John o' Groats in Scotland to Land's End in England is a trip that takes around 876 miles to complete and marks the two furthest accessible points from the top to bottom of the United Kingdom. As such, many travelers have taken it upon themselves to test out this journey for themselves over the years.

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If you've ever considered doing so, then you're in luck: we've decided to put together a list of 10 places that we feel you should visit along the way. Of course, if your aim is to get there as quickly as possible then this list may not be for you, but either way, you should have a pretty fun time.

10 Loch Ness

The majority of the trips that you’d be taking on these ten stops will be two or three hours long if you’re driving, but trust us when we say that it’d be worth it. Stop number one will take you all the way down to Loch Ness because when you’re already in Scotland, you kind of need to test the waters at Loch Ness.

The popular tourist spot is known for being the supposed home of Nessie, aka the Loch Ness Monster, but in addition to that, you’ve also got the overwhelming statistics and figures that come alongside the Loch. That includes the fact that every single person on Earth could fit into it.

9 Edinburgh

We’d argue that Edinburgh Castle is one of the most remarkable spots in the entire United Kingdom, and it’s certainly the most impressive castle of them all. It looks down upon the city with great pride and gives you a sense of what it means to be proud of your Scottish roots.

As a whole, though, Edinburgh is just exceptionally friendly. Glasgow is just down the road and also makes for a fun visit, but if you had to pick one out of the two to visit, there really is no contest in our eyes.

8 Newcastle

The pride of the North East resides in Newcastle, which is a city full of fun and culture in equal measure. If you want a long weekend in a city that never sleeps (in the realm of English culture, of course), then we’d go to Newcastle.

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If you’ve got the time to pop and see the Angel of the North, then we’d also highly recommend doing that because, in many ways, it serves as a symbol for the area. What that symbol is kind of rests in the viewer, but we tend to feel like it represents strength.

7 Lake District

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and we mean that sincerely. There are very, very few destinations that come close, and it really does give some of North America’s finest national parks a good run for their money in more ways than one.

There’s so much to see and explore, from the lakes themselves to the unbelievable views across the mountains. Oh, and did we mention that sheep actually outnumber humans here by 75 to 1? So, you know, just make sure you respect their home.

6 Liverpool

If you’re a huge fan of football, then head to Anfield. If you want to go on a crazy night out, then go to literally any of the bars or clubs in the city center. If you enjoy culture and history, then go check out the museums. Oh, and if you love music, then welcome to the home of The Beatles.

Liverpool is one of the most diverse and fascinating cities in England, mainly because you just never know what is waiting around that next corner for you to explore.

5 Snowdonia

The pride of Wales really is found in Snowdonia, which is a mountainous region that features the tallest point in the country. Whether you walk up or get the train to the very top, it doesn’t matter because you’re going to see some magnificent views all the same.

Some people tend to believe that you need to go to the end of the Earth in order to enjoy some of the best views that this wonderful planet has to offer, but we disagree. Snowdonia is a place to a reflect, and also, it’s a place to shoot for the stars.

4 Nottingham

As the home of Robin Hood, you would expect Nottingham to be held to a pretty high standard—and you’d be right. It’s known for being one of the most popular cities in the country, courtesy of the student life, the shopping, and just for generally being the best city in the Midlands by a country mile.

It’s often forgotten about among the big boys due to its location, but we’d like to see that change in the coming years. It’s a city on the rise with each and every passing year, and we’re counting the surrounding areas in that, too.

3 London

It’s the capital city of England and it’s one of the most famous cities in the world. Sure, you have to go out of your way a bit in order to get there for Nottingham, but you certainly aren’t going to regret it.

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There are more monuments and sights available to you here than pretty much anywhere in the country, and we’re talking about everything from the stereotypical stuff all the way through to the places you may not have ever known about. London is now, and will forever be, incredibly special.

2 Bath

If you want a little bit of history out of your trip, then you can’t exactly go wrong with the Roman Baths. In addition to that, Bath happens to be a city with a fantastic background and heritage that runs deeper than most throughout the entire country.

It really is one of the gems that make Somerset such a fascinating and intriguing county, and beyond that, it’s just unbelievably picturesque. If you happen to make the trip during the build-up to Christmas, then see if you can stop off and see the markets.

1 Bournemouth

Bournemouth Beach is enough of a reason to make this your final stop before heading down to Land’s End, which is a cool 4 hours and 45 minutes away from this Dorset destination.

If you were crazy enough to go on a journey such as this, then it’s probably a good idea to chill out and have a nice portion of fish & chips before heading back on the road. Bournemouth affords you that opportunity, and it also happens to be one of the happiest towns in the entire country.

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