White water river rafting is among America's most popular water activities. But truth be told, it’s a so-intense activity that requires significant levels of caution. However, this difficulty level doesn't make it entirely impossible for beginners.

Who hates the adrenaline rush that comes with moving along a river? Below is a list of places in the U.S. for white river rafting that are beginner-friendly.

10 The Green River

The Green River is a fan-favorite white river rafting spot for many reasons. Being the primary tributary to the legendary Colorado River, this spot presents a whopping 730-mile-long body of calmly slithering water. The vast history associated with this river gives adventurers every reason to come through and raft. A river that flows across plateaus and deserts automatically becomes a darling to both local and international tourists.

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9 The Salmon River

California has been home to American entertainment for the longest time now. It’s among the few states that enjoy the goodness of nature. Found in the heart of California, The Salmon River offers the perfect spot for beginners to learn the art of white-water rafting. As the name suggests, tourists are likely to spot the salmon fish and may even catch one or two. Needless to say, this spot is a double venture for newcomers.

8 Pigeon River, Hartford

The beauty about America is every state has something to show for its tourism. Hartford, which is along the Pigeon River, does the trick. Hartford is among the few places in the U.S. for white water rafting that are beginner-friendly. The upper sections of the river are recommended for use by the newcomers because of the smooth rapids and not-so-serious drop down there.

7 The Arkansas River

Colorado automatically becomes a household name whenever issues of tourism and adventure are at stake. In this case, the Arkansas River makes a name for this great state. Flowing through the Royal Gorge, this river offers the perfect spot for both professional and amateur white-water rafters. The good part about it is the presence of expedition firms that guide beginners through the rafting process.

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6 The Yellowstone River

Hissing through America’s first national park, the Yellowstone River is always jammed with activities. From white water rafting to recreational fishing, there are loads of adventures this river can offer. With a vast part flowing through Montana, the river is indeed rich in perfect spots for water rafting activities. The free-flowing nature of this river means there is hardly anything to deter beginners from learning the rafting technique.

5 The Potomac River

Where in the American soil is even named Potomac leave alone it being a river? The fact that people know less about it shows how safe it can be as one of the places in the U.S. for white river rafting since it is not crowded by many thrill-seeking tourists. The gentle falls along this river roar Maryland back to life, presenting a chance for beginners to perfect their rafting skills.

4 The St. Louis River

Most white water rafting reviewers tend to leave the St. Louis River out of the best places in the U.S. for white river rafting that are beginner-friendly for unjustifiable reasons. To them, it lacks enough moving water to facilitate the rafting activities. But then, why would a beginner need a flooded river, yet their skill is not top-notch. The St. Louis River gives residents from the American North a chance to raft and feel the incredible warmth of white-water rafting.

3 The Gauley River

The Gauley River is among West Virginia's best-kept secrets. Famed for its marvelous beauty and white water, the Gauley River flows a massive 104 miles before merging with a second river. While this river is a rafting spot, the overflow from the Summerville Dam adds a new dimension to the rafting experience. The increased flow makes the rafting activity more streamlined without compromising the safety of amateur rafters.

2 The Youghiogheny River

The tourism potential of the entire Pennsylvania state cannot be underestimated at any cost. From recreational fishing to white water rafting, the state has many opportunities to suit virtually everybody. The Youghiogheny River is undeniably at the center of all this potential. Flowing smoothly along with the terrain of the area, this river perfectly fits on the list of places in the U.S. for white river rafting that are beginner-friendly. The non-violent nature of the water gives beginners every reason to try out a new skill in white water rafting.

1 Arkansas River, Buena Vista

Again, it is mighty Colorado doing the magic here. Notably, this state has some of the most heightened white water rafting activities all over the U.S. Similarly, it is the giant Arkansas River flowing right through the middle of Buena Vista. This spot by itself is action-packed with visitors from all forms of life seeking to have a good time. Buena Vista's ever-busy status is a vital indicator of its safety ratings. Expedition companies and first aid responders are also strategically based in the area, making it a haven for wannabe white water rafters.