Different seasons come with different activities to enjoy. During winter in the US, it's time to ski and skate but with the country now in spring and heading towards the beloved summer months, water sports become more appealing. While there are numerous water sports, white river rafting is one of the most thrilling to engage in. Paddling on unstable waters, dodging rocks, and getting splashed with water just seems like a refreshing and exciting way to spend those sunny days. For those ready to enjoy this thrilling adventure, buckle up and head over to these places that offer some of the most challenging rapids in the US.

10 Upper Gauley River, West Virginia

Gauley River is a tough one and its upper part is the place to find the amazing class V rapids and extremely technical waves that challenge even the most experienced adventurers. Stretching for 25 miles, the river drops more than 668 feet featuring a hundred rapids and lots of excruciating waves. Expertise is not enough to scale this river, one will need bravery as well.

9 Salmon River, Idaho

Besides offering more than a hundred rapids, impressive wildlife, and several natural hot springs, the Salmon river also presents lots of miles. The river also known as the “River of no return” is more than a hundred miles long, offering adventurers all the opportunities they need to enjoy the massive wilderness to its full. With its warm waters and amazing scenery, adventurers will enjoy paddling on the rapids which are suitable for all levels. Adventurers on the ride while screaming will enjoy the beautiful white sand beach, magnificent canyons, and the remote wilderness which is perfect for camping.

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8 Kennebec River, Maine

Prepare to be thrown around and tossed up and down on the Kennebec River in Maine. This exciting river features class II - Class IV rapids and it never stops pumping. Adventurers will be met with massive waves, a narrow gorge, and waterfalls that offer opportunities for a refreshing bath. Some parts of the river with less challenging rapids are great for swimming thereby adding more excitement to the experience.

7 Colorado River, Arizona

The magnificent Colorado River runs 1,450 miles through different states and while other parts of the river offer thrilling whitewater rafting opportunities, none comes with more uniqueness than the whitewater rafting experience in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Besides the class IV and Class V rapids the river presents, adventurers will get to witness the stunning scenery and the uniqueness of the canyon.

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6 Rogue River, Oregon

Scenery and thrill are two things to expect when White water rafting Rogue River. This scenic water body features rapids ranging from class II-IV making it suitable for families and groups seeking a challenging float. Adventurers will be met with views of stunning mountains and rocks, lots of beautiful forests, and a couple of steep drops. In addition to the scenery, the trip also presents opportunities to see wildlife such as - Bears and bald eagles.

5 Snake River, Wyoming

Located in Jackson Hole, Snake River presents an 8-mile-long ride that’s suitable for both families and groups seeking some thrill. While the ride at this river is mostly peaceful, except Class III rapids and be prepared for a bumpy ride with lots of scenic views and wildlife viewing opportunities.

4 Nenana River, Alaska

Nenana River features all types of rapids which means it welcomes all adventures from beginners to experienced paddlers. Located near Denali National Park, the cold water of the river is endowed with Class II-IV rapids and offers the option to either ride and see the scenic wilderness of Alaska on the wilderness run or the stunning Canyon on the Canyon run.

3 Arkansas River, Colorado

White water rafting on the Arkansas River is one of the most popular activities to do in Colorado. This adrenaline-filled adventure comes with class II to III rapids and offers the opportunity to see the mountainous landscape and the amazing wildlife of Colorado. There are different sections to choose from and each offers different difficulty levels and scenery.

2 Chattooga River, South Carolina

Chattooga River is the go-to destination for seekers of the best white water rafting adventure in the Southeast. Rapids here range from Class II to Class V so get ready to be tossed around by the monster waves while dodging numerous rocks and dropping several feet. The 57-miles long river features different sections including those suitable for families with children. While the exciting ride is one thing to enjoy here, the remoteness and scenery surrounding the area combine to make the ride an unforgettable experience.

1 Tuolumne River, California

Tucked deep in the wilderness of California near Yellowstone National Park is the exciting Tuolumne River endowed with surrounding lush forests and impressive canyons. There are no easy parts of Tuolumne River, so it is best left to the experts. The raging water features class IV and takes adventurers through steep drops, technical rapids, and several holes capable of swallowing entire inflatable kayaks.