some produce shopping at a weekend Farmer’s Market, avoid Echo Park and its surrounding intersections from August 15-18.


Obviously New York was going to make it on the list. Whether you’re a fan of Broadway or big city life, chances are you’ve wanted to travel to this Cosmopolitan City to see what all the buzz is about. If 2019 is the year in which you take the plunge and book your plane tickets, here are some dates to avoid at all costs; BroadwayCon in early January; New York Comic-Con in early October; Halloween as the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade attracts millions beyond millions of costume lovers, and (though this one depends greatly on your tolerance of crowds and cold weather) the New Year’s Ball Drop, perhaps one of the most anticipated gatherings in the Big Apple.

23 PARIS - all year round

Ah! The City of Love. Paris attracts tourists in the millions each year due to its aesthetic infrastructure and other historical landmarks—not to mention that it’s the number one destination in the world for love birds. Unfortunately, the downside to Paris is the long waits to enter and take pictures just about anywhere. Eiffel Tower, The Towers of Notre Dame, The Catacombs of Paris, if your traveling itinerary while visiting France includes these sites, may the force be with you as wait times extend into the hour’s range. If you’re still adamant on traveling there, you should try anytime mid-2019; you’ll pay a little more for air fare, but this same reason will keep the masses at a low.


Highland Park is also one of the LA regions in the east side that had been hit by gentrification. And just like Echo Park, it’s become the home to aspiring indie artists and new waves of cuisines and art venues. Traditional taco stands are now accompanied by vegan pop-up such as Word of Mouth Truck and Cena Vegan, and York Blvd also houses a vegan pizzeria and a vegan donut shop. Needless to note that with the increasing number of vegans in Los Angeles, 2019 will mark a busy year for all the Highland Park business owners. If long lines for tacos, pizza, a half-dozen donuts isn’t your thing, you’re better off staying local.

21 IBIZA, SPAIN - clubbing season

Just like Barcelona, this Spanish city is known for attracting waves of tourists due to its lively night scene which operates until dawn. That noted, one might think that Ibiza’s  worldwide popularity would keep some party-goers away due to the costly ticket airlines and the overall hassle of travel—but no. There are tricks that make staying in Ibiza affordable to carefree consumers, and rest assured that these people will be at every free party, burrito stand and pizzeria in Playa d’en Bossa, and occupy the Disco Bus (Ibiza’s public transit) to get to their next partying destination. If you’re a fan of mini, party-aimed vacations but still want some peace and quiet during the experience, Ibiza should be at the bottom of the list of your 2019 destinations.


Do you remember the eclipse of 2017 that was visible throughout most of the world. Well, though not as momentous, this year also marks a historical point for solar-lunar occurrences. Some eclipses scheduled to occur in 2019 include a total lunar eclipse at the end of January, a complete solar eclipse mid-year, a Mercury Transit in early November, and an annular solar eclipse to end the year. If you live in an area where everyone was on a mission to get those special eclipse glasses to see the 2017 eclipse in its full splendor, you should probably stay indoors during these aforementioned dates to avoid the crowding these same people will likely produce.


New Orleans is a cool place to visit all year-round. From starting off your day at Cafe Du Monde with delicious beignets, trekking down to Bourbon Street Bar to continue on with a Hurricane or some other signature NOLA drink, or simply strolling through the French Market to take in the beautiful architecture of Cathedrale Saint Louis or spectate street performers in action, the list of activities is limitless. But there’s one celebration New Orleans is best known for: Mardi Gras. This year it falls on March 5th and rest assured that seeing that it’s the last day of carnival season, the French Market, Bourbon Street, and just about every other corner of NOLA will be congested with festive tourists waiting to get their drink on. Just hold-off until the early summer to make a trip there.


Portland isn’t exactly known for its rainbows and sunshine, with most days out of the year consisting of gloom and fog, but nevertheless it attracts tourists and new residents due to its eclectic music and food scene. Each year, new vegan restaurants open their doors and artists move from all corner of the world relocate there to embrace the folklore culture Portland has to offer—but these aren’t the only reasons why people are calling Portland their new home. With the engineer career market growing in popularity, IT geniuses are packing their bags to start their new, better paying jobs in this cloudy city. And with studio apartments starting as cheap as $700 a month, the prospect of packing one’s bags to move there seems all the more profitable.


Cabo remains a prime destination for vacationing couples and honeymooners—and it totally makes sense. From sailing through the ocean aboard the Cabo Sailing Cruise, taking it up a notch by actually snorkeling, whale watching, shopping, and for those who just want to relax by the seaside with their significant other, setting camp for the day at Lover’s Beach. The best part is that compared to other tropical destinations, Cabo is extremely affordable with most of these aforementioned activities priced at lower than one hundred dollars! If you’re not already planning your summer vacation there, some of your friends and coworkers probably are. And with the hot temperatures forecasted for summer 2019, it’ll be packed.


West Hollywood/WEHO attracts all sorts of party-goers and socialites by its promise of feeling like B-list, celebrities dancing the night away inside the Abbey or some other club on Santa Monica or Sunset Boulevard. When Halloween rolls around, WEHO is one of the most coveted destinations for locals and tourists due to its annual Halloween parade. You’ll see superheroes, classic movie characters, and every other imaginable costume embodiment. But when push comes to shove (quite literally), this event is far from being the place where you get the spotlight for your costume and the chances are you’ll see a fair-share of other folks sporting the same outfit. You’re better off flaunting your masterpiece at the Haunted Hayride.

15 AMSTERDAM - summer

It’s no mystery that Amsterdam is one of the most visited party capitals, with college students and other bachelors packing their bags to rejoice in debauchery. With its extended operating hours for bars and clubs, its after-hours parties going into the early hours of the morning, and being on constant repeat the moment nightfall hits, Amsterdam promises to make for an unforgettable getaway (that’s if you don’t go too heavy on Jenevers and other Dutch spirits). Come Summertime, though, the number of tourists skyrockets, leading to long lines for any attraction whether it be getting into a club or checking into your hotel. On that note, this season also marks the peak of hotel prices. You’re better off traveling to Amsterdam during Tulip Season (Springtime), when nature begins giving the town its natural glow and when tourist traffic is medium-low.


It’s not that the food is bad; Carl’s Jr. is actually one of the more decent chains when fast-food comes into question. It’s just that cars are pulling up in the dozens due to the chain’s newest menu addition: Beyond Meat. Shortly before the end of 2018, Carl’s JR added the plant-based burger option to their menu in hopes of appealing to a wider range of consumers—and the strategy worked exceptionally. Ever since, social media pages have been promoting the Beyond Famous Star, leading to an astronomical rise in sales. With the increasing numbers of vegans and people opting for plant-based nutrition, 2019 will surely be the year in which Carl’s Jr. topples its competitors—but also steers far from being ‘fast food’ as lengthy lines and wait times will surely extend into the thirty minutes mark.


For starters, the Grand Canyon is a considerable drive and somewhat strenuous hike for most people, but if you’re an outdoors type of person, then this shouldn’t be a setback. The main reason why you should avoid The Grand Canyon from February onward is because 2019 marks its 100th anniversary. If you’ve previously been to historical site, then you know it brings in tourists from all over the world who can’t wait to take a picture with the “Peaks” as its backdrop; now try imagining how many visitors the Canyon’s century mark will bring in just so they can make that selfie much more monumental! Pass!

12 ACAPULCO - a packed summer

Acapulco is another Mexican tourist destination that attracts visitors worldwide due to its seaside allure and other tropical components. But the relaxing stops at the beach, because once night hits, Acapulco lights up and its clubs open their doors to welcome any party-goers from locals to visitors. For those who want to continue enjoying the warm weather, beach bars are Acapulco’s clubbing culture. Compared to the steeply priced vacations to Bora Bora and The Bahamas, Acapulco will certainly draw-in more tourists than usual during the 2019 heatwave.

11 Coachella - Still selling out

Coachella never fails in bringing music-buffs from all around the globe hoping to listen to their favorite musician perform live. Some of its past performers include Lana Del Rey, Beck, Morrissey, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Radiohead, to name a few. 2019’s line-ups promises to stay on par with the previous years, with Ariana Grande, Solange, Bad Bunny, Idris Elba amongst the artists booked to perform. If the idea of how crowded the event will be isn’t already making you rethink buying tickets, then the whopping $400-$500 per weekend pass probably will!


London is worth giving a visit at some point down the line. Historical landmarks like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Alexandra Palace aside, London provides a long-list of activities for anyone from historians to Harry Potter fans to revel in. Ever wanted to visit Hogwarts? Cambridge University (where all eight films where shot) is open for tourist to walk-thru almost everyday of the year. On that note, if you’re a literary expert, the Charles Dickens Museum will surely meet all your intellectual needs. Now take into account the “Tina Turner Musical with Dinner at the Privater” and “The Best of Queen Featuring the Bohemians” taking place in January, London is well on its way to continuing the year strong. If you’re adept with dealing with uproarious concert-goers, then feel free to visit London anytime. Otherwise, you should take your paid vacation closer to Spring (this will also spare you from London’s icy-cold winter).

9 SAN DIEGO, COMIC CON - sold out every year

San Diego is a great destination for a quick weekend getaway due to its beach-side appeal and its lively Downtown scene. From spending a day meditating and reflecting on life while staring into Coronado’s ocean waves, shopping at Horton Plaza in downtown, or grabbing some delicious sushi or authentic Mexican Food in Hillcrest District, San Diego has activities from day-in to day-out. But come mid-July, it’s best to avoid this region of Southern CA unless you’re a huge comic-buff. This year, Comic Con promises to draw in an even greater crowd with Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel releasing in theaters. If superheroes and celebrity Q and A’s make you cringe, steer clear—steer clear!

A Star Wars Land attraction has been in the talks by Disney ever since the new Star Wars trilogy released in 2015. Finally, 2019 will mark the grand opening of this 14-acre subsection of Disneyland Anaheim and Magic Kingdom resort in Orlando. It’s rumored to include rides inspired by every Star Wars movie to date (the most anticipated being Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run), areas designed after the franchise’s classic planets such as Tatooine and Yakuu, and, of course, countless shops selling lightsabers and other Star Wars memorabilia. So, if you’re one of the Disney-goers that doesn’t even have the patience to wait in line for Star Tours, then a visit to Disneyland is better set for 2020.


Any LA local knows that once April hits, the Dodger’s season goes well underway. For a good amount of Angelenos, going to a Dodgers game is a right of passage, enjoying oversized Dodger hot dogs while cheering on the team with their parents and siblings. But unless you’re walking to the game from wherever you live, getting to the stadium is a hassle that only truly devoted fans should take on. And considering that fans are eagerly anticipating the Dodgers having their rematch against the Boston Red Sox after their defeat last year, you can bet it’ll be a busy 2019 season at the stadium.


Grand Central Market hasn't been providing people with a culturally diverse dining experience since 1917 (you know a place is popular when it’s stood the test of time for over 100 years!). With each passing year, more food vendors enter the indoor Farmers Market, allowing visitors to do their grocery needs while indulging in any cuisine their hearts desire. But just like other gentrifying areas in LA, Grand Central Market is very much a hipster haven with eateries such as PBJLA (a gourmet and steeply priced take on PB and J), Mcconnell’s Ice Cream, and indie coffee shops all-around. If you have the patience to wait in long lines for a scoop of ice cream or your morning cup of Joe, then by all means, give Grand Central Market a shot. Otherwise, stick to your local Farmer’s Market or nearby grocery store.