When it comes to aliens, most people immediately think of Area 51. This top-secret military base is located in Nevada. Although no one actually knows what's going on in Area 51, there are a ton of rumors about what's happening inside Area 51. Many people are convinced that aliens are being kept and studied with their advanced technology.

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Unfortunately, actually visiting Area 51 to try to find out what's happening there is not something anyone can do. The area is highly classified and guarded, so only people that are actually working at Area 51 know what's going on there. Are they studying aliens? No one really knows. But luckily, there are other places that people can try to find aliens around the world. To see 10 places to search for aliens (outside of Area 51!), keep reading.

10 Thom Reed UFO Monument Park - Sheffield, Massachusetts

The covered bridge in Thom Reed UFO Monument Park, a historical site in Sheffield, Massachusetts, used to be one that cars could drive over. These days, it's simply part of a grassy park and no cars are allowed to drive over it.

This park has been a significant place in Sheffield since 1969 when Thom Reed and his family, while driving over this bridge, saw a bright light come out of the water and then a mysterious force took them to a building full of strange, insect-like creatures. Thom Reed's claim of being abducted was one that even had several witnesses  - 40 other Sheffield residents claimed they saw the same strange light come out of the water.

9 The Mountain Sphinx - Bușteni, Romania

The Mountain Sphinx is considered one of the wonders of Romania and is a popular tourist destination for anyone visiting the Romanian countryside. This 40-foot-tall rock has been carved to look somewhat similar to a face and is accessible either by hiking or by cable car.

What do aliens have to do with this rock? Some of the  different myths and legends attached to it involve aliens. People have speculated and theorized for a long time that this was carved by aliens that came to Earth, by a secret society as an offering to a higher power, or even that it's hiding something beneath its surface.

8 1800s Alien Gravesite - Aurora, Texas

Roswell, New Mexico may be one of the best-known places in the US for UFO sightings. But Aurora, Texas was once widely known for a UFO incident that happened there, long before the one that made Roswell famous. Today, the local cemetery still has a grave marker dedicated to reminding people of the unexplained incident in the 19th century.

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In 1897, the Dallas Morning News ran a piece describing the "mystery airship" that was spotted flying over Aurora before it made a crash landing. It crashed straight into a windmill that belonged to the local judge. The pilot of this mysterious craft was killed in the crash and witnesses claimed that what they saw being pulled out of the wreckage was far from human.

7 Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Thanks to a book and movie that were released about this 1966 incident, it's hard to think of Point Pleasant, West Virginia without immediately thinking about the story of the Mothman. Between 1966 and 1967, several different people in the town of Point Pleasant claimed to have seen a tall, humanoid creature with large wings and glowing red eyes flying or following them around town.

Stories about spotting the Mothman mostly stopped after a bridge in Point Pleasant collapsed in 1967, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating. Point Pleasant is now a popular tourist destination for people that want to find the truth about the legend of the Mothman.

6 Wycliffe Well - Davenport, Australia

In the US, the main place that people think of when they think about UFO sightings is Roswell, New Mexico. In Australia, they have Wycliffe Well which is often described as Australia's version of Roswell. Wycliffe Well is located in a part of Australia where there's not much else to see.

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It's located in the vast desert of the outback and is a small stop for people traveling through to get a snack, gas up their car, or even stay for a little while before they continue on their journey.  While these are common throughout the less inhabited parts of Australia, there's another reason that people visit Wycliffe Well. Since the mid-20th century, there have been several reports of UFO activity taking place out here. Because of that, UFO enthusiasts flock to this remote location in hopes of spotting an alien.

5 Jungfrau Park - Interlaken, Switzerland

Some people take their obsession with finding life on other planets really far. While some people are happy to speculate about whether or not aliens exist while they watch documentaries and read about UFO incidents, some people just have to take it even further.

Jungfrau Park is located in Switzerland and was opened in 2003 by Erich von Däniken, an author who takes his alien obsession to a whole new level. Although Jungfrau Park isn't the site of a past UFO incident, this entire theme park is dedicated to the different mysteries of the world and the idea that aliens might have had something to do with them.

4 UFO Trail - Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England

In December of 1980, Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England became the site of an unexplained UFO incident. A security guard in the area saw lights going into Rendlesham Forest and sent people into the forest to investigate. There, they reportedly saw a metallic object with glowing lights retreat into the forest.

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Today, there's a trail into the forest that leads to the location where this unexplained object was once spotted. Visitors walk the UFO trail in the hopes that whatever visited the area in 1980 will come back.

3 Gulf Breeze, Florida

Beginning in 1987, a man in Gulf Breeze, Florida took a series of photographs in a specific area of the community that he claimed showed evidence of UFO activity in the community. Although some have claimed that the photos were a hoax and have attempted to recreate them in order to prove this, some UFO enthusiasts still travel to Gulf Breeze in order to visit the location of the photographs.

YouTube star Dan Bell did a video in which he traveled to Gulf Breeze in order to investigate the area and attempt to recreate the photos to see whether or not Ed Walters' UFO experience was simply a hoax.

2 Denver International Airport - Denver, Colorado

Although airports aren't typically super interesting places, Denver International Airport is definitely an exception. This airport is truly unusual in its decor and has garnered quite a few conspiracy theories about what's going on there. From strange murals around the airport to the giant blue horse sculpture outside, there are good reasons that this airport has so many people talking about it.

One of the main theories surrounding this airport is the idea that there's a series of bunkers underneath the airport that serve as a home for aliens. Exactly why the airport would be storing aliens in the basement is unknown, but it's definitely an interesting airport to explore during a layover.

1 The Black Mailbox - Alamo, Nevada

The Black Mailbox is the closest that most people will get to reaching Area 51. Area 51 is a secretive base located in the Nevada desert and the area around it has become popular for the alien obsessed. This unassuming mailbox is located along the Extraterrestrial Highway between Alamo and Rachel, Nevada.

The Black Mailbox belongs to a man named Steve Medlin. After he began receiving mail addressed to aliens from other planets, he attached a second mailbox labeled "Alien" for people to leave their extraterrestrial correspondences. This mailbox has been the site of some unexplained activity and is a popular meeting place for UFO enthusiasts.

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