NYC is effortlessly one of the most tranquil and camera-ready cities. With its blend of urban evolution, ancient monuments, and distinctive parks, travelers flock to this unique city all year round to create unforgettable memories. This great city boasts charming scenery and breathtaking skyline shots, all deserving to be captured. But with exceptional places to explore, choosing the best to explore can be daunting for tourists.

These are 10 must-visit spots in NYC for the best photos.

10 Brooklyn Bridge

Situated at the edge of Manhattan, neighboring New York City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge is not only one of the most iconic places in the world but a must-visit for travelers. Besides having a pedestrian passage in the middle, this exquisite bridge offers visitors lifetime experiences. Travelers are advised to arrive pre-sunrise when it's less crowded to capture the scenic sunrise. Since the bridge connects Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan, visitors can enter from the Brooklyn side and grab the awe-inspiring Manhattan Skyline.

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9 Top Of The Rock

Located in the Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock offers some of the most spectacular scenes in New York City. Guests can capture the magnificent Empire State Building from a distance. Visitors are encouraged to visit during weekdays or as soon as the place is opened to enjoy and capture photos of the reclining New York Skyline.

8 The High Line

This free walking trail, built on old railway tracks, is situated at Hudson Yards. Being one floor above the street, it offers a distinctive sight of the neighboring area. The path displays fascinating scenery along the way. From the street arts to the buildings, adventurers can capture Instagram-worthy photos. Visitors can also absorb the sun from one of the benches scattered around. Guests can as well decide whether to end the stroll at the Vessel or the Chelsea Market.

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7 Central Park

Besides being the heartbeat of Manhattan, Central Park is NYC's biggest and most acclaimed park. Travelers can visit this fantastic park any time of the year as it has something to offer everyone no matter the season. Here, travelers can either capture lifetime memories at the iconic Bethesda Fountain or grab the remarkable views of the lake and Upper West Side offered by the Bow Bridge. For summer travelers, renting a rowboat is a perfect way to explore The Lake, which boasts jaw-dropping spots for the perfect Instagram photos. Also, guests can walk up the rock formations and take photos of the central skyline scenes.

6 The Edge

The Edge is NYC's recent viewing platform. At 100 stories above the street, it is one of the highest viewing podiums in the Western Hemisphere. Its unique design makes it appear suspended in the air. Plus it boasts a 360-degree stunning view of NYC. Moreover, it has many steps and corners where visitors can take those spectacular photos with the perfect clear Manhattan Skyline views. Adventurers can visit this place at sunset and grab the city lighten as the sun gives way to the night. Guests are encouraged to book tickets in advance because slots quickly fill up.

5 Washington Square Park

The Washington Square Park is a famous public park amidst the NYU buildings with a lively, younger crowd. It claims some art furnishings and a skate park during winter. Also, it has an excellent marble arch that makes it one of the best places to visit in NYC. Guests can take the best pictures sitting at the fountain's edge or on the 5th avenue as they enter the park. Exploring this spot during the off-season or very early in the day is ideal for clear pictures.

4 The Flatiron Building

Whether as a solo traveler or with loved ones, a trip to NYC is incomplete without paying a visit to The Flatiron Building. This mesmerizing building features an extraordinary triangular shape. Besides being an iconic building in New York City, it is also one of the most outstanding spots for guests to capture and create unforgettable memories.

3 The Oculus

The Oculus building makes it to this list since it is unique and exceptionally appealing. Designed by a well-known architect, Santiago Calatrava, it is both a transportation hub and a shopping mall. The exterior appearance resembles a white-winged bird and the interior interlocks white beams. This charming building has many spots to capture those trendy photos. Since its opening in March 2016, it has become one of the most famous places to visit in NYC.

2 New York Public Library

Whether visiting as a book nerd or not, The New York Public Library is one of the most iconic places in New York City. This haven has massive pillars and steps on the outside, making it impeccable for those treasurable photos. Guests can also check out the inside as it's quite stunning with reading rooms and art displays.

1 The Vessel

This spectacular building was opened in March 2019, so it’s one of the newest iconic places in New York City to take selfies. The Vessel harbors interconnecting flights of stairs that enable its visitors to catch the astounding scenery of the city and the Hudson River. While the eye-catching exterior of the building offers its visitors impressive photo-taking opportunities, the interior is equally worth a visit. However, guests are required to have tickets to access the building.