25 Places Even The Idiot Abroad Wouldn't Set Foot In

In a way, the internet is the best tool that any traveller has against the worry of a bad time abroad. Not only can it direct us all to the best places in a new country, but it can even help us figure out what country we want to go to in the first place! Through documenting places on the internet and word of mouth, we've not all got numerous accounts of what certain areas of the world are like.

Now, we want to make sure that nobody out there ends up travelling abroad and having a bad time, which is exactly why we've created this list. We're going to look at some of the places throughout the world that we don't think even the Idiot Abroad would set foot in, whether it's because they're overrated, overpriced, or just plain boring! We know that this is all subjective and some people won't agree with us on all of these, but we think this list is well justified.

So, it's about time to take a look at some of the places throughout the world that nobody should be travelling to, unless they want to spend too much money or have a bad time that is!

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25 Berlin, Germany - Taking bohemian to the next level

via: blogspot.com

Berlin has come to be known as a real place for free thinkers and artists, which has turned some areas of it into a real bohemian paradise.

That being said, this can often come at the expense of any real luxury, which many people are looking for when they go on holiday.

If you're looking for a hostel and a bit of a rough and ready visit, then this is the place for you. Want to relax in luxury? Should probably leave it for now.

24 Phuket, Thailand - good luck finding a spot at the beach

via: travelographie.com

A lot of people turn up to Phuket all year round, but this is exactly why it might not be the best holiday destination for a lot of people out there.

ThisIsInsider reports that, "Planning a vacation there during high season (November to March) means you'll be sharing the beach with tons of other tourists, and while this may improve if you go during low season, you'll most likely be dealing with more rain at that time of year."

It would seem that there is no great time to visit this area if you're looking for some space and good weather.

23 Hollywood, California - not as glamorous as we think

via: travelandleisure

We all like to think of Hollywood as being laden with celebrities and glamour, but it isn't really like that once people get there.

According to ThisIsInsider, "if you're looking to spot a celebrity, you probably won't have much luck in Hollywood. Paramount Pictures is the only major studio that's actually located in the area."

When you think about it, it makes sense that celebrities wouldn't want to be around Hollywood anyway, as they would end up getting mobbed by fans!

22 Cancun, Mexico - a place to party, and not much else

via: 11points.com

ThisIsInsider said it best with, "crowds at the resort can be stifling." This is down to the fact that, much like Amsterdam, Cancun has now been a party spot for people to travel to every year for their Spring Break. Unsurprisingly, this major influx of people can have a negative impact not only on the locals, but on the people who want to travel there for a bit of peace and quiet!

21 London, England - still waiting for the sun to come

via: flickr.com

One of the main things that keeps people away from London is that it doesn't offer many days without rain, unlike many other places across the world.

ThisIsInsider says it's about more than that though, claiming "locals and tourists alike commonly bemoan the exorbitant prices of everyday things like coffee, sandwiches, and public transportation."

It seems that even the people who live in London don't want to be there, so why would anyone travel there?

20 Venice, Italy - not the gondola ride we were hoping for

via: flickr.com

This place is an example of how tourism can truly ruin an area, turning it from a beautiful space into something not worth visiting! According to ThisIsInsider, "ask anyone who's been there and they'll tell you that the historic city is full of tourist traps that first-timers will assume are worthwhile experiences, like an overpriced gondola ride." It would seem that we have turned Venice into one of the worst places to visit for a genuine traveller experience!

19 Mykonos, Greece - so many tourists and poor transportation

Via: businessinsider.com

People have always enjoyed Greece and its surrounding islands, but over the recent years, places like Mykonos have started to suffer. ThisIsInside claims that Mykonos, "has come to be known for its party-hard reputation, is plagued with poor transportation, pickpockets, narrow alleys swarming with tourists, and over-the-top hotel rates." It would seem that too many people have been trying to have too good a time and ruined it for the rest of us!

18 Paris, France - not the city of love anymore

via: imgur.com

According to the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report, Paris has now become the second most expensive city across the world, meaning that any young lovers looking for a good time are likely to be hit with some major bills. Once known for being a place where artists and writers could escape for an easy life, it would seem that the modern world has turned Paris into a much more difficult place to travel to when it comes to financial worries!

17 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - obnoxious tourists, fed-up locals

via: wordpress.com

Amsterdam is known across the world for being the part of Europe where tourists can visit to cut loose, but this increases a number of things, including poor public behavior on the part of the foreigners who go there to have what they see as just a bit of fun. Even the locals struggle with the constant tourism to this area. We'll leave it to ThisIsInsider to explain the situation - "Although the mayor is trying to revamp the neighborhood, it's not quite there yet."

16 Aswan, Egypt - not even the pyramids could save this one

via: blogspot.com

Obviously, Egypt is best known across the world for the Pyramids, but that doesn't mean it's the only area of Egypt where people go to visit.

One of the other places where people travel to in Egypt is Aswan, but beyond a couple of tourist traps, people should probably stay away.

According to LeaveYourDaily, "Aswan is a useful place to visit if you want to see Abu Simbel temple or take a felucca boat up the Nile, but don’t expect to have any awesome experiences in the city itself."

15 Pisa, Italy - We're leaning more to a no

via: reddit.com

Sure, we all know about the leaning tower, but is there much else worth visiting in Pisa?

It may be a waste of your time even seeing the tower, with ThisIsInsider pointing out that "Italy is home to a vast number of historical sites and ancient ruins that are much more worth your time, like Pompeii, the Colosseum, and the Florence Cathedral."

Maybe, instead of trying to get a silly photo with a tower, people should just steer clear of this tourist trap!

14 Singapore - most expensive city in the world

Via: singapore.thedigitalship.com

Yes, according to the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report, this is the most expensive city from around the world. Do we need to say more? No matter what it may have to offer, it's clear that Singapore has become a place that only those with a lot of money should be trying to visit throughout their life. Maybe somebody could spend a sudden bit of cash flow on a visit to this place, but otherwise it's probably best to stay away for now!

13 Agra, India - More like Agro!

via: cloudinary.com

The main selling point for this place is that it is close in proximity to the Taj Mahal, but LeaveYourDaily argues that this is nowhere near enough of a reason to visit. "It’s dusty, congested and filled with shops that sell “marble” that is actually soapstone milled purely for the purpose of scamming tourists. Don’t waste your time here!" A very bad review there, so we really hope that anyone visiting this place thinks the Taj Mahal is worth it!

12 Las Vegas, Nevada - just as tacky as expected

via: tumblr.com

We're not saying that nobody has ever had a good time in Las Vegas, and in fact, perhaps it's too catered towards tourists having a good time?!

ThisIsInsider argues that, "everything from the strip to the casinos to the mega hotels and high-end restaurants caters to tourists, resulting in a lack of authenticity and culture".

Sure, it may be worth a visit for anybody looking for a cheap thrill, but other than that, it is probably best that people stay away.

11 Vientiane, Laos - pretty (laos)sy place to visit

via: booking.com

While some people choose to go here in an attempt to soak up both Laos and Thailand, LeaveYourDaily claim that you end up with the worst of both worlds.

"It’s devoid of the mountains, tropical landscapes that characterize rural Lao towns like Vang Vieng; small in size and with limited tourist attractions, it’s less chaotic, colorful and exciting than Bangkok or other Thai cities."

It seems that it would be smarter to pick one or the other instead of trying to force them both into one visit!

10 Knysna, South Africa -  a sleepy and boring town

via: candlewood.co.za

Despite the fact that a cursory check on Google finds that this place is well regarded as a good place to start in South Africa, it would seem that it's not for everyone!

According to LeaveYourDailyHell, Knysna is "a sleepy town that seems more befitting of [a retirement home] than South Africa’s Garden Route, Knysna’s retirement-community vibe is made even worse by its 10-kilometer distance from an actual beach."

Certainly not one for the youngsters out there then!

9 Hong Kong, China - not a bad place to visit for people who like millions of people in the same place

via: lonelyplanet.com

This world is full of people, so it's no surprise that cities like Hong Kong can become very claustrophobic.

"With a population of 7.43 million people, it's one of the most densely populated cities in the world. All of these people make walking in Hong Kong a particularly unenjoyable experience."

We think that ThisIsInsider has this one right, and that people should probably steer clear of this place!

8 Whitsunday Islands, Australia - better beaches anywhere else

via: fraseryachts.com

This area of the world has become known for the absolutely beautiful beaches, but that doesn't mean it's really the best coastal region out there for people to soak up the sun.

We're not going to send people away without a better recommendation for a lovely beach obviously!

LeaveYourDaily believes that "if you’re looking for a beautiful – not to mention cheaper – beach, Southeast Asia (Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, for instance) is a better bet."

7 Zurich, Switzerland - for millionaires only

via: reuters.net

Coming third in the rankings of the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report means that Zurich isn't the best place for any traveller on a budget to be going to.

Seeing as it's a global hub for anyone interested in finance and money, it's no surprise that this would end up attracting the sort of lifestyle that would price the rest of us out of the market.

This place is not for the lonely traveller that is looking for a cheap hostel to stay in!

6 Seoul, North Korea - 7th most expensive city in the world

via: pinterest.com

For people who are a little bit too worried about trying to get into North Korea, South Korea is one of the closest places they're going to manage to get to safely.

However, when they get there, they will end up spending quite a lot of money if the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report is to be believed!

At the seventh most expensive city, there's not much going for cheap in Seoul!

5 Copenhagen, Denmark - Denmark yes, but go anywhere else but copenhagen

via: beeanythingbutboring.com

Many people who want to see Denmark might think that the smartest place to go to would be the capital, but if you're looking to save some money, it might be smart to go to a different area of the country as Copenhagen rates as the eighth most expensive city on the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report. We suggest that people take a look outside of the capital city and see what else the country has to offer travellers.

4 Arequipa, Perú - Cusco would be a better bet

via: wikipedia.org

Due to its proximity to the Colca Canyon, many travellers find themselves staying in Arequipa, so they can visit this tourist trap.

This isn't a smart idea apparently, with LeaveYourDaily claiming that travellers should, "do [themselves] a favor and head to Cusco if [they] want to visit an interesting, charming city in Perú."

Unless you really have your heart set on the Colca Canyon, probably best to sit this one out.

3 Tel Aviv, Israel - not worth the extravagance

via: lonelyplanet.com

Coming in at number 9 on the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report, Tel Aviv lives up to its glamorous stereotype by costing any traveller that goes there a lot of money to get by!

Admittedly, there is a lot to see in Tel Aviv, offering museums and other tourist locations, but is it really worth the cost?

Maybe go somewhere else that offers great culture but doesn't force people to take on a large debt just to get by while they're there!

2 Oslo, Norway - No(r) Way are we recommending it here

via: blogspot.com

Being both the capital of Norway and a place known for its green spaces, we imagine that a lot of people will want to visit quiet Oslo at some point in their life, presumably on a holiday that is much more about relaxing than anything else! However, the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report places it at number 5, meaning that anybody who struggles to spend money without stressing out won't find a very calming holiday at Oslo.

1 Sydney, Australia - not worth the price

via: lonelyplanet.com

The biggest pull of this place for a lot of people must be The Sydney Opera House, an architectural marvel that people travel to see all year round.

However, the Worldwide Cost Of Living Report puts Sydney at number 10, meaning that it's not cheap to see this building on the harbour front.

Unless people are really set on seeing this building at some point in their life, we suggest they see another city in Australia instead.

Sources: LeaveYourDailyHell; ThisIsInsider; MentalFloss

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