The Caribbean is considered a paradise for travelers due to its beautiful landscapes, amazing coral reefs, beaches, and exotic cultural mix. All that explains why it is a top destination for tourists worldwide. While it would be great to pack one’s bags and visit the Caribbean every holiday, such a plan is largely impractical. It’s expensive and stressful to fly overseas every few months. Besides, tourists can easily access features that mimic the culture and layout of the Caribbean in New York State. Here are ten spots in New York that bring the Caribbean paradise experience right at home.

10 Skaneateles Lake

Travelers who want an amazing lake-side experience with minimal city exposure should check out Skaneateles Lake, which is in the middle of the state. This lake is considered one of the most beautiful in America. It’s great for summer vacations, thanks to the amazing scenery. The lake has tons of fun activities for travelers, including swimming, fishing, and general boating. The surrounding areas have supportive amenities, so travelers will have no trouble accessing eateries, transportation, and accommodation.

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9 Lake Ontario And Its Beach

In the Huron language, “Ontario” means “great lake.” The United States shares Lake Ontario with Canada. The lake has one of the most extensive sand beaches in the Great Lakes. It’s a great location for summer vacation and taking holiday pictures. Visitors who prefer lake-based activities will not be disappointed since Lake Ontario has massive biodiversity. It easily mimics what one would find on a typical Caribbean shore. Some of the best activities to try include fishing, kayaking, and swimming.

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8 Splish Splash Water Park

Visitors who want the island feeling without traveling to the Caribbean will enjoy Splish Splash Water Park. Located in Calverton, Long Island, the park is an amazing experience for summer visitors. It has remained open to the public for the last three decades, which explains its popularity, especially with the locals. This amazing park occupies 90 acres of property with 20 water slides, a 1,300-foot lazy river, and two-wave pools. The water park is a must-try for couples that are keen on making some fun memories. It’s also great for kids as every attraction is themed for the summer vibe.

7 Stony Brook State Park

Tourists who don’t want to venture to the eastern section of New York should try Stony Brook State Park in Dansville. This amazing park takes waterfall swimming to a whole new level. One of the most interesting aspects of the water park is that it’s quite small. And that is a great advantage for swimmers since most waterfall lakes are dangerous for swimming. It is great for family vacations since trails and camping areas are designated for a wholesome experience. Like other water bodies in New York, the temperatures vary annually. The best time to visit Stony Brook State Park is during the summer.

6 Robert H. Tremen State Park

Tompkins County has what many consider a Caribbean-like paradise at Robert H. Tremen State Park. This gem is amazing and easy to access. It has several miles of hiking parks, 12 waterfalls, and many campsites. The park also features a swimming hole fed via a stream for summertime water games. Out-of-state travelers should check the website to confirm their arrival dates alongside the opening schedule of the pool since swimming is sometimes restricted due to water conditions.

5 Peekamoose Blue Hole

The Caribbean vacation experience is often likened to a Disney fairy-tale. While such an experience is difficult to replicate, Peekamoose Blue Hole seems to have done just that. The water at this blue hole is so clear one can see the bottom. Thanks to its natural elegance and serenity, this feature has a Garden of Eden feeling. One of the main reasons the Peekamoose Blue Hole retains its pristine look is its maintenance. The blue hole is maintained to ensure no traces of dumping or biodiversity destruction.

4 Clayton

No Caribbean experience is complete without access to a waterfront hotel. The small town of Clayton delivers this experience alongside some of the most beautiful river-side parks in Jefferson County. Tourists who want the full thrill of the experience should rent a glass-bottom boat since the water is crystal clear. They’ll be able to see amazing things through their boats, including hidden wildlife and unrecovered vessel wreckages.

3 Coopers Beach

If looking to maximize a weekend in New York, Coopers Beach in Southampton is the place to be. This amazing scenery on Long Island has pristine sands perfect for beach activities. A stay at Coopers Beach is not only about playing on the beach since visitors can explore some historic mansions on the island. The contrast between old buildings and the sandy beach produces the perfect Caribbean vibe.

2 Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes Park has an ironic name since its water looks blue from some angles. The park is a natural wonder in Fayetteville, thanks to its waterfront trails, amazing beach, and fishing opportunities. The glacial lakes and cabins at Green Lakes State Park make the gem a must-visit, especially if one wants a feel of the water-plantation contrast typical of the Caribbean.

1 Cupsogue Beach County Park

If one is primarily looking for white sands for their next vacation without traveling abroad, Suffolk County might have something perfect for them. One thing that stands out about Cupsogue County Park is the extensive nature of the beach. It runs an almost 300-acre barrier of coastal paradise. With supervised swimming, the park is great for safety, especially for tourists with children. Overall, a visit to Cupsogue Beach is quite unforgettable.