There are some amazing places in the world that are just not worth our time to go. They could be some of the greatest wonders in the world, the ones on everyone’s bucket list, but the truth is, even the brightest and best attractions and places can be overrated if there are way too many tourists to enjoy it, or if it is too expensive to go to. There are many different reasons to classify something as overrated when travelling and a lot is in the eye of the beholder, but even the best sometimes isn’t as great as it seems.

Meanwhile, there are many places in the world that don’t get the same respect, the same number of tourists and the same attention as the world wonders do and it is a shame they don’t because they are just as beautiful and stunning as the next. Sometimes places can be underrated because they don’t have that wow factor, or don’t have a famous culture behind it, but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying what they can offer, and that is as just a great of an experience as anything else. So check out this list and see which places are overrated and which one are underrated and keep it in mind when planning your next vacation.

30 Waste Of Time: Santorini, Greece

Santorini is beautiful. It has some of the best views of the sunset in the entire Mediterranean Sea. And it is entirely overrated. Sunsets are amazing and all, and the white buildings of Santorini make it look amazing when taking photos, but you have to battle all the rest of the tourists there to try and enjoy the view. According to CNN, Santorini has a tourism problem, as over two million people visited in 2017, with over 850,000 coming in off cruise ships. That’s a lot of people to enjoy something you can pretty much see anywhere in the world.

29 Waste Of Time: New York City

New York City is apparently the city that never sleeps and is generally on most people’s bucket list for a vacation spot. The Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Time’s Square and just the lifestyle of New York makes people want to come, but also makes it overrated. New York is the largest city in the United States, and when you add in over 62.8 million tourists last year alone, according to the WYSE Travel Confederation, that makes for a lot of long lines, traffic jams and headaches as you try and visit some of the attractions. It’s also very expensive, so most of the time you must stay outside the city to afford to visit there.

28 Underrated: Bolivia

No one thinks that Bolivia is one of those countries to explore or that they are neighbours with their famous friends, Peru and Brazil. Many people don't seem to know that it is home to a large diversity of culture and extraordinary landscapes. According to National Geographic, Bolivia is home to the Amazonian jungle and the famous salt flats and has a strong indigenous culture that you won't find anywhere else in the world. This exciting country is also home to one of the highest mountains in South America the Andean Mountain. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience or a nature experience then this is your place to be.

27 Waste Of Time: Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are one of the most well-known waterfalls in the world and bring millions a year to see them. It has made Niagara Falls into the honeymoon capital of the world. But once you have seen them once, you’ve kind of seen the entire thing. With all the restaurants and hotels facing the falls, they are constantly in your face, and the locals know they bring millions of people, so they actually charge, according to the CBC, a tourism tax, which is an extra fee on all your purchases to support the tourism industry. So, you’re paying more, on top of already paying a lot for this tourist trap.

26 Waste Of Time: Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the greatest structures ever built, but in 2019, it can be considered an overrated place, considering that each day thousands of people visit it. According to Reader's Digest, over 40,000 people visit the Taj Mahal every day, so much so that India has actually had to put a cap on the number of people who can go in. But that is only on their own people, as outside tourists can go in for a fee. It’s overcrowded and while beautiful, is a waste of time if you could book other places to go instead.

25 Waste Of Time: Rainbow Mountain, Peru

The Rainbow Mountain in Peru will definitely get you a cool photo for your social media accounts, but that’s about it, making it an overrated place that thousands of people visit each year. According to Reader’s Digest, 1,000 people a day visit the mountains with all the colors of the rainbow and most of them don’t come prepared for the journey up the mountain, which is 5,200 feet above sea level. And you have to make sure to go on a sunny day because on overcast days, the colors are dull. You don’t really want to be counting on the weather when booking this trip months in advance.

24 Waste Of Time: Rome, Italy

Rome is another beautiful place that finds itself on everyone’s travel bucket list. But it earns its spot on the overrated list because of the number of people all thinking the same thing. The Colosseum, according to Reader’s Digest, is visited by 11,000 people a day, and the famous Trevi Fountain is so crowded that if you don’t get up early and go see it, you’ll be standing with thousands of people all trying to throw change in the fountain to make a wish. Do yourself a favor and pick a place you can enjoy the sights.

23 Underrated: Eastern Europe

Many visitors who do plan to visit Europe mostly plan to visit Western Europe where all the tourist attractions are and the cost of food and extra expenses are through the roof. What people don't know is that Eastern Europe is filled with multicultural countries that many people don't think of heading to. According to the Traveller, countries like Armenia and Albania have a rich history, delicious foods and are not overly populated with tourists. So why not take a chance and visit this underrated part of Europe and just maybe you will see something that you weren't expecting before.

22 Waste Of Time: Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for a party or spring break atmosphere, then Miami is the place for you, but if not, then avoid the overrated hype that is Miami. According to the Huffington Post, Miami is the 8th most overrated city in the world, as their pricey lifestyle and the weather, which can be very humid and no fun to be in all the time, make it a place to avoid. It’s America’s third most expensive city so if you’re looking for a party, try a place that has some culture with it as well.

21 Waste Of Time: Athens, Greece

An ancient civilization has many wonders and Greece is home to them, as the Acropolis is one of the most heavily visited places in the world. But after you have visited the Parthenon and the other structures there, you have to head into Athens, which according to the Huffington Post, is one of the most overcrowded and dirty cities in Europe. When you think of a vacation, you have to think of every day and you can see the Acropolis in one day, so what else are you going to do with your time?

20 Underrated: Alentejo, Portugal

Many Portuguese people know Alentejo as the next Lisbon. Filled with beach resorts and cultural pockets, this rural part of Portugal is worth visiting. According to National Geographic, this underrated city is best known for their food bowls and olive groves. This place is worth spending a couple of days to explore the vineyards and rolling hills that hug the mountains along the coastline. If you take it from me, this place is worth going to if you are ready to get lost in for weeks at a time.

19 Waste Of Time: Hollywood, California

If you are going to Hollywood with dreams of being a movie star, then you’re on the right track. But if you are going to Hollywood to see a movie star, well you are missing the mark and heading to one of the most overrated places in the United States. Hollywood is a symbol for actors and actresses, not a literal place you will see them on the street. And the two most popular attractions in Hollywood are the Walk of Fame, which is just a bunch of names on a sidewalk, and the Hollywood sign, which is just a sign in the mountains. Plenty of better places to visit.

18 Waste Of Time: Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the great mysteries of the world, as no one knows how they got these massive rocks that weigh 25 tons each on top of each other. But that isn’t what makes them overrated, it’s more that they are, according to the Huffington Post, overcrowded and inaccessible. They report that tourists are kept back 10 yards by ropes, so you can’t even go up and take a look around. And when you do get in, it’s crowded with people and 90 miles away from London, so it’s a far journey to see some rocks.

17 Waste Of Time: Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a mountain of four former United States leaders carved into the side of the mountain. It’s a symbol and it can look pretty amazing, except when you actually go see it and realize how far back you are and that you may need to use binoculars. According to USA Today, over three million people visit Mount Rushmore each year, but it’s in South Dakota and a large complaint is, after you have seen the sculpture, there isn’t much else to do in the area.

16 Waste Of Time: London, England

Jolly Old England makes the list of overrated places to visit, not because you can’t see amazing palaces, Big Ben or the bridges, but because it’s an island country and many people don’t realize that London gets a lot of rain every single year. According to Business Insider, London gets anywhere from 11 to 15 days a month of rain, and who wants to go on vacation and stand in the rain. But that is what you should expect from an island with water around it, so be mindful when booking those trips.

15 Waste Of Time: Venice, Italy

Venice has the world famous canals that bring couples there looking to have a romantic ride up the rivers that go between houses. But Venice has a tourism issue, so much so that the locals are leaving because of it. According to the Telegraph, over 70,000 people visit each day, which out numbers the locals, who are down to just 50,000. It’s no wonder they charge so much to get into a gondola, because they are always around people who don’t call the place home.

14 Waste Of Time: Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you ready to spend like a high roller? No? Well, then Las Vegas isn’t for you. The entire city is pretty much one big tourist attraction with one goal in mind, to get as much money from you as you can before you leave. Casinos are huge business, and they hire entertainment acts, such as the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga to perform in the hopes that you will come to check out their show, spend money at their casino and hotel and take your luck at the tables in hopes of winning it back. Chances are though, that won’t actually happen.

13 Waste Of Time: Cabo San Lucas

You don’t want to get the reputation of being the next Cancun, but that is exactly what is happening with Cabo San Lucas, as according to the Insider, Cabo is filled with college crowds, themed bars and restaurants and cheap drinks, all in the hope of luring in the college kids on break. And because of violence in the area, the US State Department actually had to issue a warning to people about visiting. It’s getting dangerous and overcrowded and there are much better beach areas in the world to visit.

12 Underrated: Northern Ireland

This destination is known for its role in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Northern Ireland is known for its beauty and scenic views, and this destination is one of the top destinations that is underrated and becoming a must-see. According to the Traveller, Northern Ireland is known for its golf courses that used to host the British Open. Although the golf courses are amazing, many come to Northern Ireland to surf the waves along the Causeway Coast.

11 Underrated: Uruguay

This small country just south of Brazil is one of the top destinations that is underrated. Uruguay is known for its charming attractions such as the beaches and horseback riding through the countryside. According to Traveller, this country is strongly known for their culture and the Gauchos, which are men (cowboys) that travel along the countryside in search of bulls to bring back to their farms. If you are into camping under the stars in search of bulls, then this is the place for you.