Everyone likes to travel. It’s educational, it’s exciting, and it’s something most people don’t do everyday. Some people love traveling alone, backpacking through European countries or exploring the many villages in Mexico. Other people just like filling their gas tank and taking a trip cross country to visit never-before seen States. Then there are the people who just can’t leave anywhere outside a five-mile radius without their significant other.

These are the people that dream of a getaway to Rome while making a wish by the Trevi Fountain for their happily ever after. These are the people who plan elaborate vacations each year, saving every extra penny outside their budget just so they can take a romantic cruise to Cancun. These are the people who will travel to the ends of the earth and back with the one they love.

It goes without saying that there are some traveling destinations that just aren’t meant for people in relationships. Some of these places aren’t vacation spots per say, but just venues aimed at single people due to their attractions. Then there are places that for several, personal reasons you should never go to with your partner or even by yourself.

25  A COLLEGE TOWN - even the strongest relationships crumble

Sure, college towns can be really fun, especially if you’re there with buddies. From house parties to bar-hopping, the possibilities for an unforgettable and fuzzy weekend are limitless. But, college towns aren’t the safest nor the most interesting places for couples. What one partner might think is fun could seriously off-put the other, because watching someone drinking shot after shot of Vodka gets old fast and so does having to nurse them back from a hangover the morning after. Also, unless you're from that college town and know it inside and out, you'll likely run out of things to do really quickly.

24 LAS VEGAS - What stays in Vegas, does not return home to a stable relationship

It’s no mystery that Las Vegas is a highly coveted tourist destination. From fancy casinos, its lively club scene, seeing Cher or Britney Spears in concert, or simply eating plateful after plateful of your favorite cuisines at the buffets, Las Vegas makes for a vast itinerary. But, just like a trip to Amsterdam or any other party-centric destination, Las Vegas is best enjoyed single with a group of friends looking to make some...fun memories. There’s a reason why the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” exists.

23 COMIC CON - so many nerds, so little clothing

Comic Con attracts thousands and thousands of Marvel, DC, and superhero fans in general to its annual convention in San Diego, CA. This is the perfect place to get a glimpse of, or if lucky enough, a picture with your favorite MCU actor or actress, or simply get some shopping done through the stands after stands selling action figures, comics, and other comic-based memorabilia. But, there is nothing romantic about comic-con, and unless your significant other is as much of a loyal fan as you, the hours of pushing through people or standing while Robert Downey Jr. answers Q and A’s will surely get the best of them.

22 GRAND CANYON - a long, boring hike

The biggest issue with The Grand Canyon is that it’s lackluster in terms of romantic getaways (or any sort of getaway). It's a tedious drive from wherever you're at in Arizona, and then after the long drive, there’s the strenuous hiking trail that follows, all to get a beautiful yet momentary view of the red rocks, you're left wondering if the trip was even worth it. On the upside, if a couple manages to arrive at the right time of day, a romantic sunset while gazing at the Colorado River makes for a great memory.

21 CLUBBING - just don't

There’s nothing wrong with clubbing every once in a while, whether with your significant other or friends. But, let’s face it, it’s not something you want to do every weekend if you’re planning to settle down with this person down the line. For some people, clubbing exacerbates certain personality quirks to the point of getting the best of everyone around them, partners included. This occurrence followed by a morning hangover and being bedridden are not lights you want your partner, or anyone close to you, to see you in.

20 NEW ORLEANS - beads for days!

New Orleans is a great place to vacation for a variety of reasons. First, people love that is a 24/7 party haven, because even when the bars close down, party-goers can still walk around the streets the entire night due to this city’s lenient drinking laws. Then there’s its food, its delicious Cajun cuisine ranging from jambalaya, gumbo, and beignets from Cafe Du Monde. But New Orleans’s decadent allure can cause trouble for couples when a full day of drinking leads to sloppy behavior and poorly articulated exchanges.

19 YOUR OLD FRATERNITY - memories better left in the past

A fraternity is where one builds memories, all sorts of memories, during their college years. While these memories range from memorable to not so memorable, a lot of graduates tend to hold them in their minds nostalgically. But, your old frat house is not the place to take your current partner. From tales of belligerent weekends, nights out in the town, and probably other recollections from your college partying days, your frat house and frat brothers aren’t what you should expose a current partner to if  looking to maintain a flawless self-image.

18 AUSTRALIA - the night life is better for solo travel

There’s nothing wrong with visiting Australia in itself. It’s a beautiful continent filled with adventurous sites such as Sydney,  Melbourne, Queenstown, and The Gold Coast. From its amiable and lively residents, its artsy scene (the Sydney Opera House has a reputation that precedes it), and for lovers of marine life, The Great Barrier Reef. The major setback for visiting couple is that Australia is very much a partying destination (think Copenhagen) and probably best enjoyed by bachelors and bachelorettes looking to fully indulge.

17 A SPORTS BAR - dudes, dudes everywhere

A sports bar is great to unwind with buddies after a long day at work or during the weekend rooting your favorite sports team. But just like clubbing is probably an activity you don’t want to engage in frequently with your significant other, neither is bar-hopping on a weekend-to-weekend basis. Not just do those drafts have a way of catching-up to people unexpectedly, but the rowdiness and bonding between you and your bar crew may lead to feelings of neglect when your partner is sitting next to you, first beer still in hand, and staring blankly at the peanut bowl in front of them.

16 THE MALL - nothing screams romance like waiting for her to finish shopping

The mall in itself is a fun place. You can go there with your buddies and find everything from your electronic to clothing needs. Some people just love hanging out there while grabbing lunch at the food court and window shopping. In terms of relationships, the mall can be a big no-no due to the differing tastes between partners; one might not be the biggest fan of ‘shop until you drop’ while the other could care less about giving their opinion on what Adidas look best. Also, the waiting around outside a dressing room for hours-on isn’t fun, no matter what role you play in someone's life.

15 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD - nothing romantic about being shoved and bombarded with people

There is nothing romantic about the crowding, pushing, and shoving that comes with visiting Hollywood Boulevard. It doesn’t offer anything different from an indoor mall, the Walk of Fame is one of its only unique offerings, and the influx of artists trying to get you to buy their music demo is an every other person occurrence. This place is best left for tourists over couples looking to spend a relaxing day out in the town. But, if you’re into Elvis or Batman impersonators, snagging a picture with either of them is worth a solo trip.

14 A JEWELRY STORE - unless it's time to pop the big question

Oh, the memories of Holly Golightly standing outside Tiffany’s. But just like Paul could only afford to have a Crack Jack ring engraved for Holly, most people can’t afford to purchase a necklace, ring, or some other costly pieces from reputable jewelers the likes of Tiffany’s and Co., David Yurman, Harry Winston, or Cartier. And even if one could, an even greater commitment might come to mind for a couple when walking into any of these shops, and if one of the parties isn’t ready to pop the question, this could lead to some serious trouble in paradise!

13 BAJA CALIFORNIA - party 24/7

Baja California has come a long way in the last couple of years. From paved roads, commercialized shopping centers, to other tourists attractions, an LA or San Diego native can make the trip across the border for a quick and relatively affordable weekend getaway; it’s a much more feasible alternative to the extensive preparation of flying to Mexico City or other parts of Mexico. But, with inexpensive drinks and bars and so many other partying outlets at your disposal, Baja California is best enjoyed with friends or college buddies as opposed to your significant other.

12  MOTEL 6 - not the most romantic of places

This is one to steer clear of whether you’re just starting your relationship or a few weeks away from tying the knot. There’s a reason why this motel has competitive rates when compared to five star hotels and other motels in general: it leaves a lot to be desired. From its cramped spacing (specifically its bathrooms), customer complaints of unkempt rooms, lost reservations, and questionable next-door guests, Motel 6 is a classic example of “you get what you paid for,” and this a bad impression to leave on a significant other or anyone else for that matter.

11 RENO, NEVADA - tacky city

Reno has its ups and downs just like any other tourist designation. One of its best perks is that unlike Vegas, which attracts millions daily due to its promise of getting lucky with one of the slot machines, clubbing in swanky clubs, and relaxing by the rooftop pools, Reno’s influx is much more condensed. Visitors can actually get by without the minute-to-minute push and shove, and even eating at the buffets is more enjoyable due to their smaller lines. Nevertheless, Reno’s biggest advantage quickly becomes a setback when after a couple of hours of slot machines and Black Jack, there’s not much left to do, leaving your partner to wonder “What happened to your adventurous spirit?”

10 THE ALAMO - snoozefest

The Alamo is a coveted destination when making a temporary stay in San Antonio. It holds the history to one of California’s most defining battles: Texas vs Mexico. From guided tours throughout its pivotal sites, souvenir shops selling merchandise inspired by settlers of the time, and even workshops for teachers and students, The Alamo is an all-around enriching experience. But, if you’re just a couple looking for a fun vacation, the Alamo might lose some of its appeal when compared to the many bars, the Riverwalk, and other festive venues San Antonio has to offer.

9 CATALINA ISLAND - too crowded

Catalina is an easy island getaway without having to actually pay for a plane ticket to travel to Hawaii or The Bahamas, but convenience aside, Catalina falls short in several regards. Its accessibility leads LA natives to crowd it at all times of the year. Additionally, what one saves on plane tickets to travel outside California they end up spending on hotel bookings, which can range anywhere from $80-$200 a night. Lastly, sunny lunches, strolls through Green Pleasure Pier, and serene dinner aside, Catalina’s offerings aren’t innovative and won’t earn you further credibility with your partner. If anything, they might question your originality.

8 MCDONALD'S - Doesn't really scream romance

So maybe this one is an exception if you’ve been together for some time and going through the Mickey D’s drive-thru makes for a convenient breakfast; but, if you’re just testing the waters in a new relationship—steer clear. McDonald’s isn’t known for its stellar ambiance, exquisite egg dishes, nor its gourmet burgers, so do yourself and your partner a favor by exploring your town’s dining scene. You’ll thank yourself sooner than later, especially when compliments on how well-rounded you are start flowing your way.

7 AMSTERDAM - Many different ways to party

Unless your significant other is your partner-in-crime when it comes to partying and others forms of debauchery, this is one vacationing spot you’d best visit with your best friends or on a solo adventure. From its rows after rows of bars, clubs, and other uproarious venues, Amsterdam is considered the universal party central for barflies and college students longing to let loose (it runs on a 24-hour-license for a reason). But if you do take a chance and bring your partner along for the party, there are romantic activities to rejoice in such as a Gondola ride down Amsterdam Canals.

6 Where a past relationship ended - best not to return to the scene

This one may seem like common sense, but some people believe themselves to have tough-skin and will revisit where they and their ex-broke up—with their current partner! By all means, if you’re good about ‘What’s in the past, stays in the past,” then continue frequenting that cafe, park bench, or restaurant where you and your former partner called it quits. But if you’re someone prone to high-levels of nostalgia, you’re best off not risking it. There are always more restaurants and hangout spots to build new romantic memories.