The world is full of some awe-inspiring destinations full of tasty food, jaw-dropping landscapes, colourful art and architecture, and a mix of history and culture that are just waiting to be absorbed! Although this sounds incredible, sometimes, it isn't what everyone is looking for, especially when it comes to Millennials.

Millennials have created trends beyond our wildest expectations, from avocado museums, artsy neighbourhoods, eating in the dark or eating only organic, this generation sure knows how to spice up the party. Although you might be scratching your head at a couple of these funky places, you'll find yourself being more intrigued than confused, that's for sure. Behold, the 25 places only Millennials will venture off to!

25 The Cado Museum - San Diego, California

Believe it or not, an avocado museum does exist! With recent trends surrounding the delicious food, it goes without saying that it's definitely worth an entire museum. If you're up to seeing in person, then a flight to San Diego, California is all you need! According to Art-Net News, 'The Cado', is a museum dedicated to, you guessed it, avocados. The museum is a 6,700 sq. ft. pop-up experience celebrating California's favourite fruit. The museum itself urges anyone who loves the delicious green fruit, not vegetable, despite many peoples' beliefs, to immerse themselves in the "green you love to 'gram and emerge with more than just a pretty picture". If you're an avo fan, then you know what to do!

24 Truman Café - Victoria, Australia

Next up on the list of hidden Millennial gems is none other than the Truman Café in Victoria, Australia. Although the name might indicate that its simply a normal run of the mill cafe, it is in fact, the complete opposite! This cafe, according to their website, offers a unique latté served in none other than an avocado skin! Leave it to the Millennials to start serving coffee in the skin of an avocado. Although this may seem strange, it is in fact quite the experience. Truman Café revealed how they first made their avo latté as a joke, however, after receiving enormous amounts of positive feedback from their social media following, they decided to put it on the menu permanently, making it quite the success!

23 Selfie Museum - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Believe it or not, this selfie museum is very much a real thing! As mentioned before, millennials love updating their social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, there is a lot of effort that goes into keeping one's followers on their toes. According to, a new "museum", titled the Selfie Museum has opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offering visitors countless themed rooms to take some of the most epic selfies in ever! Whether you're going in solo, or with a group of your best buds, you are bound to score the most colourful and fun photo ever at the selfie museum.

22 Williamsburg - Brooklyn, New York

Williamsburg is probably 'The Spot' for any millennial out there! Whether you're into art, food, or some funky music, you can find just about anything and everything you want in this hidden gem region of Brooklyn, New York. According to NYC Go, Williamsburg is the "millennial capital" of New York, where you can find just about anything that fits your taste and needs blocks away from one another. The area is full of young go-getters with aspiring goals from artists, actors, and entrepreneurs! Williamsburg is definitely the "it" spot for anyone trying to make it a big in the city.

21 Tomorrowland Festival - Boom, Belgium

It goes without saying that music festivals have grown immensely with this generation of millennials. From countless festivals across the world such as Coachella, Summerfest and Rock in Rio, there is one that definitely takes the cake! The biggest EDM festival in the world is located in Boom, Belgium, and is known across the world as Tomorrowland. According to Your EDM, Tomorrowland features some of the most famous EDM artists across the globe and has nearly 200,000 people in attendance from over 75 countries. If you love electronic dance music or having fun in general, then this is definitely the spot for you.

20 Color Run - Dallas, Texas

Who doesn't love throwing powdered paint at one another whilst running a marathon? Well, millennials sure do love it. According to Papercity Magazine, colour run, also known as "the happiest 5,000 meters on the planet", is an annual event series hosted in countless cities across the world, that is operated by a non-profit company, known as The Colour Run LLC. If you're into helping a good cause, all while doing it covered in all the colours of the rainbow, then this is definitely the place for you! The event takes places in North, and South America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, claim the Colour Run website, so choose your destination and have fun!

19 Museo Del Meme - Mexico City

Meme culture has skyrocketed over the past few years, and that is mainly due to the constant creating, sharing and laughing of memes by none other than millennials. Although other generations are not able to grasp what exactly a meme truly is, millennials sure have it down to an art, so much that it has found its way into a museum! Mexico City has officially opened its very own meme museum, titled 'Museo del Meme'. According to Notimerica, you can find just about anything and everything when it comes to memes, including the very first ones that started this entire culture hanging up on their walls.

18 Rinkoff Bakery - London, England

Nothing screams millennials like a rainbow bagel! Rainbow anything has become such a hot commodity nowadays that it's truly become a representation of millennials as a whole. If you love rainbow just as much as the next person, then you bet that you'd love a rainbow bagel from none other than the famous Rinkoff Bakery in London, England. According to TripAdvisor, their rainbow bagels are rated some of the yummiest across Europe, and although you may be turned off by the colours, rest assured, it's worth every bite!

17 Fran's Restaurant - Toronto, Canada

Fran's Restaurant is famously known across Canada, especially for those living in Toronto, and although the renowned restaurant, with several locations across Toronto, is known much for their food and atmosphere, another thing they are famous for is there themed pop-up restaurants. Leave it to the millennials to get shows such as Netflix' "Riverdale" to happen in real life. According to the Toronto Star, Fran's opened a pop-up restaurant inspired by Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe, as seen in 'Riverdale'. Guests can enjoy diner style food, and milkshakes, all while snapping some memorable shots of their experience for Instagram.

16 Melrose Trading Post - Los Angeles, California

The Melrose Trading Post, located in Los Angeles, California, is the largest thrifting event in North America. Considering how interested millennials are when it comes to thrifting, it also makes sense that an annual event surrounding thrifting makes the list! According to Racked LA, the Melrose Trading Post features countless sections offering some of the most rad clothing out there, all at a great price! Guests can also enjoy some tasty food, and music during their visit. If there is one place to thrift, it's definitely at the Melrose Trading Post.

15 The Museum of Ice Cream - New York City

This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill! An ice cream museum does exist, and we aren't talking about the informative kind of museum. Located in the Big Apple, the ice cream museum is a pop-up "museum" filled with fun and decorative rooms that make for the perfect Instagram post. Considering millennials take their social media very seriously, New York City decided to open its very own ice cream themed pop up museum that allows anyone to visit, explore the rooms, all while taking crazy photos with the insanely colourful backdrops and props provided. According Eater NY, this installation has attracted thousands upon thousands of visitors, and you could be one of them!

14 Matcha Cafe - Bali, Indonesia

Matcha has become quite a famous ingredient in just about anything recently. Although many people mistake matcha for green tea, it's important to know the difference. According to Spoonful University, matcha is far more concentrated in antioxidants and caffeine than green tea, in fact, one cup of matcha is equivalent to three cups of green tea! If you're looking to get your hands on everything matcha, then you're in luck. The Matcha Cafe Bali, located in Bali, Indonesia, has one of the most matcha infused menus in the world, so next time you've got a craving for matcha, you know where to go!

13 29 Rooms - Los Angeles, California

In addition to various pop-up installations across the United Stations from the ice cream museum, and the avocado museum, Los Angeles, California is hopping onto the bandwagon. 29 Rooms is another pop-up themed installation with exactly 29 rooms filled with everything you need for the perfect Instagram shot. According to Refinery29, this location is somewhat of a "funhouse" for adults that is filled with style, culture and creativity. According to 29Rooms website, many people now celebrate birthdays at these pop-up locations, and make a day out of it with their closest friends!

12 O'Noir - Montréal, Québec

O'Noir is one of many restaurants that let you eat your dinner, completely in the dark! This particular restaurant is located in Montréal, Canada, and offers you quite the experience. The restaurant itself is located in pitch black darkness, allowing your taste buds to take over. According to AMI-Télé, the restaurant staff are all visually impaired and serve eclectic dishes in a dark dining room. Many other cities have similar concepts, where those who venture into the dark, or either blindfolded or submerged into complete darkness throughout the duration of their meal. This not only makes for quite the story to tell but also allows you to truly enjoy your meal with one sense completely taken away.

11 Meow Parlour - New York City

Next up on the list is a concept created recently, and is the ideal place for not only millennials but cat lovers to hang out with some of their furry friends! The Meow Parlour is located in the centre of New York City and offers an experience where customers can enjoy their afternoon surrounded by feline friends. According to New York Cliche, the atmosphere is very "homey", and is a by-the-hour service allowing guests to pet their time away with cats, all while enjoying coffee, tea, pastries and free Wi-Fi. If you're feline-friendly, and looking for a cute way to spend your afternoon, then look no further.

10 Bau House - Seoul, South Korea

We couldn't leave our dog lovers out! In addition to some awesome cat cafés, there are also some really great dog cafés, too. One, in particular, that is world renowned is the Bau House located in Seoul, Korea. According to Dining Addiction, Bau House offers everything you would find in your typical café from coffee, tea and yummy baked goods, all while enjoying your time with some K-9 friends! The café is separated by designated areas for smaller dogs and bigger dogs, depending on who you'd like to play with first. Not only is this the best way to spend time with friends, but a way to get acquainted with some of the cutest dogs in the world.

9 Iris Festival - Brussels, Belgium

It is said that millennials are the reason food trucks are continuing to thrive, and there is not one bit of that information that is false! Millennials love themselves some delicious food from food trucks serving up some of the most unique and specialized food in the world. One place you wouldn't want to miss is the Iris Festival in Brussels, Belgium, hosting some of the most delicious food trucks in all of Europe, that offer food combinations you wouldn't even think to go together. According to Brussels Feest, not only can you enjoy some amazing food, but there are countless events happening during the annual festival too, from music, pop-up shops and art installations that make for the perfect weekend.

8 Forged Axe Throwing - Whistler, Canada

Next up on the list is none other than a little axe throwing! This medieval tactic taken to the 21st century has become quite the trend lately, and we must admit, it's amazing. One place to go is Forged Axe Throwing in Whistler, Canada, where you can enjoy the mountainous landscape, all while hitting a target. Not only is it the perfect way to test your aim, but it is a sure way to relieve some stress in a safe and controlled environment. According to Forged Axe, you and your closest friends can enjoy private lessons, catered meals and a whole lot of axe throwing to fill your afternoon with nothing but fun.

7 Comic-con - Phoenix, Arizona

Comic-con is one place you will definitely find millennials at, however, not just ordinary millennials, but ones in cosplay! According to AZ Central, Comic-Con International is a "multi-genre entertainment and comic convention" held annually in various locations across the globe! This is the perfect opportunity for any DC, Marvel or fandom out there to dress up as your favourite character from any comic, video game or film. It is also the perfect opportunity to meet people from across the world whilst partaking in the many events and panels that take place during the convention!

6 Dinner In The Sky - Dubai, U.A.E

Now, who wouldn't want to partake in some fine dining a hundred or so feet above the ground? Dinner in the Sky has become quite the rage lately, and countless cities are picking up this amazing dining experience, including Dubai! According to Dinner In The Sky, yourself and 20 other guests will embark on a crane that hoists the entire party, the table and waiting staff 150 feet into the air. Forbes has declared this phenomenon as "one of the world's ten most unusual restaurants", and although unusual it may be, the view of the Emirates skyline is definitely worth it.