The world is full of beautiful places that will simply take your breath away. Whether you've swum amongst the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, had wine and cheese under the Eiffel Tower, or took a safari tour through South Africa, you can honestly say you have experienced some of the most breathtaking views across the globe. As amazing as it may have been, there are times when certain places that once had a "wow" factor, have simply been ruined due to an unruly amount of tourists.

If you've tried to sneak a peek of the Santorini sunset without feeling like you were in a can of sardines, or have tried to enjoy the artistry behind the Mona Lisa without having a camera and flailing arms surround you, then count yourself lucky. With the emergence of social media, and the necessity to "capture a moment", so much of what used to be a beautiful experience, has since been bungled. Here are 25 places that got messed up because of obnoxious tourists.

  1. 25 Pont Des Arts - Padlocks

Paris, the city of lights and love, has yet, managed to be bungled by the millions of tourists that visit the city each year. One problem, in particular, was the 'Pont Des Arts', a bridge along the River Seine, that first began to be engulfed by padlocks in 2008, to signify the love between couples who put the padlocks on the bridge.

Although the idea is sweet, the bridge began to collapse in June of 2014, leading to several of the bridge's panels to be removed.

According to The National Post, the French government and tour companies have even gone as far as imploring tourists to end this silly ritual.

24 2. The Colosseum

The Coliseum, otherwise known as the Flavian Amphitheatre was built nearly 2000 years ago and remains as a massive tourist attraction in the center city of Rome. Although time has truly impacted the state of the breathtaking ruin, it has become quite an unstable infrastructure, partly due to the millions of tourists that continue to walk throughout its ancient stone walls.

Certain areas are completely off limits for possibilities of collapse, or permanent destruction, but it can only make us wonder just how much more time The Coliseum really has.

23 3. Isla De Sa Porrassa

Isla de Sa Porrassa is a Spanish island located close to the bay of Magaluf, Majorca. Although the island is quite small, measuring in at only 400 meters across its widest point, it has become one of the most popular party islands to date, much like similar locations such as Ibiza.

Due to the overwhelming number of party-goers that reach the island, mass amounts of trash and destruction has occurred to the island due to the young party animals that visit the island from surrounding European countries.

In addition, two British visitors who boated to the island, once flicked their cigarette butts, creating a fire that burned nearly 5 acres of the island, says The Guardian.

22 4. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a must-do on any traveler visiting England. The statues have remained for the past 4,000 - 5,000 years, however, tourists have begun to ruin this spectacular location.

Reports have revealed that many tourists will visit the site at night, in order to chip away at the stones to get a personal souvenir.

Although the government has roped off the areas surrounding Stonehenge since 1977, visitors still break the rules in order to get their hands on a piece of history.

21 8. The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid is a statue in Copenhagen, Denmark that was first unveiled in 1913. It has attracted millions of tourists to date, which has ultimately led to its countless defacements.

The statue has not only had its arm sawed off, but it has been covered in various colored paints, written on, knocked off the rock, and has been decapitated not once, but twice!

BBC has declared the statue quite a famous location for vandals and tourists trying to "be funny".

20 23. The Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are world-famous for their great biodiversity. Sitting just off the coast of Ecuador, this island has experienced far too many visitors. According to National Geographic, the high number of visitors that travel to the Galapagos each year, have become quite a concern.

The wildlife is in such a vulnerable state that many restrictions have been put into place in regards to tourism to prevent any species from being harmed.

With that being said, visitors cannot enter the island without a licensed tour guide, as a means to protect it at all costs.

19 5. Cuba

Although we've focused on cities, tourists have managed to affect this entire country! Since the embargo has been lifted, allowing U.Ss citizens to visit Cuba, the country has since increased its prices massively! According to the New York Times, 3.5 million tourists visited Cuba in 2016.

This created a shift in business within Cuba, having restaurants and hotels increase their prices to go along with this increase in tourists.

The city was once quite affordable for those visiting from South America, Canada, and Europe, however, with U.S. citizens taking Cuba by storm, prices have gone up, not only affecting veteran tourists but Cuban residents themselves.

18 6. Cambodia

Cambodia has certainly felt the ill effects of tourism! An entire lake in Phnom Penh was destroyed in order to build a hotel , and it has increased the number of children in orphanages that are selling souvenirs on the street. Of course, this is not entirely tourists fault for wanting to witness a beautiful country like Cambodia.

So many people were visiting that an entire market for children selling trinkets to tourists has been created to keep up with the numbers that are coming in each year to visit, says The Guardian.

So, if you visit Cambodia, as much as you may think you're doing them a favor, stray away and refrain from buying from these orphans.

17 7. Cay Island

Cay Island is an uninhabited island in the Exuma district of the Bahamas but remains q frequently visited location for tourists. The island is famously known for its roaming pigs, who are very much well-liked by locals and tourists alike. As great as this may be, tourists have managed to, yet again, put a damper on the day.

Many who visit the island feed pigs with very unhealthy foods.

The pigs and other wildlife are used to living off the food the island provides, however, tourists have gone as far as giving the pigs rum and beer, and even taking a joy ride on them! According to The Independent, many pigs have even been very sick due to this incessant behavior brought on by tourists.

16 9. Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramid and Great Sphinx are staples of Egyptian culture and history. Standing tall for nearly 5,000 years, the Pyramids have seen many things happen before their very eyes. Although they remain braving the desert winds, tourism has affected the Pyramids greatly.

Much like Stonehenge, tourists will often chip away at areas of the Pyramids to take home as a souvenir, however, the mass amounts of people who visit each year have led to serious damages by simply stepping foot onto the Pyramid grounds.

Egyptian law enforcers made it illegal to climb the pyramids, however, according to Travel & Leisure, this does not stop certain tourists from still giving it a try.

15 16. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park located in California is a huge tourist attraction! ABC News declared that nearly 4.5 million visitors came to Yosemite in 2017 in order to witness the gorgeous cliffs, trees, and biodiversity in person.

Although it's worth a visit, it's important to follow the rules too!

Many tourists have managed to break them by making campfires during their stays. With forest fires being more prominent than ever, fire bans have been put into place to avoid the spread of a wildfire. However, visitors do not seem to grasp the idea too well considering several fires in the past have been attributed to tourists.

14 18. The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is one of the most well-known paintings worldwide and is hung safely in The Louvre Museum in Paris, France. According to Travel & Leisure, nearly 8 million tourists traveled to Paris in 2017, all of which probably took a trip to see the Mona Lisa.

The painting itself is by no means large, so getting a proper glimpse of it is quite difficult.

With hordes of tourists and arms flinging to get the perfect shot, you can find yourself waiting nearly half an hour just to get your Instagram worthy selfie. The experience alone has been lessened due to the chaotic scenes surrounding the painting, besides, we all know what the painting looks like anyway.

13 19. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a staple to Pisa, Italy. It remains directly beside the Pisa Cathedral and is famously known for its 'bent' infrastructure, hence the use of "Leaning" Tower of Pisa.

Although the leaning tower is by no means tourists fault, it is the actions that are displayed by tourists that are obnoxious.

It appears to be impossible to get a shot of the tower without someone else in the frame attempting to "hold up" the tower. So, if you are going to visit Pisa, try to not partake in any of the awful posings that takes place in front of such a historic monument.

12 10. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of, if not, the most famous symbol of the Inca civilization. The citadel attracts millions of tourists each year, which means on average, 4,000 tourists visit the site every day.

According to UNESCO, the Peruvian government has set forth a 2,500 daily limit, which has not been followed by tourists who do not hire proper guides.

This had led to countless visitors taking the trip without professional guides, having them walk where they please in areas that can lead to immense damage to the historic grounds. Tsk tsk!

11 11. Kensington Market

Kensington Market is one of the most well-known places in Toronto, Canada. Although it is, in fact, a residential neighborhood, it also stands as a designated National Historic Site of Canada. Due to this reason, countless people who visit "the six", flock to Kensington Market making it an incredibly busy spot.

En lieu of the thousands upon thousands of visitors, the market residents have been threatened by the increasing rise in rent.

If that weren't bad enough, landlords are even evicting their tenants so that they can make more money selling it out to Airbnb for tourists who are willing to pay, which according to the Globe & Mail, is really beginning to worry the residents of the GTA.

10 12. Reykjavik

This beautiful Icelandic city is home to countless breathtaking views from mountains, lagoons, and waterfalls galore, you wouldn't think that tourist could possibly ruin this, but behold, they have.

Apart from the congestion tourists have created, the residents of Iceland are becoming a little fed up with how the country has turned out.

According to Grapevine, nearly 2 million people visit Iceland each year, versus the 350,000 that actually live there, causing tourism to practically take over the country. For this reason, most of the buildings that surround central Reykjavik are hotels, hostels, and tourism offices, making it feel more like a spring break destination than a place to call home.

9 13. Santorini

Ah, Santorini. The gorgeous Greek island that seems to be on everyone's to-do lists! Apart from its breathtaking views, delightful food, and history, Santorini too has fallen under the siege of tourism.

According to Travel & Leisure, you are more likely to run into a tourist than a local while visiting Santorini.

In addition, if you've dreamt of witnessing that Oia sunset in person, you better get there first thing in the morning, because you will not be able to grab an ideal spot with the thousands of other tourists who had the same idea you did. There are countless other gorgeous islands nearby, you would be better off visiting one of them and avoid feeling like a can of sardines in Santorini.

8 14. Koh Tachai

Tourism in Thailand is a major part of the Thai economy, and it seems as if everyone and their mother have been or are going to Thailand these days.

With that being said, one particular location, Koh Tachai, has become such a famous spot for tourists that it has officially been shut down by Thai officials.

According to Global News, "excessive tourism" and the amount of waste is the reason behind its permanent closure, which is truly a shame considering how beautiful the island of Koh Tachai really is.

7 15. Cozumel

This Mexican Island is a beautiful city that you must explore, however, it appears that too many people are taking that bit of travel advice! According to BBC, Cozumel is the second most popular cruise ship destination in the world, yes world! The island is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and coral reefs, are at least it used to be.

Due to the immense amount of ships visiting the island each day, the coral has become quite damaged!

Considering how sensitive and vulnerable coral is, to begin with, it is an absolute shame that these cruise ships have managed to threaten the coral reefs in Cozumel.

6 17. Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona's most famous tourist attractions! Considering tourism funds the construction of this Basilica, it's safe to say that tourist plays an important and integral part to Barcelona.

With that being said, the thousands of people who show up each and every day to see the Basilica in person, have hindered markets nearby and are congesting the streets of Barcelona to the point where local residents have had enough!

Due to the level of complaints about tourism, the Catalan government has placed more rules and regulations, and even went as far as closing 615 private accommodations since 2015, says Tech Crunch.

5 20. Times Square

This one needs very little explanation. If you have ever been to Times Square, you need not read any further, if you haven't, then let's dive right in. According to the New York Times, Times Square sees roughly 330,000 each day and is described as the "worst block in the city" since the 1960s.

With over 2,300 crimes occurring in Times Square in 1984, it has been deemed quite an unsafe area due to its immense concentration of people.

It is a hot spot for pickpockets, and crimes alike that have only increased due to the high numbers of visitors each year. So, if you want to experience Times Square, tune into any TV New Year's Eve special and call it a day.