It's no secret that the world is full of majestic and magical destinations that can truly take your breath away! Whether you have checked off every sight on your travel destination bucket list, or have yet to even begin the journey, there is no time like now. From countless sights, and world wonders waiting to be explored by your inner traveller, there is nothing that should stop you from living out your travel dreams, or so we thought.

Although the world is home to some true beauty, it also hosts some destinations that we would never catch ourselves visiting no matter what! From haunted asylums, creepy amusement parks, the hottest city in the world, or abandoned radioactive towns, here are the 25 places most travellers would not dare step foot in, and we don't blame them one single bit.

25 El Azizia, Libya - crazy heat records

El Azizia, also known as 'Aziziya, is a small town and the capital of the Jafara district in northwestern Libya. Although this travel destination may appear completely normal, there is a big reason why very little people would want to step foot in El Azizia. According to MNN, El Azizia is the hottest place on Earth! The town broke records for reaching up to 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit (58 Celsius), which can easily make your trip quite uncomfortable and unbearable during the summer months.

24 Oymyakon, Russia - the lowest recorded temperature

If you're currently experiencing winter in a cold and snowy city, then we're sure it isn't all that fun, however, believe it or not, it can be much, much worse! According to The Telegraph, the coldest place in the world is Oymyakon, Russia, where temperatures can reach a staggering low of - 50 Fahrenheit (-47 Celsius), making east coast winters look pretty darn great! The city of Oymyakon is home to over 500 people, meaning they have been enduring some of the coldest winter months in history.

23 Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania - ESP is for sure!

The Eastern State Penitentiary, also known as ESP, is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a former American prison. The prison itself first began construction back in 1821, and first opened eight years later. According to Eastern State, the ESP was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but remains in ruins today, in a haunting world of crumbling cell blocks and guard towers. If that doesn't sound creepy enough to avoid the former prison at all costs, then we aren't sure what will!

22 Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky - most haunted place in America

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium located in southwestern Louisville, Kentucky. It first opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to treat roughly 50 patients with tuberculosis, however, things took a turn for the worst. The hospital closed in 1961, due to the emergence of medicine that helped treat tuberculosis, which left nothing but empty hospital rooms and halls behind. According to Ranker, this is the most haunted hospital in all of America, with countless scary stories to follow. It goes without saying that staying clear of this place is probably for the best.

21 Mirny Diamond Mine, Russia - that can't be safe

The Mir Mine also referred to as the Mirny Diamond Mine, is a completely open pit diamond mine located in Mirny, Sakha Republic, in the Siberian region of eastern Russia. The mine itself is about 530 meters deep and has a massive diameter of 1,200 meters and is one of the largest excavated holes in the world, says Atlas Obscura. Although this may appear to be an ordinary mine, it has a reputation for making people go missing! According to Arno News, a helicopter crash led to the disappearance of 16 people back in 2017, making it quite a mysterious mine.

20 San Zhi, Taiwan - left completely deserted

Sanzhi District is a rural district in northern New Taipei, Taiwan! The city is notable as the hometown of the former president, Lee Teng-Hui, however, it is now completely abandoned and quite creepy. According to, construction of the Sanzhi Resort first began in 1978, but only two years later it was left a ghost town! The remnants of odd houses give the city a very spooky feel, almost as if it is right from an Alien themed film. The strange architecture choice may be worth a visit, however, we wouldn't stay for too long.

19 The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania - big nope!

The Hill of Crosses is none other than a hill of crosses! The site is a well-known pilgrimage about 12 kilometres north of the city of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania. Many who have visited this location, despite its religious significance, has commented on its eerie and gloomy environment. According to Mysterious Facts, many tourists who have visited the hill claim to have witnessed paranormal activity and believe it is haunted. Although no there is no proof in the pudding, we aren't sure if we'd be willing to find this out for ourselves.

18 Snake Island, Brazil - 1 would be too many, but they have thousands

Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island, is located on an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. It is currently administered as part of the municipality of Peruíbe in the State of Sāo Paulo, Brazil. According to VICE, Snake Island is filled with thousands upon thousands of snakes, including the Bothrops Insularis, known as the Golden Lancehead, which is an extremely venomous pit viper. Due to the high amount of venomous snakes, Snake Island is completely off-limits to the public, however, we aren't sure why anyone would want to visit this Island anyways!

17 Willard Asylum, New York - too much history

The Willard Asylum is a psychiatric ward for the "chronically insane", as put during its time as a functioning asylum. The asylum, first opened in 1869, is located in Willard, New York, near Seneca Lake. Although the asylum is no longer open, countless people believe that there is still something alive in the abandoned building. According to All That's Interesting, Willard Asylum has had countless cases of hauntings and is believed to be one of the creepiest places in all of America.

16 Miyake-Jima Island, Japan - no one left

Miyake-Jima Island is an inhabited volcanic island in the Izu archipelago by the Philippine Sea approximately 180 kilometres southeast Honshu, Japan. Not only is this island completely inhabited, but it is also creepy too! According to Express UK, locals at the time were required to wear a gas mask at all time due to the amount of smoke from the volcano. Images of the residents in full on gas mask gear create immense feelings of discomfort and are unsettling enough to pass up on visiting this location for now.

15 Highgate Cemetery, London - vampires and other supernatural creatures

It goes without saying that any cemetery is and always will have some element of creepiness, however, Highgate Cemetery is on a league of its own. Located in North London, England, the cemetery is home to over 170,00 graves located on both the east and west sides of the cemetery. According to Atlas Obscura, Highgate has been labelled as England's "creepiest" cemeteries, due to the vast amount of "vampire and supernatural activity" that occurred during the 1970s. The cemetery is notorious for its vampire and vampire hunter legend, giving you a reason to cross that off your list!

14 Nagoro, Japan - not quite human-like

Dolls, puppets, anything human-like that is not human is and always will be creepy! Nagoro, Japan, is absolutely no exception, as this town is a complete scarecrow village. Located in the Lya Valley on the island of Shikoku, it is notorious for its large number of realistic scarecrows positioned throughout the village, says National Geographic. This element creates a very eerie and unsettling feeling across the village, which is definitely not something for the faint of heart.

13 Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario - just a little wailing here and there

The Screaming Tunnel, which its name alone is reason enough not to step foot there, is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The small limestone tunnel, which runs underneath what once was the Grand Trunk Railway lines, is famously known for its countless ghost sightings and stories. According to Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara Falls is home to the most ghost sightings in all of Canada, all while the Screaming Tunnel is known to emit yelling and screaming sounds for those brave enough to visit and listen for themselves.

12 The North Yungas Road, Bolivia - do not drive at night

The North Yungas Road is a road leading from La Paz to Coroico, Bolivia, that runs 56 kilometres northeast in Yungas region of the South American country. The road itself is known to be "one of the most dangerous in the world", says Curiosity. Due to the roads countless twists and turns, narrow roads, and lack of guard rails, one wrong move can lead a car to plummet hundreds of feet of the cliff. The road itself is used each and every day by both cars, trucks, bikes and countless other modes of transport, however, it requires an extreme amount of skill and focus in order to make it out alive!

11 Island of Dolls, Mexico - not for the faint-hearted

If watching 'Chucky' growing up didn't give you the heebie-jeebies, then this spooky island definitely will! The Isla de las Muñecas, also known as the Island of Dolls is located in the canals of Xochimilco, which is south of the center of Mexico City. It is an entire island, completely abandoned with nothing other than hanging dolls, and odd, animal-like statues that really give the island a creep feel. According to ABC News, many believe these creepy dolls that inhabit the island are possessed, however, tourists still choose to visit each year.

10 Stanley Hotel, Colorado - Here's Johnny!

The Stanley Hotel is a world-renowned hotel best known for its use as the primary location for the film 'The Shining', starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. Although it would be quite exciting to visit and stay at the Estes Park, Colorado estate, many believe the residence is haunted. According to the New York Post, countless events have taken place at the hotel that has led people to believe it is haunted. Many believe that Room 217 of the hotel is especially haunted after a housekeeper was electrocuted back in 1911, says the source. Since then, the hotel has become a hotbed of paranormal activity.

9 Chernobyl, Ukraine - we are actually forbidden

Chernobyl, also known famously as Pripyat, is a city in Ukraine that was struck with a massive nuclear event in 1986, leading the town to become completely deserted. According to The Globe & Mail, radiation levels around the plant remain so high that authorities do not expect the area to be uninhabitable for anywhere between 180 and 320 years! More than 300,000 people were moved from the area after the disaster struck, leaving nothing but remnants of the old city. Not only is this place dangerous to visit, but is quite scary too!

8 Gulliver's Park, Kawaguchi, Japan - the creep factor is about at an 11

Who says a giant statue of the tall tale of Gulliver's Travels is not creepy? Definitely not us! This abandoned theme park has been left completely abandoned in Japan facing the glorious Mount Fuji since 2001. According to BuzzFeed, this amusement park is one of the "strangest places you'll ever visit", especially when it comes to the ruins and giant statue left in the middle of the open fields. Tourists still visit this now demolished amusement park to get a glance at what remains, however, we can't imagine it being the most fun experience, that's for sure!

7 Canfranc Rail Station, Spain - strange activity was witnessed

The Canfranc Railway Station is a former international railway station in the village of Canfranc, Spain. The railway station first opened in 1928, however, it was left in total abandonment after the WWII. Countless people brave enough to visit the ruins of the railway station believe to have witnessed strange activity leaving them feeling quite unsettled, claims Daily Mail. Although this may have left people feeling uncomfortable for some time, the station is set to re-open this year, however, we aren't sure if we'd want to travel through this railway station.

6 Darvaza Crater, Turkmenistan - a permanent flame

The Darvaza Crater, also known as the Darvaza Gas Crater is a natural gas field collapsed into an underground cavern located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The crater, known to locals as the "doors to hell", has been permanently set on fire by geologists to prevent the spread of methane gas, and has been continuously burning since 1971, says Advant Tour. We're certain this fiery pit of methane gas claimed as the "doors to hell" is not the ideal travel destination for many, and we completely get why.